Review with 3D pictures

I am trying to make my reviews even more interesting and now I am practicing to make good 3D images.
Take a look at this picture.Do you see it 3D? You will need a red/blue glasses.
I think to make a whole review with 3D pictures about Olight S10.Do you like the idea?
Please let me know.

Cool Idea, but I don't have any glasses like that (anymore).

I don’t have any 3D glasses either. ;_;

Oooh, interesting idea.

I wonder if it’s accessible to the members to fully utilize the 3D photos.

Mind sharing how you did it? :slight_smile:

nice! tried with the pair i stash beside my laptop :smiley:

I have 3D glasses that came with my Visio flat screen, but they are not red/blue. They don't work with your picture, but I like the picture anyway. Gotta keep my eye out for some of those red/blue guys.

I’m already wearing glasses, so an extra pair to see 3D isn’t all that attractive. If the image continues to work in 2D, as this one appears to, then I’m good. :slight_smile:

Kudos for pushing the boundaries!

Don't have any 3D glasses, but it is a different idea.

Nice effect but I would prefer normal high quality pictures.

very cool i like it :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your feedback! :wink:
Maybe I will add just a few 3D pictures to my review.

I think a nice, quality 2D photo with good lighting and useful angles is more than sufficient for review purposes. If anything, maybe a short HD video clip while rotating the light to show all angles could be useful.