“REVIEW”: Wuben E05 V1.0 – AA/14500 battery – XPL2 LED - 900 lumens [PIC HEAVY] [***MODDED WITH Luxeon V]***

EDIT 24-11-2018 - Modded with a Luxeon V


This is my review of the Wuben E05 V1.0. The flashlight was sent by Wuben without any other compensation than the flashlight and the included accessories.

I want to thank Wuben and Jelina (as representative) for sending this light. Thank you!!

The Wuben E05 V1.0 is not for sale yet, but I will add the link later for those interested in buying the flashlight.

:ARROW-RIGHT: EDIT (November, 2) - The flashlight is for sale here (non-affiliate): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JGC8D7B/ :THUMBS-UP:

NOTE: Being this a V1.0 version, I don’t know if Wuben intends to make some changes to it and sell it under this or a new version! I asked about this and will report about it later!

:ARROW-RIGHT: EDIT (November, 2) - I received the confirmation from Wuben that this V1.0 is indeed the final version of this flashlight :THUMBS-UP:

This said, I will make my unbiased and honest review, pointing the goods and the things I would improve on it :wink:

It is divided in 2 parts:
Post #1 – General Overview
Post #2 – Beamshots & Considerations

EDIT: POST #5 - Experiences with diffuser


Body Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium (no other specs mentioned)
Emitters: 1 x Cree XPL2 LED
Lens: AR Coated Lens
Reflector: Smooth (SMO)
Batteries: AA alkaline / 14500 Li-Ion [see more information in The Battery]
Switch: E-Switch (Side)
Max runtime: 115 hours
Max beam distance: 130 meters
Max output: 900 lumens
Candela: 4200 cd
Waterproofness: IP68 (2 meters underwater, 1 hour)
Impact resistance: 1.5 m
Size: 84mm (L) x 21mm (D)
Weight: 40g (with battery)

Reverse Polarity Protection: Not specified

NOTE: I did test for a while with a) reversed Wuben 14500 Li-Ion protected battery, b) reversed Sanyo 14500 Li-Ion unprotected battery, and c) reversed AA alkaline battery, and for the moments I’ve tried it, the battery didn’t get warm with any of those batteries. Still, it was not a scientific test, specially ’cause it just took some seconds and with more time it could get hotter (eventually).

Therefore, the indication of putting the positive pole ( + ) towards the head and negative ( - ) towards the end must be followed to avoid damage or hazard.

BATTERY LEVEL INDICATION (on the side switch)

- Battery level 100% - 90% : constant blue light (+/- 5 seconds)

- Battery level 90% - 41% : blinking blue light (7 blinks, +/- 5 seconds)

- Battery level 40% - 16% : constant red light (+/- 5 seconds)

  • Battery level under 15% : blinking red light

NOTE: On the first uses with the flashlight, the side switch started blinking blue with the Wuben 14500 Li-Ion protected battery on 3.91V . I didn’t make any test with AA batteries.



Wuben is now using a different packaging, if compared with the TO10R and TO46R (the other Wuben flashlights I have)! This Wuben E05 is presented in a blue, black and white box, simple and effective, with some information of what we will find inside!

About the items inside the box, we can find:
Wuben E05 flashlight with a Wuben labelled/branded USB-rechargeable 750mAh 14500Li-Ion protected battery Wuben labelled (will be shown later), installed Dual Sided Pocket Clip, User Manual, Lanyard, USB to Micro USB cable, Certificate Card, Warranty Card, White Silicone Diffuser, 2 O-rings, and a Black Pouch to carry the flashlight.



First, the flashlight! The Wuben E05 is a small EDC flashlight with e-switch and using AA / 14500 batteries that is in the line of some other manufacturers.
Some examples that we can easily recall are the Manker E11, Utorch UT01, Lumintop EDC05.

According to specs it is capable of producing 900 lumens with a 14500 Li-Ion battery, straight out from its XPL2 LED.

It has an elegant body shape, being small and thin. Also, it is not heavy being easy to carry on jeans or even a shirt of jacket.

