[Review+Update #9 post] Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 NW

Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 NW

Review 3 in 1. At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars, in each topic I will color the key sentences for those who read a little more, and a long waffling for everyone else. Enjoy!

For VERY large photos: click -> on the photo page right click -> "Open image in new tab"

Ok, first I will tell you how I came to this review.

Natalia from Armytek asked if I could write a review about their chargers.
... about chargers?

So I told her I don't have equipment to test chargers. But it was fine for her and she told me she will send Wizard Pro and chargers.

I agreed ^:)

So welcome to the Armytek Wizard Pro review!

Then I started to imagine that they have a lot of these Wizards there, everywhere. You know, full of drawers, spilling out of the closet, banging under their feet. They can no longer look at them and add them to eveything.
For example, I wanted to buy their cell

and I look


Ok, anyway

Table of Contents:

- General parameters

- Package content

- Appearance, parameters

- UI, runtime and charging


- Waterproof

- Light pattern, tint


- Usage and my experience

- Nitpicking

- Gallery

- Summary

General parameters
(from Armytek)

LED color: White
Color temperature: Cool White
Light & Optics
LED light output: 2300lm
OTF light output: 1800lm
Beam distance: 130m
Optics: TIR-optics
Stabilization of brightness: FULL (constant brightness)
Hotspot: 70°
Spill: 120°
Dimensions & Weight
Head diameter: 24.5mm
Length: 110mm
Body diameter: 29mm
Weight (without batteries): 65g
Body & Durability
Body material: Aircraft-grade aluminium
Body anti-abrasive finish: Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Waterproof & Submersible: 10m
Waterproof and dustproof standard: IP68 (highest)
Operation temperature: -25..+40 °C
Impact Resistance: 10m
Modes & Electronics
Power source: 1x18650 Li-Ion
Number of modes: 11
Runtime for maximal mode: 1h
Ability to use batteries with a flat contact: yes
Protection from accidental switch-on: yes

And I will mention mode memory, thermal protection and battery capacity indicator by flashing LED in switch.

Package content

Light came to me in such a cardboard box

And I found a trouble

Hmm... Strange...it is everywhere

Ok, I risked

In addition to the flashlight we get:
- head mount
- hand attachment
- steel pocket clip
- batteries
- charger
- spare O-rings
- manual user instructions

Rich content

Appearance, parameters


Weight: with battery 111g, so satisfying to see. Without battery: 63,7g

Size: 11,1 cm x 2,7cm

From left to right:

- Head with steel ring, TIR optics, like honeycomb

with green AR coatings

and a yellow button

Design inspired by old diving helmets

If you are a fan of Armytek Wizard, you absolutely must have this gadget

- We have a heat sink to help dissipate heat ... wait ... there's a diode in the head! Ah, it's so easy to forget :P XHP50 neutral white, on the packaging we see the inscription 2300 LED lumens,

but in the instructions the manufacturer honestly admits that it is really 1800lm. Plus for honesty.

- Battery tube, 2 o-rings at the end and very well greased threads.

- Cap with strong magnet and space for a charger.

A big spring, really presses the battery after tightening, the cell will not rattle, no matter what.


Armytek 18650, 11,8Wh 3200mAh. Unprotected.

It says "The ability to work even under heavy load", but nothing specific what "heavy load" is. So I decided to ask Natalia

I was afraid to ask about anything else...

(Just to point out, I am not making fun of Natalia, I just make fun of this situation, come on, everyone can misunderstand something from time to time)

Ok they have these batteries on the page, it says discharge current up to 3.7A. It's not such a high drain...
And besides, these are LG MH1 batteries in Armytek wrapping. Good cells.

Came charged to 3,54V, very nice.
I tested capacity, about 3100 - 3200mAh

UI, runtime and charging

It is complicated...at first

Everything explains the instructions, but I will tell you how I understood it. And besides, the best way to learn is to practice, not to read and learn from the instruction.

Ok, let's start from the basics ...
1 click on, 1 click off, in on position press and hold to change modes
Wow, that was easy.

We have 4 groups of modes to choose from:
3 Firefly group modes (0.15lm-1.5lm-5.5lm)
3 Main group modes (30lm-165lm-390lm)
2 Turbo group modes (900lm-1800lm)
3 strobe modes

Access to the first 3 groups is in two ways:
- From the off position, pressing and holding always activates the lowest mode and cycle up to Turbo 900lm, over and over again (if we press the switch all time). Releasing the button at any brightness level locks us in the group to which this brightness belongs. For example, releasing the switch on the last one, Turbo 900lm, blocks us in the Turbo group, and pressing and holding switch allows us to change the mode from 900lm to 1800lm.

