“REVIEW”: Wuben TO50R = 21700 battery / 2800 lumens / 4 x LH351D / High CRI / Powerbank function [Pic Heavy]


This my review of the Wuben TO50R flashlight!
The flashlight was kindly sent by Wuben, and no other compensation was given besides the flashlight and accessories.
Some time ago, Jelina from Wuben reached to me and asked to make a “pass-around” experience. *CANCELLED* - [REQUEST] 4 European members to pass-around experience: Wuben TO50R. It didn’t work well, but it resulted in another option: WUBEN Invitation – Review Campaign of the TO50R flashlight

My sample was not included in the 3 “participants”. Still here is my review of this incredible flashlight!

You can also find more information about it in these reports/reviews and also on the original GB thread: Group Buy: Wuben TO50R HC ("The Flashlight") - 90+CRI, 2500+lm, EDC - CLOSED!

clemence: [REPORT] Wuben TO50R
maukka: Wuben TO50R review (21700, 4xLH351D, 5000K CRI90)

Body Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium + Stainless steel bezel
Emitters: 4 x Samsung LH351D 5000K High CRI
Lens: Quad TIR Optic (not Carclo)
Battery: 21700 (can take 18650s)
Charging: In-built Micro USB Charging Port
Switch: Dual Side E-Switches
Max runtime: 191h (at 1 lumen)
Max beam distance: 146m
Max output: 2800 lumens
Candela: 5329cd
Waterproofness: IP68 (2 m underwater for 1h)
Impact resistance: 1,5m
Low Voltage Warning: Yes (detailed below)
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes! (but not specified)
Working Voltage: 2.8V - 4.2V
Working Temperature: –10ºC to 60ºC

Other Specifications
Intelligent temperature control: monitors flashlight temperature and adjusts the output accordingly to control temperature.
Constant current control: enables continuous and stable output.
Powerbank function: with the custom USB cable, this flashlight can be used as Powerbank.


The box of the Wuben TO50R flashlight is a standard Wuben box - white / blue / black - with some specifications of the flashlight shown both in the front and the back of the box. Through the front plastic window we can see both the flashlight and the custom USB cable.

So, let’s see what this box brings to us: the Wuben TO50R / 1 pocket clip / 1 lanyard, a 21700 Li-Ion 4800mAh 17.76Wh 3.7V protected battery (slightly raised button top), a custom USB to Micro-USB cable, 1 holster, 1 plastic adapter for 18650 batteries, 2 spare o-rings, user manual, warranty card.

NOTE: Before seeing how the flashlight looks and works, it must be said that the TO50R results from a cooperation between the BLF member _ the_ and Wuben manufacturer!
The User interface and even the “to support 4x emitters and 21700, added magnetic tailcap and the deep carry clip, defined the functionalities + output levels, and re-designed the whole UI, etc.” are of _ the_ ’s authorship.
Also, this is a flashlight designed for outdoor environment and for activities (such as photography) that imply good light control and good colour rendering.

The Wuben TO50R is composed by 3 main parts: head, battery tube and tailcap. Unlike its sibling Wuben TO46R, the TO50R is not glued! Yuppie!! This seems to be a pre-requisit from the above mentioned collaboration, serving either for modding or repairing the flashlight.

In the front part, there are “2 e-switches”, along with the model indication and the Wuben logotype. In the back, we find the USB port, covered by a rubber cover and, in the battery tube, we find the indication for the correct battery placement (battery positive pole towards the flashlight head).

The anodizing of this flashlight is great, with no flaws and it allows a good and smooth grip and feeling while handling it. It has a classy matte touch.

It also provides good ergonomics due to its design, even if the dual e-switches may be hard to find sometimes! But that’s a minor question within such a great flashlight!
Let’s see this by parts!!
As mentioned, the head can be separated from the battery tube. It has some cooling fins in the sides to help with heat dissipation. Still, in the back we find the “caution” signal just below the bezel. The driver is protected by a black plastic piece, to avoid shorts and to prevent the circuits. Instead of a spring it has a solid brass button coming from the board.

Looking from above, we see the 4 beautiful Led under a custom quad TIR optic. As far as I know, there were some complications with the initial batches of optics, but they are now solved!

Above the optic we find a Stainless Steel bezel with some grooves and a thin white o-ring to prevent water from entering.

However, there is no glass lens what seems to be a bit ¬_risky_ due to scratches or other “incidents” that the optic may suffer. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong with it!

Below the optics, we can see the thick copper MCPCB, with some thick wires soldered into it and the 4 Samsung LH351D 5000K High CRI Leds. The MCPCB is held in place with the help of 2 screws. As the bezel and the TIR have to be rotated to tighten the bezel, these screws are fundamental to avoid breaking the wires and to prevent displacements of the LEDs.

Last but not least, a perspective on the custom TIR optic. This is also a fundamental part for the great beam this flashlight offers, with no artifacts or shifts.