Despite having some fins in the head and some grooves in the body, the flashlight only has small knurling in the tail.

+Machining is perfect and flawless*, at least so far, and even being smaller this flashlight breathes quality, detail and rigour (I’ve learnt it from the other Wuben lights I have, and this only confirms it!!!) :!!!:


Starting from the bottom, what we have?
Well, first, we have a magnetic tailcap that easily attaches to metallic surfaces. It is not as strong as the Wuben TO10R (which is also heavier) but it accomplishes well its function as shown bellow.

The threads are square and arrived well lubricated, and there is a sealing o-ring to prevent liquids’ infiltration.

The magnetic tailcap is an important part of the flashlight as it is the only place from where we can access the battery , to (un)install it! Unlike “similar” flashlights, like the Manker E11, the Wuben E05 can only be unscrewed through the tail ( well at least I didn’t see any mark on the top of the battery tube that could lead me to the conclusion that there are threads there! )

Above the tailcap we can also notice a battery symbol, indicating the adequate polarity for the batteries.

Inside we find a “thin” but strong golden spring. From the tail, e can see the brass surface (tip) from the driver, on the positive pole, which seems to be surrounded by some black foam or other material. This surface is flat (apparently), making this light usable only with button top batteries.

Attached to the fridge and my door lock :smiley:


And now moving towards the head, what can we see?
On the “front” of the flashlight we have the power button consisting on rubber or silicone cap with a W on it, which will glow blue or red depending on the situation.
Around it, there is a stainless steel ring, being a classy detail! On the top of it, the manufacturer logotype, and below it the E05 identifying the specific model!

In the intersection of the battery tube and the head, there is a glowing o-ring that allows to locate the flashlight in the dark (after absorbing some light). I didn’t test how much it lasts, but I can say that it isn’t much visible with some light. In the darkness it is effective, even not being as visible as glow-in-the-dark tape.

On the top there’s a shinning and slightly crenulated stainless steel bezel (unscrewable) that allows to see if the light is switched ON or not when it is sitting with the head in towards a surface.

Below it there’s an AR Coated glass lens and a thick white o-ring. Inside the head, surrounding the reflector, there’s a thinner white o-ring that helps with sealing issues.

The emitter is a Cree XPL2 (user manual mentions only XPL), which is well centred below a smooth reflector and above a thick white plastic gasket (that I didn’t remove).

Although it is not mentioned if the LED is a Cool White or Neutral White emitter, I believe that this is a Neutral White, mostly due to the UV test that I made above the LED and that revealed an “orange” colour. CW emitters are normally more yellow or pale yellow! Later you’ll see that the beam produces a yellow shift in the corona.



Well, now it’s time to briefly show some of the things that come with the Wuben E05!

User Manual
For me, it is almost indispensable to read the User Manual! It is written in 4 different Languages (English, Deutsch, Chinese and Japanese). English is well written and explains pretty much what we need to know about this flashlight.

The points addressed in it are: Warnings; Products List; Product Features; Product Operation (Structure, Installation, Operation, Lock and Unlock, Charging, Low Battery Warning); Parameters; Maintenance; FAQs; Warranty Policy (Under and Beyond Warranty).

Some information could be better, though, in my opinion, namely:

- type of anodizing and body material (not specified);

- the LED is not XPL but XPL2;

- no information about reverse polarity protection;

  • no information about the possibility to use Ni-MH or other types of AA batteries.

Here are some beamshots of the U.M. (click for larger photos):


The Battery
The Wuben E05 brings a Wuben labelled/branded USB-rechargeable 750mAh 14500Li-Ion protected battery (Ref. ABF750; 2.78W; 3.7V).

Being a USB-rechargeable battery, it will have a constant red led ON while charging, and a green led ON when charging is finished.

Not being a “proprietary” battery for this flashlight it does indicate, more or less, what type of batteries this flashlight will take. So, the Wuben E05 will only be able to work with button top batteries, that cannot be short. Protected or unprotected batteries may be used, depending if they have the necessary length and the button top.