- 2 click from each position (on, off) turns on the Main group. 2 click in the Main group turns on Firefly.
- 3 click from each position turns on Turbo
- 4 click from each position turns on strobes

If we want to have Firefly modes, from the Main group we make 2 clicks, or from the off position we hold it. To every group we have instant access from any position, which I respect very much. Despite so many modes, we can always have exactly what we want, right away.

It is complicated, but after learning very universal and practical. For me, the message is clear: This is not the headlamp for an amateur to get from car to home or use only in the basement.

There are other interesting functions described in the manual, such as switching on the battery charge indicator or access to the tactical mode - the last memorized mode lights up momentarily only when you press the button. Good for broadcasting signals.


The battery level is indicated by a flashing switch LED in different colors, everything is described in the instructions.

Main2 mode

Allmost 9 hours

Main3 mode

Almost 4 hours with constant brightness
Battery at 2,9V after test

You should notice that the light did not turn off itself, but remained at a very low level. I will check if it still shines and drains our battery after couple of days.
Edit: It turns off at 2,9V after some time


With the included charger.
A good idea, because the threads and O-rings are not damaged by screwing and unscrewing, and everything is very simple. We put this part to the socket,

it shines green,

and stick the other part to our magnetic tailcap

Charging with 0.7A current, about 8 hours to full charge, cut-off current about 80mA. Optimal current, good for night charging. And remember that we don't always have the battery discharged to a minimum, so the charging time will be shorter. The battery after charging 4.13V ... I don't know why no more. Well, looking for positives, it is healthier for Li-Ion batteries not to be 100% charged.


I did not notice any, FF3 mode


Up to 10 meters up to 2 hours. I threw into the aquarium for 3 hours. It's probably long enough to check water resistance in 99% of the situations.

The flashlight survived, no surprise. It has 2 snails. It's twice as much as Imalent DM70 after such a test. You have to judge for yourself whether this is bad or good.

Light pattern, tint

White balance: sunlight. The dot in the center is the...center, each line at a distance of 15 cm. A wide, even radius, diameter about 120cm. You can compare with the lights from my other reviews.

Neutral white... approx. 5500K. Yes, neutral, slightly to the cold side. Before I got this Wizard I read some opinions, whether better neutral or warm. "Take warm" they said. "It is better for everything". So I was sad when neutral came...

But I have to disagree with these opinions. It doesn't really reflect the colors of the forest path so well, it would probably be better with a warmer one, but it's not as cold as, for example, Imalent DM70. It is also not 6000K - 6500K. In addition, very good for rooms and reading.
So it depends whaere you want to use it. If for work in rooms and close areas, then neutral is good. I think that even in the mountains it will be good, there is not so much greenery, only those stones and stones...
For a trip to the forest probably the warmer tint will be better, which for me seems too warm from pictures...


ISO200, t2s, f / 3.5 white balance sunlight. Distance to the tree about 40m, and I aimed about 7 meters ahead, such a "natural situation".

It is enough to walk on forest patch on Main1 30lm.

Comparison with Nitecore NU30

Cheap headlamp Sanyi, about $4

Usage and my experience

So, what is it good for...
You can stick it to lantern, and it can pretend as lantern

A strong magnet in the cap does the job, thanks to which the only limit is our creativity

Maybe you want to have spare cell with you?

Or a charger

Are you listening to music on the trail? No big deal.

No more searching for your keys in your pockets forever.

Modify the headlamp and add a second light.

Or maybe you need to have a pen always at hand?

Or better - the whole set

You won't forget to take medicines with Armytek Wizard


And anyway, you can walk with this light in the woods or mountains. With an emphasis on camping, more than trekking - diffused light is better for these applications, as well as indoors. The slightly cold tint (basically neutral) was not perfect in the woods, but very good for reading and for any work at close range. Lots of modes, 3 firefly, that's what I've been always looking for. Despite so many modes, I didn't have a problem finding what I needed quickly, that's a big plus. An additional, for me, a very big plus is fact that the flashlight does not change the angle of light when shaking or running. The hinge used in e.g. Nitecore NU30 is not suitable for cycling or running - it lowers very easily and shine at feet.


