“REVIEW”: Wuben TO50R = 21700 battery / 2800 lumens / 4 x LH351D / High CRI / Powerbank function [Pic Heavy]

I just broke down and bought one. Message Fin17 for a nice discount.

Hey, I hope you can get a nice deal on one, you won’t regret :slight_smile:

Maybe some affiliate members can get you a nice discount code :wink:

I'm glad you embiggened this photo.

It's very nice.

Thanks RC :wink:
Well, at first I thought it should be smaller for people to click and see it big in another window!
But I realized the first one didn’t have the same meaning without the context!
It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, nature was screamming to be photographed :wink:
Glad you liked it!!!

wuben lights usually go down in list price, fairly soon after release


I hope so cause 100$+ isn't my budget friendly...

Looks like a cool light, but the power button is an instant deal-breaker for me. I know it’ll be impossible to use in the dark with gloves on.

Well, I tried it this morning with some gloves, and indeed it presents some difficulties locating the switch!
In that case, the best tips would be: a) put the clip in the front of the light pointing towards the switches or b) put it in the back diametrically opposed to the switches.

I also must state that the difficulty I had with this light, regarding to finding the switches in the dark without gloves, is no different from the difficulties I had with other lights under the same “experimental” conditions!

Has anyone ever had charging issues with this flashlight?

I am trying to charge the battery inside the flashlight, but I have no “red” light that indicates charging.

I have only used it once or twice, but now I needed it and I am upset it is not charging :zipper_mouth_face:

It’s official, my TO50R is somewhat damaged. After last week I tried using charging port without success, yesterday I arrived home, picked the flashlight and the full battery I left inside was at 2.98V…
I did another test, picked a 4.00V charged battery (Vapcell T50) and left it in the flashlight all night. This mourning it was at 3.84V :zipper_mouth_face:

I contacted Wuben already to see if they can repair it, I’d hate having this one damaged. :frowning:

Dang. I’d hate to see that happen with mne.

I hope not!
I’m not sure what happened, I can’t remember doing anything leading to this… Most of the time the flashlight is just sitting in the box. Gotta wait for Wuben’s reply :weary:

Please let us know what Wuben does about this. I still have my TO50R. Even though I’m now trying to sell it I’d be curious what Wuben does in this case. Hoping for a good outcome for you.

I’ve been in contact with their CS since the beginning of the week and they have replied promptly (considering our timezone differences), and in the next week I will send the flashlight to China for repair. I will only send the flashlight, not the accessories or battery.
I will send it tracked and with a note informing that it is an item for repair, as suggested by the CS (so that they don’t have to pay “importing” fees).

I hope it can be solved, I’d be sad if it couldn’t be repaired :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for your words. I’ll keep posting to show the advance/conclusion.

I’m quite sure you thought about that MascaratumB but have you tried another 21700 ?

Sorry for the late reply!
Yup, I did tried it as I explained above, but it didn’t work :frowning:

I sent the flashlight to China on the June 2, and it was received by them today. I am now waiting for their reply concerning the repair and will let you know something more when I receive information.


I just wanted to give an update on this situation!
I sent the light to Wuben for repair, they sent it back and since the 19th july it has been stuck in the Customs.
I submitted paperwork and concernin this I just don’t have one document that I didn’t know it is needed when you send something out the country for repair/loan and that thing will return, like in this case.
I contacted the national post services more than 10 times via e-mail, 3 online requests via their site and customer support. I’ve been waiting for more than 45 days for it to arrive to my hands.

Throughout this time, Wuben CS - by Wincy - has been incredible, providing documents and information in order to make this process faster. So, thanks to him for all the help and attentive following!

Despite that, the customs and the post services, with the new taxing laws have gazillions of packages unprocessed and waiting to be delivered. I hope that I can receive it before Christmas :person_facepalming: :weary:

Dang, it is so sad when this happens with customs. Hopefully the right person will get your requests and they will realize you aren’t a criminal and aren’t trying to do criminal things! Thanks for the info. It is nice to know Wuben stands behind their work. We need to find a way to not send it into so many extra hands in the future. Hope it all works out!

I finally received my TO50R flashlight, fixed by Wuben!
It spent almost 2,5 months sitting in the customs/post office divisions, but it finally arrived :wink:

And it is working well, charging as it should!
Thanks Wuben CS for taking care of this and for all the support throughout this process.
BTW, the top of the tube is now glued (unlike before) so now I can only place/remove the battery from the tail. No issues with that for me, though.

I’m happy, didn’t see it since the beggining of June :blush:

Question to a fellow TO50R owner: What way does the bezel turn to remove the bezel retaining ring so I can get at the optic, lens, LED, and PCB? I want to swap the emitters for a less green bin of the included Samsung LEDs and I am disinclined to force it too much either way as I can no longer acquire the flashlight at group buy prices. It seems to be on quite tight.