IMPORTANT: Some batteries that won’t work on the E05 (from those in the photo):

- Sofirn 900mAh (button top, unprotected) – too short; will rattle inside

- Efest 14500 (flat top, unprotected) – doesn’t make contact with the driver surface because it has not button top; also rattles a bit inside

  • Sanyo 14500 (flat top, unprotected) – doesn’t make contact with the driver surface because it has not button top

NOTE 1: As mentioned above, there is no specification for the use of Ni-MH or other types of AA cells (except alkalines).

NOTE 2: Using AA alkalines will only give acess to 3 regular modes; Turbo will not be used. (See more information on OUTPUT & RUNTIMES )

USB Cable
Wuben included a normal USB to micro USB cable so that we can charge the battery! I believe it is not needed to show it, right? :smiley: I may provide the length information if someone finds it important, though O:)


The included pouch is a “sweet” accessory! I like it! With it we can carry the flashlight and some spare batteries, cable, diffuser with few complications and it helps to protect anodization! It was a nice thing from Wuben to get this included in the package :wink:


Dual Sided Pocket Clip & Lanyard

Starting by the pocket clip, as can be seen in the photo, it has a specific groove on the head to be installed. The clip will not rotate, it will sit still in the place. It arrived already installed in the flashlight.

As can be seen as well, it is a dual sided clip, meaning that it can be attached to clothes, cap, backpack… in different positions. Although being “thin”, it is strong and has a good “grip” (?) (well, expect you attach it to very thin things!!).

The lanyard is quite simple, it is adjustable, Wuben branded (as seen on other of their flashlights) and can be attached to the pocket clip! I normally don’t use lanyard, but it is good to have it in the package!


Well, the diffuser in this flashlight was a good surprise! I guess that the 115hours that it can last on the lowest mode led Wuben to think in a use of this flashlight as a “candle”.

So, they included a white silicone diffuser, not luminescent (unlike the one from Lumintop Tool AA, as example). It is malleable and fits well on the head of the E05 (as well as in other flashlights :smiley: ) . If on the lowest mode it can light a small space, on Turbo it will illuminate a wide space and can even be used outdoor to mark a position.

It can be also used with Strobe and SOS to irradiate light in different directions in case we are lost or need to signal our presence.

I used the diffuser - indoor - with the 14500 battery (4 modes, left) and an alkaline battery (3 modes, right) .



Well, this is a part in which not all of us will like or agree due to personal preferences. I will express mine as well!!! Here’s how Wuben E05 is operated:


  • Single click – Switches the flashlight ON in the last used mode (has memory)

- Long press (1s) – Direct access to Turbo (a single click switches the light OFF)

- Double click - Direct access to Strobe
a) when in Strobe, double click to SOS;
b) when in SOS, double click to return to Strobe;
c) from Strobe or SOS, a single click switches the light OFF.

- Triple click:
a) if unlocked, locks the light (the flashlight blinks once in MEDIUM mode and gets locked)
a) if locked, unlocks the light (the power button blinks 7 times in blue; the flashlight swicths ON in MEDIUM mode and gets unlocked)

NOTE: when the flashlight is locked, all the shortcuts above described are disabled, and a single or double click in the power button will make it blink 7 times in blue, remaining locked!!



  • Single click – cycles through the modes from: Low > Medium > High > Turbo > Low > …

- Long press (2s) – From any regular or special mode, a long press switches the flashlight OFF [Yeah, this is what I dislike the most… :FACEPALM: ]

- Double click - Direct access to Strobe
a) when in Strobe, double click to SOS;
b) when in SOS, double click to return to Strobe;
c) from Strobe or SOS, a single click gets back to the last regular mode used;

- Triple click - Direct access to Turbo
a) from Turbo, a single click gets back to the last regular mode used.



