Review ThruNite Ti4T Titanium AAAx2 Penlight

This is the ThruNite Ti4T Titanium penlight , sent to me for review by ThruNite and NO other compensation other than the light itself.

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This little Ti4T is a very well built penlight. The finish was flawless when I pulled it from the package other than a couple of tiny scratches on the switch button. The Pill is made of aluminum , screws in and is solid in the middle , with almost a clover leaf pattern under the MCPBC carrying the heat to the edges.
I say clover leaf pattern because the shelf has 4 holes drilled in it equally spaced around the edges.
The light does not get hot though , even when I did a full run time test on high mode with the NiMH cells. It got fairly warm but not to the point I could not wrap my hand around it and hold the light.

The sample I recieved for my review has the XP-L V6 “neutral” tint in it. It is probably in the 5000K range just judging with my eyes , but dont hold me to this as I have been wrong before.

The switch works just like using a ballpoint pen for the on and off and then traditional half presses to change the modes in kind of a unique way.
The Modes are well spaced apart and cycle as follows ……… Firefly, Low, High, and then Firefly, Low, High, and Strobe and then repeats again. Theres is a short mode memory also if you turn the light back on within 10 seconds. If the light is not activated within the 10 second period then it will always start on the low or firefly setting.

The clip on this light is also nice looking and a fairly robust feeling clip. It is built to sit over the tube threads with a hole in the center and it is held securly in place by the tailcap between the lip on the tube just under the tube threads and the flat just above the threads of the tailcap when it is screwed down.

The reflector is orange peel and the beam is very smooth with no distinct rings or artifacts in it. in the beamshots at 3 and 6 feet the beam does have somewhat of a hotspot. Once you are at about 12 to 15 feet there is really no defined hotspot at all and the beam is just a nice floody and very smooth beam.

I tested the Ti4T with NiMH cells (rayovac) I started the light on high mode and it ran at full brightness for 57 minutes, at that time it dimmed very slightly and ran for about another 14 minutes.
The light stepped down again very noticably at the 71 minute mark and continued to slowly get dimmer. At 93 minutes I ended the test with the light making 1 lumen at that time.

The only negative I can really come up with (which I guess isnt a huge deal) I would like to see the strobe hidden if possible , instead of having to cycle through all the modes twice to get to the strobe feature. Maybe a medium or long press to activate strobe?
Overall I really like this little penlight and I think ThruNite has another winner to add to the list with this one.

I also have aquired a new intergrating box , it is the same as the ones Dale (DBcustoms) and TomE have. Dale tested mine against his and they are very very close, Now I can provide the lumens numbers for you guys with these reviews at least for my actual tested lumens of each light.
Below is a chart with the listed Lumens and the actual tested lumens with the new box.

As usual I will say the Beamshots in the slide portion of the video are much more true to what I see out there than the actual video footage from my cheap video camera is.
The Still shots , teardown and beamshots start at 6:25 of the video timeline and the outside shining and comparison with the PF 04 starts at 10:12 of the timeline for those who may not want to see the whole video.

Video with the listed specs below that.


•LED: CREE XP-L V6 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.

•Output & Runtime (Tested with 2*Ni-MH/900mAh)

-Firefly (0.4 lumens /137 hours)
-Low (32 lumens /12 hours)
-High (300 lumens /51 minutes)
-Strobe (300 lumens /90 minutes)

•Neutral White output will be 15% less than Cool White.
•Working voltage: DC 0.9V-3 V.
•Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
•Peak Beam Intensity: 736 cd.
•Beam Distance: 54 meters.
•Waterproof: IPX-8 (2M).
•Impact Resistance: 1.5M.
•Material: Titanium alloy body with polished finish.
•Reflector: Orange peel reflector gives perfect flood.
•Weight: 31g (without battery).

•Dimension: 133mm (length)*14mm (head diameter).

•Working temperature: –40℃ to 40℃.

•Accessories: 2 x Spare O-ring.

What a beauty!
Thanks for the review!

Always glad to do the reviews TM.

Yes I am really liking the soft looking (kind of velvet) finish of this little light. It is my first Titanium light and I had always though they looked just like stainless until I got this one.

What a beauty! Love me Some Well Made Titanium! :smiley: :heart_eyes:

It is not only a good looking little light Dale but very functional also. :smiley: