[Review] U King ZQ-X1050 18650 flashlight supplied by Banggood

The light was supplied by Banggood and can be bought on Amazon, no compensation other than the light itself was received for this review

Manufactory specification:

Product name: U King ZQ-X1050 XPE 600LM 3Modes Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Brand: U King
Model: ZQ-X1050
Emitter Type: XPE
Light temperature: 5500K
Material: Aluminum alloy
Mode: High, Middle, Low
Lumens: 600LM
Runtime: 4h (max)
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18600 (not included)
Voltage Input: 3.7v
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Head of the Flashlight
Max Output: 600LM (manufacturer tested)
Range: 500m (manufacturer tested)
Waterproof: IPX-5 Waterproof (do not dive)
Color: Black
Weight: 70g
Size: 11.8cm x 3.7cm x 3.3cm(LengthxWidthxHeight)

Climb, Work, Travel, Hunting, First aid, Cycling, Daily use, Camping, Hiking, Caving

Package and content:

The lights box came in a bubble wrap envelope, shipping time to Germany was 13 days which is good

The light comes in a card box

In the box is the light covered with bubble wrap

It comes with:

  • pocket clip

The anodisation of this light has litle texture it has no visible defects
The knurling is not too agressive.

Comparism and teardown:

Size compared to other 18650 lights the UT20 is shorter than other tail or side switch lights
UKing, Imalent DM21TW, Nitecore P12, Klarus XT11GT

Beam color is cool around 7000K with a Cree XPE sized LED, the beam has some artifacts from not equal shaped plastic reflector, around the hotspot is a darker area

The LED is reflowed on a aluminum star

The reflector is made from plastic with imperfections and not well shaped

compared to another Cree XML2 6500K light at medium mode, blame my kitten they dropped those lights like 10 times before I could make a picture
The hotspot is pretty narrow, almost no tint shift between spill and hotspot

The light can be taken apart easily nothing is glued or press fit, the driver can be lifted without disassembling the switch cover
The light has a tail cap with one hole for a thin lanyard

The light stands on the tail rock solid

The head has a diameter of 28.9mm and 20.8mm visible reflector
The lens is from cheap glass without any coating the edges are sharp

The light can be run with one unprotected flat top 18650 batteries, or you have to remove the button on the switch side for protected

The driver is cheap Chinese crap

The driver has a charge circuit and 2 LEDs

The Head

The shelf is 1.5mm thick, but its pressed in not one piece of the head
The MCPCB is cheap aluminum without DTP
The LED is perfectly centered
The glass lens rattles and is not
The light is not waterproof, the tail cap, head, tail and bezel have o-rings, but the lens one is not tight enough
Only thing is they could have added some lubricant to the threads

The USB cover sits tight and seals the light
The switch has a good feeling

Tube and Tail

The tail cap is anodized and the inner section is machined, the tail PBC contains a stiff thick steel spring

The threads are triangular cut and not anodized, so not very sturdy
Both ends have a spring made from steel and gold plated
the light uses a short soft spring on the driver and a long stiff in the tail cap

Driver and Battery

contains MCU, charge regulator, a 0.36Ohms resistor, tiny FET, switch and green+blue LEDs

The mode spacing is not good
Battery current with a 4.2V LG HG2
low 175mA
mid 0.58A
high 1,15A

Battery current with a 4.0V LG HG2
low 135mA
mid 0.43A
high 0.9A

The switch is illuminated blue when the light is on, and red flashing below 2.85V

USB micro charges with 0.5A

even at 1A this LED makes only around 100 lumens

Beam shots:

Compared with Jetbeam Jet-1 MK running with NiMh at 150 lumens

compared to a 6500K XML2 around 1000 lumens

I sanded down 0.5mm of the head, so the bezel does some pressure on the o-ring and seals the light

User Interface

a short click turns the light on
a 2. press changes to medium
a 3. press changes to low
after like 10 seconds the light locks that mode and another click turns it off

The light is build cheap, no solid shelf, angry blue LED with low brightness,
it might be worth for modding


- low voltage warning with red LED in side switch below 2.85V

  • USB charger


- very cold blue LED which is not bright at all about 100-150 lumens

- PWM in all brightness levels

- beam profile is not balanced very dominant hotspot no corona and low spill

- driver has no LVP that shuts the light off especially in combination with only fitting unprotected batteries

  • mechanical production overall below medium, especially the not sealing o-ring of the lens

There are flashlights that are extremely value for money but in this case you get what you pay for. Thanks for review and teardown!

That’s some brutal Honesty right there in this review.
Thanks for the through breakdown.