As stated in the User Manual, the data was tested in laboratory and “may change because of different test instruments or other factors”!
NO problem, I don’t have instruments and won’t do tests :smiley:

So here it is the data for each mode and different batteries:

LOW – 1 Lumen – 115h (14500 Li-Ion) // 50h (AA Alkaline)
MEDIUM – 30 Lumens – 11h(14500 Li-Ion) // 6h (AA Alkaline)
HIGH - 150 Lumens – 3h (14500 Li-Ion) // 2.5h (AA Alkaline)
TURBO - 900 Lumens – 3m+60m (14500 Li-Ion) //
STROBE - 150 Lumens (n/a)
SOS - 150 Lumens (n/a)

Please note that due to the power on Turbo, an extended period of time using it will cause the flashlight’s head to get hot. The programmed stepdown after 3 minutes will cause it to lower the output level and the temperature will slightly decrease.



I decided to compare the Wuben E05 with some of my AA/14500 flashlights, just to know how they can be compared in terms of look and shape.

Well, the look of the E05 is certainly better as mine have already been used and abused, modded and altered in some ways.

Let the photos speak by themselves (the E05 is always the middle one):

In this AA/14500 size competition, only the Manker E11 (1st photo, on the right of E05) and the DQG Slim Ti (4th photo, on the left of E05) are smaller.
The Sofirn SP10A / SP10B have the same size of it, while the: Lumintop Tool AA, Jaxman E3, Convoy T2, Nitefox ES10K, and Sofirn SF14 (v1) are all bigger than the Wuben E05.

At last, a family photo with my other Wuben flashlights :blush:


End of Part #1!!!


On this part I will show how this flashlight illuminates and express my comments/ considerations about this flashlight!!

Let’s start to say that there is no PWM on this flashlight (from Low to Turbo):

I will start by saying that the beam produced by this flashlight is quite large, it is kind of throwy (due to the SMO reflector) and also…has a yellowish shift that marks the corona and, in some part, the hotspot. XPL2 Leds tend to do this (at least from my experience from other flashlights).

This is mostly noticed against a white wall or object, but it can also be noticed outside, in some occasions against non-white objects. Please note that this photo doesn’t make entire justice to the beam as it is, due to the photo and the upload itself!

These are some attempts to show the beam pattern! :smiley:
Left – Inside the light box w/ lights out /// Right - Over a white plastic board



Let’s proceed with some tint comparison!!

(Left) Manker E11 > Wuben E05 > Sofirn SP10A (w/ XPL-HI U6-3A)
(Right) Wuben TO10R (XP-G3 CW) > Wuben E05 > Wuben TO46R (XP-G3 5000K, 90CRI)

( L ) Zanflare F1 (CW) > Wuben E05 > Amutorch AX1 (XPL-HD NW)
( R ) Manker E11 > Zanflare F1 (CW) > Wuben E05 > Amutorch AX1 (XPL-HD NW)

( L ) Convoy T2 > Wuben E05
( R ) Nitefox ES10K > Wuben E05

( L ) Convoy S2+ (XPL-HI U6-3A) > Wuben E05
( R ) Olight M1T Raider > Wuben E05

( L ) Amutoch S3 (Nichia 219C w/ diffuser) > Wuben E05
( R ) Amutorch S3 (w/ XML2 T6-4C) > Wuben E05

( L ) Amutoch S3 (XP-G3) > Wuben E05
( R ) Olight M2R Warrior > Wuben E05



Now, some beamshots inside home, with 14500 Li-Ion and with AA Alkaline batteries!! (photo quality decreases a lot with GIFs and upload :FACEPALM: )

Please note that in all the photos the 14500 Li-Ion (4 modes) is on the LEFT and the AA Alkaline (3 modes) on the RIGHT !!!

@ 1,7 m (indoor)

@ 2 m

@ 8m

@ 16 m

@ 25 m

@ 40 m

Only with 14500 Li-Ion battery:
Left - 6 m /// Right - 15 m


I decided to pick 2 other flashlights that attain more or less the same amount of lumens on max (900 lumens) and compared them with the Wuben E05 (always with 14500 battery). Those flashlights are the Manker E11 and the Olight S1R Baton (I).

