[review] WainLight BD13 - a 21700 angle headlamp (shots, dimensions)

Spotted recently interesting light at BG. It could be a re-label of other existing light (what WainLight seem to be doing), but I’m not aware of that.

WainLight BD13 is an angle 21700 flashlight which can be mounted on the head, carried in hand on attached to the garments.
It caught my attention because there isn’t many 21700 headlights out there. After first disassembly it turns out the light is modding friendly with no glue at all, everything easy accessible, not press-fitted parts. A modder’s paradise?

In general: the light is of decent quality, a little lower than Convoy, but better than most of *fire. Parts fitted precisely, looks like engineered by an experienced company. I was satisfied with what I’ve received except for one detail: modestly powered. 2,15A in highest mode seems to be too little for 21700 light. It uses XP-L HI (1A or 3A tint)

Let’s take a closer look and see some pictures.

I couldn’t resist the feeling the design was excerpted from an old-fashioned aqualung…

Some general views:

It seems to be wide enough to take re-wrapped batteries:


The metal switch is exactly the same as in Convoy S2+ but it is also used for charging. At the end of lanyard there is a cap that is attached to this protruding button. It’s necessary to connect when you want to charge. But it can also be handled this way. The cap has a button that pushes the metal button in order to make operating possible.


Hang on!

Interior shots:

Driver’s diameter is 20mm:

Springs bypassed (myself):

And some readings taken - respectively: high-med-low. Used 21700 VapCell 35-75A

Yet some dimensions:

Thanks for reading!

Bahggood shows two options; Type A, and Type B, but I don’t see any description of what you get with A or B.
How is the UI on this light? Click on, click off, hold to change modes? Long press on/off, click throught modes? Any blinkie modes?

I didn’t figure out the A or B options. Took A and it works :person_facepalming:

UI seems to be Sofirn SP40-like, longer click goes on/off. While on short click toggles hi-med-Lo. No memory, always starts on High. 2-click for strobo.
So you can judge the usefulness yourself :sunglasses:

FWIW it’s little brother, the 18650 version, has this listed as options:

A: SST20 LED 5000k
B: XPG2 6500k

Perhaps the same options for this ?

XP-L HI seems to be the only option

first, thanks for the review! there are not a lot of 21700 headlamps out there.
i found it on FastTech and it’s showing Cree XM-L2 U2, and Cree XP-L HI 3B-U2 as the two options.

any idea of the diameter of the LED PCB? this is very tempting if i could put a SST20 4000K in it with a diffuser lens.
really like the fact it has charging without having to unscrew it every time. (will be used nightly)


Not sure, but I guess it’s 15mm.if you choose xp-l hi, it’s the same footprint as sst-20 m

thanks 1stein. :+1:

Thanks for the review