So everything about all the cons. I decided to experimentally add such a section. Definitely for the people who really think about buying and want to know all the cons. Tell me in the comments what you think about it and whether to add it to further reviews.
A little heavy, it is hard to push the button, the built-in charger only charges up to 4.13V, it is difficult to disassemble (I mean to get to the LED), and flooded with glue inside, light tint slightly cold (~ 5500K, and could be 5000K), TIR optics for me too floody, mounting on the head with a max circumference of ~ 60cm, so for a large head + winter hat it will be hard to put, on the helmet as well, you cannot also wear it with a clip and on the head attachment.


The set includes a headlamp with a charger, a cell, a head mount, a hand mount, spare o-rings and a metal clip. And instructions.
My first impression is a complicated UI. After learning, I understood that it is very practical and simple. The headlamp itself gives the impression of solid and durable, has double O-rings, steel ring at head, IP68 rating. We get a 10-year "no hassle" warranty covering natural wear!
The thing that disturbed me from the beginning is a very hard-to-push button. You really need to use force to push it. But this is not a big problem, maybe it will be easier over time. TIR optics gives a very diffused light (neutral - cold tint), which is good in rooms and EDC applications, but I prefer a little focus for walking in the woods - longer range, slightly warmer tint. I don't need to light the sides of patch that much. Perhaps in the mountains this optics will pass the test (but...idk, I should test it - and I will!), but on a narrow forest path - not quite. On the other hand, for camping, in a tent, by the fire, for reading this TIR optics is excellent. Everyone should think about what this headlamp will be used for, and which tint they prefer (neutral or warm).

- durable and solid
- built-in charger
- lots of modes
- strong magnet

- very slightly cold white tint - instead of very slightly warm
- a bit heavy - as headlamp generally, but as 18650 headlamp - ok
- basic price on Armytek's page is too high (but 3/4 of it is fine)
- not for very big head + winter hat or helmet

Score: 7.5/10

1 - very bad flashlight hurts to look at, terrible quality, not worth any (even very low) price
5 - average flashlight, at a reasonable price and for occasional (in its category) use - for the average person "great"
10 - meets all my expectations in a given category (e.g EDC, headlamp, thrower), is durable and neatly made, perfect light tint, worth its (even slightly inflated) price

I hope you enjoyed!

Fun review! I lol’d a few times.

BTW, my charging cord does not function like yours. I must reverse the cable to make it work.

I think it’s because we use 120V here rather than 240V. :partying_face:

True, some people are telling me it doesn’t work that way and I always say it is because of this 120V

But with 240V it is really quick charge, trust me on that

Great review.

With regards to the stiff button I doubt it will get much easier with use. I have an armytek tiara a1 that I use most nights and have had it for several years. The switch is stiff and does not seem to have become less so since I first obtained it.

It’s the only criticism I have of the light because it performs extremely well in all other regards.


Another great review, Mocarny.

Again Chapeau Bas! I admire your ability to make witty and interesting review without fancy measuring devices.

In terms of the product, I’ve been using it for around 1,5y and switched from Skilhunt H03. Impresions?
Way brighter, awesome tint in WW version (I’d guess it’s 3500K, when compare to other 4000K the WW Wizard is warmer), excellent UI.

But I disagree with the statement “not for very big head”. I use it since ever on my biking helmet. No problem at all and my helmet is XL. I’ve secured it with a velcro straps not to move and for 1,5 year I didn’t even touch it. The headband sits firmly on the helmet even during rough ride at all times.
Expensive? Also have to disagree when considering what you get for the price. Especially when you encounter a promo. I’ve bought 2 pcs in price of 1 which made the price close to H03. Up today I didn’t find any better promo.

There’s one thing I’d change: anodization. Although silky and nice at touch it wears quite quickly, especially places which have contact with headband socket. I had tears in my eyes seeing worn paint in some places… :cry:
And yeah, more modding friendly design would surely be additional asset. The question is what would you have to trade for it? Waterproofness? Extremely long guarantee?

Yeah, so you again mentioned my lack of equipment. :stuck_out_tongue: I have to be creative instead, thank you! :partying_face:

Probably WW would be better, so I’m a little sad to have NW, it is not the best in forest patch, so in my main use. :frowning:

I haven’t tried with winter hat or helmet, but this head mount is on max diameter and fit perfectly, and my head is 59 cm circumference (not diameter…), uch it’s so annoying when I buy everything S or XS and everything on my head is XL.

