[Review] - Weltool W3 "The Featherless Arrow" White Laser Flashlight - by Lock

Hi guys ... With this review I have the pleasure to present you a sensational novelty in the field of flashlights. In fact, we are going to see a new product launched on the market in recent days and which uses LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) technology as a source of lighting . We will talk about the Weltool W3 "The Fatheraless Arrow" laser flashlight. The W3 was supplied by Weltool specifically for the review. Here it is possible to visit the site of the parent company, while the following Link you can find all the information on the product

Weltool W3 “Fatheraless Arrow”

The white laser beam developed by Weltool is created by exploiting blue laser beams which, focused on a layer of fluorescent material, generate a yellow light. This, combined with the remaining blue laser light, merges into a single white laser beam. The Weltool W3 "The Featherless Arrow" exploits this technology for the generation of an extremely focused white laser beam that is ideal for illuminating at a great distance.

The definition "The Featherless Arrow" derives, in fact, from the characteristic that the beam of this flashlight possesses: a ray of light bright and focused but without any spill and without any lateral dispersion.

Ergonomically designed, with a length of around 155mm and an inch diameter, the W3 is able to pull out a beam of 180000cd laser with a maximum distance of 848m reachable and an output level of only 200 lumens

Warning: This flashlight uses high efficiency LEP modules with a power of 0.22 - 0.25W, and is classified as Type IIIB lasers. Please use the flashlight according to the laws and regulations of your country.

The tailcap functions as a "security key" because, thanks to it, the flashlight can be switched off immediately. The package also includes an additional protection to be mounted in front of the lens and that will prevent, when installed, that any ray of light can accidentally dazzle someone.

Do not focus on other people, do not aim on mirrors or other reflective surfaces, do not aim on aircraft or other moving vehicles.

Packaging and content

The Weltool W3 arrives in an elegant box of black rigid cardboard sealed with a strip of removable red cardboard. Inside a thick layer of packing foam protects the torch during transport. The package includes:

• Weltool W3

• Lens covers with spring closure

• Spare O-ring

• User Manual

• Quality certificate

• Leaflet on the characteristics of the laser

• Warranty Card

Main features

• Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy, black hard anodization (HA)

• Reflector: Acrylic lens

• Emitter Angle: 3.1 Degrees

• Emitter: Custom LEP module, 400-700nm, with lifetime up to 10,000 hours

• Emitter Power: 0.22 – 0.25W in High mode

• Output (tested with Weltool UB18-35 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, outdoor, constant on, below 25 degrees Celsius):

-High: 180,000 Candela, 848 meter beam distance, 200 lumens, 1 hour 25 minutes runtime

-Low: 45,000 Candela, 424 meter beam distance, 50 lumens, 2 hours 50 minutes runtime

• Battery: 1 x 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (not included)

• Switch: Tail switch, up to 50,000 presses

• High efficient circuit, with no PWM or operation noise

• Reverse polarity protection

• Over-discharge protection

• Hardened glass lens with double coating

• Squared threads for wear resistance

• Gold plated contact springs

• Impact tested to 1 meter drop distance

• Double O-ring protection, water resistance up to IP67

• Individually serialized

• Dimension: (Bezel) 33 mm, (Body) 25.4 mm, (Length) 155 mm

• Weight: 172.5±0.5 gram (w/o battery)

• Included accessories: Lens protector, extra O-rings [size=130]

Output levels and runtime

High Level: 200 lm (measured 209 lm) – 1h + 25min

Low Level: 50 lm (measured 67lm) – 2h + 50min

The runtime declared by Weltool refers to the use of 3500mAh cells. In my tests I used 2600mAh Keeppower 18650 batteries.

The runtime scheme on the High and Low levels is shown below:

Body and materials

Weltool W3 is a linear torch whose length is just over 15cm. The weight is generous about 172g without battery, but this is mainly due to the really abundant thicknesses. The W3 can be powered by a 18650 or alternatively by a 18350 if the reducer tube is purchased separately.

... here it is with the battery inserted inside it

The flashlight can be disassembled into two parts by unscrewing the tailcap.

The head is very long and contains inside, in addition to the LEP module, also a complex reflector system that allows to convey the light in an extremely focused way for the generation of the white laser beam

The central body is well worked with oblique milling and with a nice and aggressive knurling. Even the tailcap and the lower part of the head have the same anti-slip treatment. The grip is exceptional in the hand.

The button in the tail is mechanical, with double stroke and acts as both an ON / OFF switch and a switch for level variation. It is rubberized and at full pressure emits a bright click. Pressed only partially does not emit any noise.

The threads are anodized, sliding and well lubricated and in case of need act as a physical lockout. In fact, by unscrewing the tailcap, it is possible to immediately turn off the light to prevent it from turning on accidentally during transport.

At the positive pole we have a small and robust golden spring

Also at the negative pole, on the tailcap, there is a spring, longer than the previous one but with a slightly larger section.

A part of the head is completely smooth

Anodizing is perfect all over the body.

