Review: Thrunite TW10 - weapon light

TLDR: Slick, high quality, good looking, and easy to use weapon light with great LED.

Design: This is a slick gun light. Really. The design is intuitive and compact. Everything can be seen or done while the light is attached.
LED/Reflector: Thrunite continues to use the better and better LEDs. The Osram P9 is great and this puts out a very clean high CRI white light. They have also used a really effective diffuser-type lens that puts a bunch of light out front but with no clear lines around the edges that could be confusing to the eye if trying to find something precisely in a stressful situation. Honestly, my eyes after a certain age take half a second to focus and any light artifact adds a texture that makes this just a bit harder, so I really like what Thrunite has done here.
Button placement/Rail mount: Buttons are great and low profile. Smooth rubber but also very easy to index without looking or with gloves. Rail attachment is super simple and can be done without tools.
Mode spacing/Brightness: Two modes, one brightness exactly what you need. Press for on, hold for temporary on. 900 lumens is great for shining in someone's eyes but not so high that it steps down right away.
Size/battery: This is not the smallest light but should be comfortable on weapons of all different sizes and the 18350 battery has enough juice for longer situations that hopefully never happen.
Waterproofing: IPX8 is a higher rating than most rechargeable lights which is great. The silicone flap fits perfectly.
Charging/indicator: The power indicator is clear, can be seen from the rear of the light, but not distracting at all. Also, it can be charged without detaching the light.
Heat: It handles heat well. No issues.
Note* more pictures to come