REVIEW - VIOFO A118c Dash camera

Yeah , I have 3 dash cameras hardwired :

Do I need 3 ? , well maybe not . But it sure is nice knowing that if one should fail , then two will still be working .

I will be talking about the VIFO A118c today .

This is the capacitor version , so no battery . ( Apparently dash cams can flame out when they get really hot - possibly a new phenomenon to many - but not us flashaholics )

So there are capacitor equipped cams hitting the market , and the capacitor is there just to give the cam enough power to shut down and save the last video file .

So the A118c is rather quick to fire up , and equally fast to shut down . My battery equipped cams can take up to 10 seconds to power down ( maybe more ) while the A118c only takes a second or two . SO far I have had no issues with the A118c , wish I could say the same about my other cams .

The A118c did not come with a GPS antenna / receiver ( $59USD = Cam Price - Not GPS receiver ) , but I found one on Ebay , so more waiting !

Ok what I like about the A118c :

It is small and compact , ( Stealthy )

I love the mount , I ordered a spare in case I want to move the camera to the back window ( rear cam )

Supports GPS data logging ( Dont have a GPS receiver ATM )

Capacitor - no battery = +++++

What I dont like :

The lens is very wide angle , and only about 50% of it is really sharp . Once you move away towards the edges the lens looses sharpness .

( ATM this is my only gripe )

The video has footage from the A118c and my Dome G90c .....

Updated : Night time video

A118c on top and Mini 0805 on the bottom for comparison ..