What about the battery tube?
Well, first, it is not reversible! It has some linear knurling that doesn’t affect the grip (nor positively, nor negatively). Actually, it could be a little bit deeper, like the Zanflare F1, to help on a better grip!

It has grooves for the pocket clip in the top and in the bottom, what is a positive thing. The upper threads are non-anodized, while the lower ones are anodized. Both top and down edges are non-anodized as well.
The threads are very well machined, no chips anywhere, and they are trapezoidal or square, allowing a smooth fitting and threading. There are sealing o-rings in both parts.

The photos below also show that the upper wall, near the driver is thicker than the lower one, what is also good for heat dissipation.

Last but not least, the tailcap. On the base of the tailcap we find the serial number and also CE and the Wuben website address.
Inside, there is a thick gold plated spring, a retaining ring (with 2 grooves to be unscrewed) and the magnet that makes this… a magnetic tailcap!

About the magnetic power…well, I’ll let the photos below speak for themselves :smiley:

Ain’t this funny? :smiley: When this sticks to something it is hard to retrieve it! So, a warning to all your magnetized cards and devices, ok?

How about the dimensions and weight of this flashlight?
Well, carrying a 21700 cell inside makes this a heavier flashlight. It is a heavy cell, so it will be felt. However, it is not unbearable in a pocket specially if clipped to the pocket’s flap.
Also, this is not a big chunky flashlight. It is bigger than some 18650s, but not much bigger than all of them. But, it is not the smallest quad flashlight, too.

Lets start by the User Manual. It is written in 3 different Languages (English, Deutsch and Chinese). English is well written and explains pretty much what we need to know about this flashlight.
The points addressed in it are: Warnings; Package List; Product Features; Product Operation (Structure, Installation, Constant on Mode, Flash Mode, Instant Turbo, Lock out and unlock, Discharging; Charging, Low Power Indication); Parameters; Maintenance; FAQs; Warranty Policy.
Not all the information about the light is there, so a quick check on Wuben website is a complementary way to get more information!

As mentioned above, the Wuben TO50R comes with a custom USB cable that allows to use the flashlight as powerbank. The Cable is 24cm long.
It is composed by a USB in port, a USB out port in one part of the cable, and in the other part it is has a micro-USB port.
USB in + Micro USB can be used to charge the battery inside the flashlight, while USB Out can be connected to other cable to charge another device or battery.

During the charging process the “Power Switch” (lower) will:

- blink RED – when the cable is plugged

- constant RED – when charging (at least below 3.8V)

- blink BLUE – when charging (at least above 3.8V)

  • constant BLUE – when charged

Please note that when charging the flashlight can be used in Low mode, even it only the head is connected to the charging cable.

The holster included in this package is very nice and will built. The TO50R fits well and tight in the main “pocket”. It also has a side pocket in which we can carry a spare battery or even the charging cable.

In the back, it has different ways to be attached to a belt, backpack or others. A “D ring”, a belt loop and also a velcro “loop” that can be used to carry it!

The included battery is a slightly raised button top 21700 Li-Ion 4800mAh 17.76Wh 3.7V protected battery. It is a long battery that doesn’t fit my chargers (Opus BT-C3100 and Nitecore Digi D2).
It seems to be a high drain battery but I cannot make an appropriate test of it to confirm.

It arrived protected by a blue plastic sheet to prevent accidental activation and draining during shipping.

I must also say that this is my first 21700 battery so I have no others to make comparisons, so far.

As mentioned above, this flashlight can also take protected and unprotected 18650 batteries that still are more common and easy to get. For that Wuben included a plastic spacer that takes this type of batteries to stop them from rattling inside the flashlight.
Here it is with an unprotected Sony VTC6 and a protected 18650 Wuben battery.

The pocket clip included in this package is one of the deepest and strongest clips I’ve had! It can be reversed and be used towards the top or towards the bottom of the flashlight.
It allows a true deep carry, but as it is very narrow, it may cause some friction with the fabric it clips to.

Below you find some examples of how it looks like when used in different situations.
Also, it allows good retention. It can be used to indicate where the switches or the USB port are located, in case you align it with those.


I said it before, that this flashlight has a special UI design by _ the_ .
Being a flashlight that can be used in photography, all the UI operation is quite simple, using single clicks or press & hold. No multiple clicks here :stuck_out_tongue:
Both switches are used to operate this flashlight. The lower switch will be called here “Power Switch” and the upper one “W Switch”.

The flashlight has the following levels, outputs and estimated runtimes.
|Moonlight (ML)| 1lm| 191h|
|Micro (Mi)|10lm|91h|
|Low (L)|50lm|27h|
|Medium (M)|250lm|8h|
|High (H)|1250lm|3h|
|Turbo (T)|2800lm > 1000lm| 1m+107m|
|Strobe (STR)|2800lm| - |
|Beacon 1s (B1)|2800lm | - |
|Beacon 10s (B10)|2800lm | - |
|SOS|2800lm > 20lm | - |

This is the UI diagram taken from the Group Buy thread indicated above.
The names of the modes here are different from the ones mentioned in the table above which are the official designations taken from the user manual.

