Review: Vinz's artistic and novel P60 drop in

A while ago, I received a P60 drop in from Vinz in Germany. Most of us probably have heard of this person and his beautiful works and have drooled on our keyboards while looking at the pictures. Overall, this is not an ordinary P60 drop in, it is machined from one piece of aluminum, hand-polished to shine, driver potted with best thermal-conducting material, and silver plated P60 beryllium copper spring to present the best in both performance and appearance.
Here are the pictures I took:

Unfinished, in its builder’s hand

Pictures from Vinz

Exactly what I received from him in that little green box.

So here is the story.

Around last Christmas, I was re-visiting Foy’s review of Vinz’s quad and triple P60 drop ins and drooling over my keyboard. A thought suddenly striked me: why can’t I get one? I contacted him immediately through PM here on BLF and got a response pretty quickly. My initial request was to build a plain single XML2 3C dropin with 3 modes and memory, very low, medium and very high. I was not very attracted by the multi-emitter lights somehow probably I already have two of them at the time, one DQG and one RMM S3.
He came back to me with a whole big UI system with four main groups and some secondary functions, which is partly described below,

For one of the groups he can program it to exactly what I asked for. And due to the number of clicks needed to switch between groups, there is virtually no possibility that I will ever accidentally change group. I was happy.

Later, Vinz told me that he was trying to add some “super-red” Osram LEDs to my drop-in, for a additional red moon- and a “locator”-mode. There were experiments and failures in the process but he and his friends eventually made it work. By clicking 5 times quickly the light goes to red moon mode, six times it goes to red locator mode (flash every three seconds), both can last months on a single cell.

Image how happy I was when eventually I got the drop in in my hands. It is as pretty as I imagined, and way more features and value than I paid for and asked for.

Regarding performance, the drop in is a tight fit for my solarforce L2m. The high mode is set to 4A, requiring quality 18650, 18350 or 16340 cells. When cell is not strong enough to support this current, the drop in will switch to medium mode (~20-25%). Low is about 20mA or 10 lumens. Moon is much lower, around 5mA.

The emitter is a XML2 3C. With the optics used in it, the beam is perfectly smooth with no obvious hotspot, even when the light is very close to the wall (5 inches). Changing mode and changing group works well.

Vinz is indeed a very nice person to work with as Foy mentioned.

And Vinz’s P60 drop ins are indeed rare shiny jewels.

Thanks for reading this.


They Look fantastic, over which pricerange are we talking here?

I paid $75 in front.

How bright is the red low mode vs the moon mode? I like the way the red emitters are around on the outside. :slight_smile:

Extremely well build. It takes a lot of time. I bet he does not earn much on that.

But I got one little objection.

+ driver contact should have some kind of spring. Pure fixed plate accepts only button top cells.

So - with this system is:

- Some flashlight have weak springs so when you put this drop in and button top 18650 and mount that on high recoil centerfire(or magnum springer air rifle) it looses contact during recoil("blink" happens).

- No contact with flat top cell

Isn’t the whole dropin spring loaded…?
I tend to use no spring on the driver side or to braid the spring so that it is stiff, but I have a small solder drop on all of my former flat cells.

I am not experienced with color lights so hard for me to say how bright the red light is. But it is quite dimmer than the white moon mode.

The plus contact is not really flat, but bulging out a little. I am not sure about flat head cells. Will check tonight. I used 20R, efest 18350 and pana cells in it.

What an amazing dropin. When is the giveaway due to start?

Quality driver spring + quality switch spring are making 2 very strong pressure points on battery(right spring selection is crucial here, original host springs mostly sucks and needs to be replaced for best performance).

2× springs can handle any centerfire magnum recoil without any "blinks"(short light loses that happens during heavy recoil)

That thing is almost too nice to use!

That’s not gonna happen! :slight_smile:

I’d need a plexiglass host so I could keep an eye on it.

That is absolutely stunning and the price really isn't bad at all considering the features and incredible quality. Worth every penny I'd say. Any idea of the lumens? I'd guess around 1200-1300 on high?

It is noticeably brighter than a 850lumen light (ec25) but slightly less bright than my DQG 26650 triple. So yes I think 1100-1200 lumens should be not far.

Great dropin. $75+$10 (SF host) =$85. That is not bad at all considering the quality and workmanship you get. This is obviously a better buy than most $85 lights from premium brands.

What a nice Christmas present, I’ll PM you my addy…

This kind of design is probably the one that you can shove in inside a Surefire KL3 First Gen Head after taking all of its internals. As this is has longer length and would maximize the space inside the KL3 and ensure it would touch the cell. I just hope that someone will step in and make similar design and quality drop in. I don’t mind paying premium if they are quality and well made just like this one.

There… is… no… other.