The optical part is composed of a thick lens with anti-reflection treatment from which the lighting system can be glimpsed. To better understand how this is done you should remove the head but this could cause the invalidation of the warranty.

Il lettering è ben fatto e presente con il logo dell’azienda, il modello ed il serial number.

A useful protection to be mounted on the torch head is also supplied. In addition to acting as a protection for the lens, this allows you to secure the product by plugging the head and preventing any leakage of light.

The W3 in hand is very comfortable, grips well and firmly. The knurling is exceptional, the sensation to the touch is that of a product of excellent workmanship

User Interface

The user interface is very simple. We have a single button in the tail that acts as an ON / OFF switch and allows the variation of levels. The w3 has two normal levels of 50 and 200 lumens and a special stroboscopic level. Protection against reverse polarity is present.

Momentary On: Press the button partially once to turn on the torch. This default will be the LOW level, release the switch to return to OFF. If the button is pressed partially twice consecutively, you access the High level, with three pressures instead you enter the turbo

Constant-On: Press the switch completely until you hear a "click", the flashlight will turn on at the Low level. Turn the flashlight off and on again to go to the next High and Strobo levels. If you wait 3 seconds between one opening and the other, the activation will automatically return to the Low level. • When the flashlight blinks twice it means that the battery capacity is becoming low, then proceed with the replacement. • After 3 flash the flashlight will have only 5 minutes of residual illumination • After 5 minutes, the torch will shut off completely

Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The W3 has a very narrow beam. The color is Cool but tending to yellow, in the outer part of the spot the color tends to turn to colder shades.

I remember that the maximum output of the W3 is only 200 lumens and that the maximum distance reached is around 800 meters with the high level (180kcd). Testing it outdoors I noticed how it is possible to illuminate and see well up to 200-300 meters away. Instead, aiming the beam on a white wall 10-15 meters away, the reflected light becomes almost annoying at the sight.

The spill is almost non-existent, all the light is concentrated to bring out the cleanest possible beam and without any lateral dispersion. The spot is obviously very bright and there is a light crown around it. [size=130]

Beamshot #1

Target at about 160mt. The flashlight is about 3m away from the camera.

Beamshot #2

Target at about 180m. The camera is positioned near the W3 head

Beamshot #3

Target at about 180m. The camera is positioned about 1m away from the W3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Target at about 65mt. The camera is positioned about 3m away from the W3

Beamshot #6

Target at about 65mt. The camera is positioned about 1m away from the W3

Beamshot #7

Target at about 65mt. Note the light spill that you see on the ground when the torch is held parallel to a few centimeters from the ground.

Beamshot #8

Target about 52 meters away

Beamshot #9

Beamshot #10

Target about 50 meters away

Final considerations

Weltool W3 represents the turning point in the field of lighting. LEP technology has all the credentials to really revolutionize the world of flashlights. In recent years we have witnessed the emergence of increasingly powerful, ever larger models with the sole purpose of overcoming the competitor in terms of power. Weltool enters the field on tiptoe with innovative products that open the way to new and interesting horizons. The W3 is an example: apparently it is a simple tactical flashlight but inside it has a complex light generation system based on the focusing of blue laser beams on fluorescent surfaces that irradiating a beam of yellow light and mixing this last with the remaining blue light, they produce a real white laser beam.

The sensational feature of this model is that the beam is very tight and very concentrated, 180000cd with only 200 lumens capable of illuminating at 150-200 meters per day. Had he had a few hundred lumens more, he would have been a real draft monster.

The spill is almost completely non-existent, all the light remains concentrated inside the beam and there is no lateral dispersion.

The name "The Featherless Arrow" makes the idea. In general, the W3 is well made, the materials are of quality and very abundant thicknesses. The user interface is very simple and the optimal regulation. Comfortable plastic cover to protect the lens that also acts to secure the flashlight and prevent it from accidentally going to dazzle at close range some unfortunate.

I remind you that this product is marked as type IIIB laser and that therefore a bad use could be harmful to your eyesight. Care should be taken not to point it at people at close range or to point it at reflective surfaces. The maximum power of 0.25mW allows the use of the product in our country according to the law and current legislation.

I hope in the future to see many new models and that research and development in this sector will continue to move forward. Imagine a product that uses LEP technology with outputs of 1000-2000 or even 10000 lumens. It would be really amazing!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the very detailed review. Interesting that the light output on high mode increases with time instead of decreasing like regular led flashlights. Very exciting new technology with lots of potential. But the specs for this one, 200lumens at 180kcd, doesn’t seem that amazing. A D1S or GTMini with the White Flat can out throw this with 4 times the lumens.

great pictures lock!

max power : you said it was .25mW
but the spec sheet says .25W

which one is right?


There’s no way it is .25mW, the spec sheet is correct, he just made a typo.

Nice review, thanks.

What I do not like is the UI
Low-high- Strobo

A good and intresting light.

Very interesting light!

Hey where is the best place to get this light? I live in the UK and are there any discount codes going for this light?

Ps excellent review!

Excellent & interesting review, great pictures too. :white_check_mark:
Thanks for sharing.
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