So, now we will have the sequence:
Left – Manker E11 >>> Middle – Wuben E05 >>> Right – Olight S1R Baton

18 m (tree) >>> 20 m (bottom of tree) >>> 40 m (white factory)

@ 40 m (trees on the back)

@ 65 m (tower on the back)

@ 75 m (house)

@ 80 m (tower on the back)

The three flashlights have different types of beams, and on max/turbo they reach almost the same distance! The Wuben E05 has a larger beam and is, at the same time, very throwy, what gives a good sensation while trying to illuminate wide ranges!



My opinion about the Wuben E05 (and package) after using it and “testing” it on the last days!


1) I like the machining, the design, the feeling of this light in the hand! It is really well made, with no machining flaws and has excellent quality, and is…classy !!!

2) I like the form factor and “ergonomics”, as it is thinner in the body and larger in the head and tail, allowing a good grip!

3) I like the shortcut to Turbo and Strobe/SOS from ON or OFF, and also the lock/unlock feature!

4) I like the way the pocket clip helps to locate the switch! Yeah, seems awkward, but the fact that it doesn’t move, helps to locate the switch better!!

5) I like the max output of this flashlight and the mode spacing it has! Wuben never lets down on this :wink: (well, at least in the 3 Wuben flashlights I have)

6) I like the magnetic tailcap, always handy :smiley:

7) I like the accessories it brings, specially the diffuser and the pouch :LOVE:
Well, the USB-rechargeable 750mAh 14500Li-Ion protected battery is also very good, specially because it is possible to recharge it with a powerbank, and because otherwise I would just use Alkalines, not proofing from the full potential and power this light has :stuck_out_tongue:



1) There is no direct access to Low mode, what would be a big plus in this flashlight as it is used for small ranges as well and would avoid accidental blindings. However, I do like the fact it has memory.
MY SUGGESTION: implement direct access to Low even if it implied changing the way to access Turbo from OFF.

2) The tint shift: the yellow shift on this light is not good, and is noticed –sometimes – in outdoor use. The XPL2 Led is capable of this even with Orange Peel reflectors, so with a SMO and AR Coated lens, the yellow shift will appear, even being a Neutral White LED.
MY SUGGESTION: change the type or bin of LED for one that gives a good output with less tint shift. (another possibility is to mod the flashlight, either adding a diffuser or changing the Led :p)

3) The pocket clip, although being good, I would prefer it a deep carry pocket clip, aligning it to the bezel. A good example is the one of the forthcoming TO50R.
MY SUGGESTION: change the clip and make it deep carry !

4) I would like to have some more information in the User Manual about some aspects, namely the LED, Reverse Polarity Protection and the body material.
MY SUGGESTION: please add it :smiley:

EDIT [the morning after :smiley: ]
5) I forgot to mention another thing that bugs me a little bit, that is…the long press for OFF. Yeah, it its longer that in other AA flashlights around (Manker E11, Sofirn SP10A/B) and it annoys.
MY SUGGESTION: change the way to switch the flashlight OFF. At least by reducing the time for pressing a little bit.


So, my final thought is that this is very good flashlight! I like, and the minor things I mentioned do not take it any quality it has!!! Even compared with other “direct” competitors, it surely wins in some aspects such as form, power and “feeling”!

I want to thank Wuben again, for providing this light for review!
Thank you and keep up the good work!!

If you have doubts or comments, let’em come!

Best regards :THUMBS-UP:

Awesome review!

Thank you offline! :wink:

BTW, I edited post#2 with something I forgot to mention when I posted the review, in the points I don’t like that much or would change.
Here it its:


So, I decided to make some beamshots comparing the “normal” beam of the flashlight (with the yellowish shift) with the beam of the included silicone diffuser and then a diffuser sheet (not DC-Fox) similar to one that is sold by Boaz .

Here they are, pointing the flashlight to a white wall and then putting it along the wall.