By expensive I mean basic Armytek price, but if you can get one in price of two, then it’s good deal.

Anodization is bad though, I put it in my bag with keys, and it got scratched. :weary:

If it had ~ 4500K, little more throw, then it would be my dream light.

Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about buying this lamp for some time. But I think I'll think about it a little bit more. There are a few things that I don't like and the price is high.

I zmień to "Zawartość opakowania" na j. angielski.

:laughing: (nie zauważyłem… dzięki :person_facepalming: )

I may get WW, so I will tell something about that tint. And again, it depends on usage. I prefer more throw for hiking, and warmer tint. But I’m pretty sure if you need it for other, indoor things, and it is for 60% of the Armytek’s page price, then it will be good choice. I heard it was that cheap, 2 days ago, but the promotion has…ended. :frowning:

Update 23.09.2019

My 58cm head + thick winter hat + this Wizard Pro is not the best combination. It fits, but tight and I feel strap's pressure. Maybe they updated straps too and it's more tight too... This strap fully released fits perfectly to my bare head, so I expected it to be tight with winter hat

Yesterday I went for a short night walk in the woods with couple of my flashlights and a Wizard Pro.


  1. Slightly cold tint like 5500-5700K is not perfect for forest walk, green color rendition is not the best, and green looks a bit pale. It is not as bad as 6500K, just slightly too cold. Wizard on the left. M3 has nice pleasant neutral tint good for green color rendition.
  2. Honeycomb TIR optics with that much flood is not perfect for forest walking too. It shined everything near me pretty well, but I prefer to have more throw, I want to see what is far ahead. Something with OP reflector and maybe slightly frosted lens would be fine for me.
  3. This tint and flood is good for indoor use or in camping, in every close use purpose
  4. Wizard Pro warm white could be too warm for that kind of forest trips, because everythink would look more yellow than green.
  5. So much modes, and the first, Firefly 0.15lm is just perfect for sitting with a cup of tea near the railway that goes through the forest. Try it! This neutral white looks similar to moonlight.
  6. And remember that colder tint helps you keep alerted and awakened, soooo maybe this "neutral" white is a way to go for long night trips. Warm tint is more calming and relaxing.

So neutral white is too cold, and warm white is too warm. Tough decision and I just can't make it!

Handheld or change the TIR lens to a narrower one.

I will be certainly more pleasant in the forest then the CW version, low-cri cool white light washes greens to gray.

That depends more on the tint than on the CCT. The ~3700K Wizard Pro WW and the 3000K Wizard XM-L2 Wizard HCRI both have a (very) greenish-yellow tint, meaning the ground and wood will be yellow-greenish and the greens very yellow (however it will still look waaay better then with the CW).

I used a Wizard Pro from Clemence (virence.com) modded with the Nichia E21A 3000K 97CRI slightly rosy duv emitters. While using it in the woods, the contrast between green leaves and brown wood and forest litter is very pronounced, and absolutely not yellowish as while using the xml-l2 Wizard HCRI or PRO. I like it more then the 4000K Nichia 219C 95CRI which used to be my favourite emitter for using in the forest.

Just ram a Nichia E21A dropin module with D220 flux bin leds, not the greenish d240 ones, in it at the desired CCT

BTW the Wizard Pro costs around 60 USD in Poland now during “permanent” discount.

Oh, I told you! They are giving Wizards Pro for free :laughing:

Like in my review, and you even can get Wizard for free by buying batteries. A lot of batteries…

I knew it will happen sooner or later! :smiley:

Hi Mocarny, thanks for the review, it was nice to read it :slight_smile:

I love the Zebralight Headlamp but about 4 years ago I bought my first Headlamp Armytek Wizard (not Pro)

I bought it as a lamp for friends when I went hiking, then later I used it a lot in my daily life.

When the Magnet USB version came out, I bought many of them as a discount, later also many ELF C2s to make gifts. (between “standard” XP-L and ELFC2 Wizard I may have bought approximately 16 pieces)

None of them has failed so far, I am very happy with these Armytek Wizards have proved robust, all with a good neutral tint, they handle the heat well even if used for a long time with the turbo, they have a good battery supplied with light (the LG MH1 you mention in your nice review)

Happy with the basic Wizard in mid-2017 I bought the Wizard Pro version but I sent it back to the seller after 24 hours.

