“REVIEW”: Wuben E05 V1.0 – AA/14500 battery – XPL2 LED - 900 lumens [PIC HEAVY] [***MODDED WITH Luxeon V]***

I think the CRI thing depends on the individual. Red & yellows in no way appear washed out to me when using this light.

Long press to off does take some getting used to…. and I still have not got used to that completely.

With a small bit of practice I found triple click to lockout very easy to achieve almost every attempt.

For the price with the Vipon Coupon & what you get for that price, I think this light is a great deal. :+1:

Are you saying you did not remove the emitter board and just un-soldered/soldered from the top?
Did you remove the white plastic disc and if so did it screw out or just pull out using the notches?
Edit: Re-reading your post it sounds like you changed the board and the LED as one piece, I am going to try to swap just the LED.
Going to try emitter swap tomorrow with the new Lumileds Luxeon V2 in 5000k or maybe 3000k.


I decided to try it with the diffuser.

Now I find it really handy - even with my challenges with the UI and stiff switch button.

I wonder if the diffuser will stay on the light when it’s clipped to the top of my back pocket? I may try carrying it bezel down, so that the cap will go into the pocket, if it comes off of the light. The diffuser cap also fits on the tail, so it could be stored there, when the magnet isn’t needed.

Yup, this second part is correct :wink:
I took the lens / reflector / plastic gasket out, unsoldered the wires and changed the MCPCB with the Luxeon V in it! As the Luxeon has different dimensions (comparing yo the XPL2), I had to change it all. I kept the original MCPCB with the Led, though, for other mods I may want to do :wink:

I am with you on this as I mentioned before! It is a bit annoying to have to cycle through all the modes again to turn it OFF on ML mode :person_facepalming:

Do a little research how to install and solder for best results

Just received my E05 that I ordered in January. I noticed that the manual said it it is V2.0. It’s not clear to me what the difference is. Does anyone know? I like it very much. The tint could be better, the clip made for a little deeper carry and the UI could use a few tweaks, but those are really minor to me. The discounted price was pretty good too. Bottom line is its a great light with a lot going for it.

Hum, didn’t know a V.2 was released!
Can you say anything about the UI, if it is the same or not?

You can try to check if the manual has major differences from the one I posted in the OP and that I post below again (click on images to see them bigger):


Wuben made one to TLF specs. No strobe, and a few tweeks to the UI. Wonder if thats what the V2 is.

The manual is at work so I will have to check that tomorrow. I don’t notice any difference in the UI. It does still have the strobe.

I ordered one from Amazon with vipon discount two weeks ago. I really liked the light until yesterday it stuck in Med and Low mode after flickered a bit on Turbo mode. The battery was at 3.9V when it happened. I charged the battery to full, and tried a fully charged NiMH battery, but nothing helps.

The UI still works as before, it just cannot switch to High or Turbo at all. I used the light for a total of at most 30 minutes and only used at most 500 mah from the 14500 battery before the problem occured. I only used it for a 15 minute walk on Turbo (3 min and drop to 300 lm), and the rest uses were all Turbo for a few seconds.

The seller on Amazon is sending me a replacement, but I wonder if I was just unlucky, or shall I try to avoid Turbo in the future?

Is there a way to fix the broken light or it is only good as a host for mod?

You were probably unlucky with your light! So far I didn’t see any complaints about fails with this light! Did it fell to the ground or something?
Maybe it was a driver component failure, due to soldering or other thing!

It is nice that you’re getting a replacement. Maybe you can use the host to put another driver in and have 2 nice lights in a compact form :wink:

Hopefully it was just a one off. Mine has been working great in all modes. I use it every day out in the warehouse. I hope the replacement works fine. BTW, did your manual note that it was V2.0? I still need to post the pics of my V2 manual. I only find a couple very minor differences in the wording.

Hum, still, even if it was a V2.0 I don’t think that it would imply a malfunctioning , unless the batch has some issues. Maybe it was really one off!

When you have the photos, you can also put them here to compare the V1 and V2, please?

Also, there is the TLF version, sold here: https://www.selected-lights.de/led-lampen/selected-lights-wuben-e05-taschenlampe-mit-samsung-cri-90-led-700-lumen-fuer-1x-14500-akku-tlf-version/a-3275/

It has 720 lumens, and Nichia Samsung (90 CRI) inside. Also the UI is different!!! Take look !

I never dropped it. Hopefully it is just a one-off. If I figure out a way to open it, I will try to see if there is any soldering problem.

It came with V1.0 manual.