[Review+Update #9 post] Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 NW

For the moment I keep the Wizard Pro, I didn’t know the C2 Pro had come out, I’m not following the world of lights (so I save money :wink:
Keeping the tailcap loose there seems to be no self-discharge, the light works well, after using it I put it back in charge.
I am using the Wizard Pro only for a walk at dusk.
It is annoying to loosen the tailcap every time, but after outdoor use for home and garden I use an Elf C2 or other Zebralight headlamp.

Does anybody know if the Wizard/Tiara non magnetic basic tailcap fits on the Wizard Pro and Tiara Pro USB models?

Can someone explain to me why you need to unscrew the tailcap 1/4 turn to charge this flashlight. It’s annoying.
I like ArmyTek, but does any of their flashlights have a lockout?

Hi, you can mechanically lock out it by unscrewing the tailcap, as you mentioned. About charging, I don’t know :frowning:

Yes. The Wiz among many, if not all, others.

The tailcap makes two contacts to the battery tube. One is permanent, one exists only when screwed down. This way AT lights can use standard batteries.

Compare this to Olights needing proprietary batteries.