[Review] Tranya Rimor Wireless Earbuds - A nice EDC pair of earphones for $40

The earphones were sent to me by Tranya for review.

Here's the product's link: Tranya Rimor True Wireless Earbuds
Coupon code (non-affiliate): KA50TR01 ($39.99)

The earphones arrived in a an elegant cardboard box.

Here's a picture of the side, which lists the main features of the earphones.

Inside the box, the earphones are set into foam and everything is neatly organized.

The included accessories are the following:
Two extra pairs of earbud tips, a USB to TypeC cord and some paperwork.

And here's a first look at the earbuds and their charging case.

The case has a black-matte finish and is soft to the touch.

On the front part of the charging case, there are 4 white leds which show the case's battery percentage.

On the under side of the case, one sees the specifications and certifications of the product.

Conveniently, the charging interface is consisted out of a USB Type-C port.

The charging speed I recorded was at the 400mA territory.

The earphones are magnetic, so they automatically set their self in place.

The top cover is molded in the earphones shape, which means that it can close only if the earphones are placed correctly in the case.

Looking into the case, we can see the two copper pogo pins that are used for charging the earbuds.

As can be seen, the earphones are angled, which make them very comfortable to wear.

Their outer surface is glossy and has the Tranya logo imprinted.

This glossy surface is also touch-sensitive, and it used for allowing the user to perform basic operations using touch gestures.

Touch gesture interface
Here's all the available touch gestures that the earbuds' firmware supports:

Answer / End Call
: Single press (any)
Reject Call: Long press (any)
: Single press (any)
Skip Track: Long press (right)
Previous Track: Long press (left)
Volume Up: Double press (right)
Volume Down: Double press (left)

To my opinion, the touch gestures are very easy to remember.
The firmware of the earbuds pretty much includes all the functionality that one would expect from a pair of earphones.

Sound quality
I work in an open space environment, so most of my time I'm wearing earphones at work :)
I found the sound quality of the Tranya Rimor to be very good.
In general all frequencies are well balanced without anyone overlapping the others.

The output volume is also more than adequate for indoor and outdoor usage.
I usually use mine at 60% volume while at work (and my colleagues are loud :D ).

The angled design of the Tranya Rimor makes them very for comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.
Of course, not all ears are born equal, so your mileage may very.

I usually get around 4:20 - 4:40 hours of playtime per charge, depending the output volume.
The earbuds require around an hour to get them fully charged.
Most of the times, I tend to get 4 full charges from the charge case, while it takes 1:45h to get the case fully charged up via a conventional charger.

Call Quality
I've had multiple calls using the earphones.
The included microphone picks up my voice nicely under normal conditions.

The only times I've encountered problems were:
1. There's high velocity wind going on.
2. The ambient environment is extremely loud.

As far as I can tell, pretty much all wireless earbuds have similar problems, unless we're talking about some real high end ones.
For me personally it's not a real bummer, but if e.g you're a construction worker, you might want to take all of that into consideration.