Order (Left to Right): Silicone Diffuser >>> Normal (SMO reflector) >>> Sheet Diffuser

What did I notice? Nothing surprising, just the simple fact that the diffuser (sheet) annuls the tint shift and makes the beam more homogeneous; however, it loses some throw, of course. But, if using this flashlight in a closer range is a thing we like/ need, it will surely make the beam more pleasant!!

Again, the silicone diffuser is awesome, because it helps to irradiate light for a wide space! Definitely a plus on this package :wink:

I hope this helps any of you that may be interested in the flashlight :wink:

Hey, a video review from Charles BridgTec!

Here we have the confirmation that this flashlight is not out for sale yet! When it does I will add the link for it on post#1!


I was looking to the review and noticed some things were missing!
Here they are :THUMBS-UP:



Thanks very much to everyone who sends suggestions, bugs, ideas, and encouragement.

Is there a link to purchase yet? Thanks

Yes there is, I just received an e-mail from Jelina (from Wuben) with the link:


BTW, she confirmed that this V1.0 is the final version of this flashlight!!

Link added to post #1 :THUMBS-UP:

$40 :open_mouth: bit over my budget…

The light is available on Amazon for $19.97 from seller EDCTorch using coupon code L23HACLO. Ended up here to check out the review before ordering one, figured I would share.

Thanks, but I couldn’t find it! All the Wuben E05 I find are sold by Wuben directly, and twice the price you’ve mentioned! Maybe I should look better…

Looks like a pretty nice light, especially if it can be purchased for under $30.

I will say that I completely agree with needing direct access to low mode. I prefer that in every light up to a 18650. When you start to get into multiple 18650s or larger lights where you are likely using it for the very reason that it has a huge amount of light, then I don’t mind no direct Low mode. But in small edc type lights, direct to low is important.

Very nice review, thank you :THUMBS-UP:

Hum, I guess 25-30€ is a reasonable price for the quality you get here! I don’t see the Wuben lights giving much problems so what you get is reliable.
This is not Utorch UT01 or even Lumintop EDC05 that had some issues.
I can compare it to my Manker E11 (28 or 29 €) and I realize that the Wuben E05, even being thinner and longer, has the same good quality as Manker !
However, I do understand, that having similar lights in competition one can ask about the price to pay for this one. Still, I believe it has complete reliability, if compared with others.

And honestly, that shortchut to lowest mode would make it my EDC pronto !! I am on the same boat as you, direct access to ML is needed! That is why Olight lights have the “almost perfect” UIs. I do hope that Wuben manage to make UI changes from the TO50R production onwards, as that UI seems to be incredible :wink:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

You have to add it to your cart and use the coupon code.

You are probably right and the light is good value at about the $45-50 mark. But if a group buy price or sale price were to hit $30-35, I would be exceptionally pleased and feel that it was a really good buy as opposed to just a good value for the money. Especially with no access to low. If there was direct access to low and turbo, I would probably happily pay the price knowing that it would be carried nearly every day.

Even if it had no mode memory and started on Low every time, then I’d be ok with it. But I use Low and Turbo the majority of the time. So I want those 2 modes easily available.
But a nice light and a good review. So thanks for putting it on my radar!

I completely got your point about value/quality and also the specs missing :wink: That specific direct access to Low could have been copied from Manker, but it wasn’t :x
But it will still be a nice flashlight for EDC, as a spare one! (I’ll start putting mine on my backpack, the days are darker and 900 lumens with a large beam are handy when returning home at night :wink:

BTW, take a look at M4D M4X deals (and eventually freeme and Petemer), I guess I saw an offer for this, but I don’t know how much they were able to get :wink: Maybe it fits the budget!

Also, thanks for your words and if there is anything I can help with about the light, let me know :THUMBS-UP: :wink:

Today I modded the Wuben E05 replacing the XPL2 LED by a Luxeon V (from Led4Power)!
Here are some photos, before (left) and after the mod (right)!

The beam quality has improved and has lot less shift (the Luxeon V it still has some, due to the SMO reflector)!
The general perception is that there is a smaller output if compared with the XPL2, but I believe the beam quality will compensate that!