Review: Ultrafire WF-606a

UltraFire WF-606a


Battery: 2AA's or 1 Cr2
Switch: Rear clicky
Modes: 1
LED Type: Cree P4
Lens: Glass
Tailstands: No
Price Payed: 20.00


Glass lens, rear clicky, and of course o-rings where they need to be.


Runtime not long on a cr2 battery, about 25-30 minutes of light. Would have been nicer if it were a cr123 light. Wish the light was a 2mode.

Build Quality:

I gave the quality of the light a 3, should have been 4 since there were o-rings where they needed to be and it uses a glass lens and aluminum op reflector.

Battery Life:

I get about 1.5 hours on a nimh rechargeable, the runtime will go up depending on the capacity of the cells.

Light Output: ★★★★★

For me at the time it was the brightest light that i had so for a P4 compared to all the luxeon leds i was using i gave it a full 5 stars.

Summary: ★★★★

I have owned this light since Jan 08 and i love this light. The light has held up during power outages and of course what goes bump in the yard when a tree limb falls from a tree. If you can find one at a decent price then i say get it, and just to let you guys know that there is a Q5 version as well. I made a small vid of the light for practice since i plan on doing reviews as a vid.

Finally got dark i hid in the room away from my wife and daughter. lmao

But I never really got on with 2AA lights. The Luxeon one was way brighter on a CR2 than two AA or NiMH

Thanks for the review Al! I just added Review: to your title. If you wanted to you could put the final star rating below the UltraFire WF-606a main title.


Beamshots are up.....not really a difference in the pics at duraloops come off the charger at 1.48volts and the Cr2 are 3volts. Seems that the brightness of both configurations are the same to my eyes. I did notice that with Lux's that the tint is much whiter then some of the Cree's.....all about the lottery i guess.

Sorry for the nerco but I just want to thank you for this review.

It deserves more comments and thanks. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to add that FastTech sells the silver version for $13:


Anybody know how to remove the led/driver pill from the host?
Tried twist it with plier it does not move.