It was disappointing (compared to the basic Wizard) it did not have the declared performances (much lower)
I didn’t use any tools but I’m sure it didn’t have the 1600 lumens promised on the Turbo 2 level
Turbo 1 was also very low :frowning:
I did a test in the woods with my basic Wizard and the Pro version and the Pro version was less bright. (absurd! I was really unlucky)

This morning I saw the Wizard Pro Warm on offer (60 euros) and I decided to try again I hope to be luckier.

In the woods I adore the Armytek neutral color (about 4000 K) I find that it reflects the true colors, the forest with a cold tint may seem even more fearful …
The cold colors of the past 6000 / 6500K were terrible, 5500/5700 K is already acceptable but I prefer warm colors between 4000 and 5000 K.

I will have to wait for January to see this Wizard Pro I hope this time things get better.

Sorry for bad translation

Your translation is very good :wink:

I don’t have basic Wizard, only this version. My 5700K version is too cold to be used in a forest, so I just don’t use it… :frowning: But for indoor use is great. I think the Warm version is too warm, and the Neutral is too cold. Maybe this Nichia version would have just right tint.

Strange that your Pro is less bright than standard version. Mine is very bright…
You can also wait for Nichia version and give up on Pro Warm, it should be available in two weeks.

Yes I admit, forest during a night is fearful. Just get headphones and listen to your favorite music when walking in a forest, it should help :wink:

Thanks for the info, I didn’t know about the Nichia version.
But the Warm version is fine for me, I have always found good colors, I only hope the Wizard Pro is without bugs and has the 1600 lumens mentioned by the manufacturer.
I have two Zebralight Hi Cri (H600Fc and H604c) as vision they are the most beautiful lights I have (but I use them only on big occasions)


I received my Wizard Pro v4 and after a week I realized that my battery was completely discharged … Without using the lamp. So I tested a new battery and also asked a friend who has the same model as mine to test my original battery. One week later, the new battery was discharged (without using the lamp) and the one I had lent was still fully charged. The observation of these manipulations, under the advice of the person in charge of Armytek, leads to question the lamp itself … The solution proposed by Armytek’s warranty service was to ask me to ship my lamp to the factory in China in the city of Fosan… at my own expense.The email from Armytek implied that as soon as they proved the lamp was shipped correctly, they would send me a similar model as a replacement. After this shipment, I received another email telling me that I would have to wait until the lamp arrived in China and was checked to receive a replacement. Living in a small island in the Indian Ocean (Reunion Island), the delay of reception in China could exceed 40 days, not counting the supposed return of the repaired lamp? I imagine that if I had the chance to live in the USA, the replacement would have been almost automatic. Anyway, has anyone had a similar problem in terms of warranty and what were the answers?

Thank you in advance

Hi, sorry to hear about your problem :frowning:
For example, recently my Zippy ES mount broke and I emailed Armytek. I have their branch in my country though. When they received my broken headlamp, they sent me a new one + a $10 gift as a compensation for the shipping cost. They let me choose from variety of products under $10 and I chose Handy C1 charger.
Overall I am happy with Armytek customer service. I think you will be able to choose a gift too, only problem is you have to wait longer.

I also found a parasitic discharge on my Wizard Pro XHP50.
It is not excessive but it exists.
The Dutch seller is willing to replace, even Armytek has also been available for a replacement.
For the moment I keep it, the shipping would cost me 13 euros (I paid for the light in the special offer 60 euros) and then I’m afraid that the new light could have other problems … (tint, output power)
If the parasitic discharge remains as it is now I can live with this but it could also happen that it increases.
In the many years that I have bought lights this has only happened twice (both in 2020), once with Wizard Pro and shortly before it happened with Zebralight H600Fw IV (it discharged a battery in a few days, initially it discharged slowly but then the weather got worse)
With the Wizard Pro I always keep the cap loose to avoid self-discharge, I use it and when I’m done I immediately loosen the cap.
This is bearable and the magnetic charging is comfortable to top up the battery without opening the light.
I bought many ELF C2 and many “standard” Wizards (XP-L) none of them had self-discharge problems.

How quickly it self discharges?

Now I don’t remember exactly.
I have done some testing in the past, maybe something like a drop from 4.15V to 4V in a week.

Pretty much.
It is up to you if you want a replacement - maybe they can agree to replace it with a new C2 Pro Warm with a surcharge? It would be cool