Review: UniqueFire 6T6 from Lightmalls (now modded)

This is a review of the UniqueFire 6T6 from lightmalls, list price $65. My impressions after taking in on a dozen walks. I only used fairly new, freshly charged Sanyo 2800mAh batteries in the three cell configuration.

Their Discription:

Best Quality UniqueFire 6T6 6*CREE XM-L T6 7000-Lumen 5-Modes LED Flashlight(3*18650/3*26650)

Model: UniqueFire 6T6
LED: Cree XM-L T6
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 6
Brightness: Max Output 7000 Lumes (manufacturer rated)
Current: 9A (Max)
Battery Configurations: 2*26650/3*26650/2*18650/3*18650rechargeable batteries (not included)
Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie
Switch Location: Tail-cap
Modes: 5
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Lo > Strobe > SOS
Mode Memory: Yes
Lens: Vacuum Plated Coated Glass Lens
Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO Reflector

Not 7,000 Lumens or 9A and the lens does not appear to be coated but it was clean and blemish free. It arrived quickly and in good shape with no damage. The pictures on the site are accurate.

I can only estimate on the lumens and amps. I would say the Lumens might hit as high as 2,250 and the amps somewhere around 7. These are just guesses but they are based on comparisons with a FandyFire UV-S5 (SRK) and a Trustfire 3T6. The flood is slightly larger than the SRK with less throw and around the same brightness. So it is a very bright light. It’s much brighter and floddier than the 3T6.

The Good: Very bright, nice finish, sturdy feeling light, takes 18650 or 26650. I used three 18700’s with no problem. Good heat sinking with large head and nice reflector, evenly spaced and moderately deep. Quick shipping and good communication. It stays bright and doesn’t get too hot in the hand and it’s comfortable to carry.

The Bad: The emitters were not centered correctly and three of the six led’s have small white dots on them from sloppy handling of the thermal paste. The O ring was not really a good fit and was a royal pain in my backside to get back in, I had to stretch it out a bunch. The driver is not what I hoped for.

The Average: The threading is not square but not too fine, Springs are what I expected just ok. The usual 5 modes are spaced like usual. Price and customer service: They were asking $65 and gave me a deal at $55 and after I told them about the driver and sent them pictures comparing it with the SRK and the dots on the not centered led’s they gave me $10 in store credit. They did offer to replace it and make sure they sent out a better one. So that was good, but it would have been better if it was correct in the first place. Keep in mind that’s it’s huge. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I suppose it depends on if you want to club somebody with it. :slight_smile:

My overall impression: I wouldn’t pay $65 for it. It’s just an average light. I would say at $45 it was a good deal. Sunny the customer Rep. was nice and she took care of the problems in what I think was a fair way. I used the credit to partially pay for a C12 MX-L2 and agreed to review both of them.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being a “police” light and 10 being a BTU. (my worst and best lights) I would rate this a solid 5.

It’s not a ripoff but it’s not a steal, it works, but it isn’t special. The quality is good, but for the price it should have been a bit better. It is much brighter than the 3T6 with a larger flood, but it’s not any brighter than the SRK and doesn’t throw as far, but again a little larger flood and a little more light overall but not really enough to pay that much extra for.

I have already bought a replacement driver and will let everyone know how it goes after it shows up. I might post some beam shots but I’m not all that impressed with the pictures I have been taking.

Thanks 18650 for the honest review. It’s disappointing to receive a second rate light but it sounds like they came to the party. Whats the heatsinking for the pill like?

It’s not really a pill in the way I normally think of one. It’s not removable, it’s just a big disc that is Glued(?) onto the head and through this disc are three holes for screws that attach to the single piece aluminum reflector. The head is fairly chuncky and the walls of the light are thick, like I said it’s huge. But the downside is that the space for the driver is small just short of 1 inch (two and a half centimeters). So only a horizontal driver will fit.

Ok I put a new driver in and it’s much more impressive now.

The driver was for 7 led’s but it works great in this 6 led light. I don’t know if it’s hitting 3amps per led probably more like 2.75. Whatever it is it’s unbelievably bright. I have one of the good Fandy fire Sky Ray King clones and it is bright but this light will actually wash it right out on high.

When I first took it outside I took the SRK to compare them together and I was dissapointed because they both seemed to be about the same brightness with more flood going to the 6T6 then I realized I wasn’t in high mode on the 6T6!!! When I hit High it flooded out the SRK like it wasn’t there.

The only thing that is a bummer is that you can only keep it on high for a few minuets before it gives a blink to warn you it’s too hot. Turning it back down to low and then medium works fine and then back up to high. I guess it’s more like a Low, High and Turbo.