Here’s the explanation on how it works!!

TURN ON: from OFF, single click on Power Switch, it will turn ON in the last used mode (has memory)

TURN OFF: from any ON mode, single click on Power Switch

CHANGE MODES: when ON, single click on W Switch
> it cycles: Mi > L > M > H > Mi > L…

ACCESS MOONLIGHT (ML): from OFF, press Power Switch 1.5 seconds and release
> in case the flashlight was turned OFF in ML mode, when turned ON it will start from there. The cycle will be: ML > Mi > L > M > H > Mi >…

ACCESS CONSTANT TURBO: from ON, press the Power Switch more than 1 second and release. When in constant Turbo:
a) single click the Power Switch to turn the Light OFF
b) single click the W Switch to leave turbo and start cycling Mi > L > M > H > Mi > L…
c) press the Power Switch more than 1second to return to the last used mode

ACCESS MOMENTARY TURBO: from ON or OFF, press & hold the W Switch more than 1second. Release to leave Momentary Turbo and: a) get back to the last used mode or b) turn the light OFF

ACCESS SPECIAL MODES (Strobe, Beacons, SOS): from OFF, press & hold on the Power Switch more than 2.5 seconds and release. It will first come into ML mode, and then advance to Strobe. When in Strobe mode:
a) single clicks on the W Switch will advance to other special modes: Beacon 1 second > Beacon 10 seconds > SOS > Strobe > … From any of these modes,
b) single click the Power Switch to turn the Light OFF, from any special mode.

LOCK: from OFF, press & hold the Power Switch for 8 seconds. The light will pass from ML > Strobe and the stops being lit up. Release the button and there will be 1 flash meaning that the flashlight is locked.

UNLOCK: when locked, press & hold the Power Switch for 8 seconds until the light turns ON in ML mode.

NOTES: As seen above, the regular modes cycle includes Mi, L, M and H. Therefore, ML and T are not in the regular cycle.

As usual, I made some photos to compare the size and shape of the reviewed flashlight along with others in my collection here it is. And, as you can notice, even taking a 21700 cell, the TO50R is smaller than flashlights using 18650 batteries! Quite impressive, even knowing that we have smaller lights using the same type of batteries.
I just think that…they will not be capable of holding so much lumens for so long time as this one :smiley:

Livarnolux 314791 (2xAA) >>> WUBEN TO50R >>> Lumintop Tool 25

RovyVon E300s Angel Eyes >>> WUBEN TO50R >>> Acebeam TK16

RovyVon A8U >>> Klarus XT1C >>> WUBEN TO50R >>> Olight i3T EOS >>> Skilhunt M150

Emisar D4 >>> WUBEN TO50R >>> Lumintop FW3A

Amutorch VG10 >>> Zanflare F1 >>> Olight M2R Warrior >>> WUBEN TO50R >>> Convoy S2 >>> Convoy S2+ >>> Acebeam H20

Wuben Family:
T70 Camo >>> E10 >>> TO50R >>> TO46R >>> E05 >>> T1OR

T1OR >>> E10 >>> TO50R >>> TO46R >>> E05 + T70 Camo w/ 2 tubes

Much has been said about the TO50R beam and tint. It is probably one of the best I “tasted” and it actually makes this a flashlight incredible to use in flashlight or controlled lighting needs.
It is a very pleasant Neutral White beam, with no artifacts and no shifts. Althought it may look different in the photos, where the beam appears to be “rosy” in reality it is not, it is pure white!
Props to Wuben and _ the_ for making it look like this!

As mentioned before, this light has no PWM in any mode. Here are some shots above the LEDs, from ML to High.

Lighting down
A curisosity! When the light is turned off, the light dims slowly, it doesn’t shut down immediately. I tried to capture it in some different photos. As explained by _ the_ this fact is due to the good boost driver this flashlight has!

Here are some night beamshots of this flashlight in different distances. It is NOT a thrower so it will not have a tremendous distance range. The floody beam is uniform and can reach a distance of at least 100 meters without issues, but it will loose visibility after the 75-80m, due to the floodiness!

In a distance of 30-40m it will lit up very well, and…it will show the true colours of things :wink:

Distances superior to 50 m!!!

Here I make a tint comparison with other other lights I had around! All are multiple emitter lights!

Please note that depsite my careful taking the photos, it seems that it has some shift, it is due to my cellphone and the compression these photos suffer when uploading it to IMGUR :frowning: :FAPCEPALM:

Jetbeam RRT01 (3x XP-G2 S4-2B, Carclo 10507) > Wuben T046R (3x XP-G3 5000K High CRI, Carclo 10507 + diffuser sheet) > WUBEN TO50R > FW3A (3x XPL-HI 3D, Carclo 10511)

Acebeam TK16 ( 3x Osram White Flat, 10507 Carclo) > Convoy S2+ (XP-G2 S4-5A, Carclo 10511) > WUBEN TO50R > Emisar D4 (XP-G2 S4-3D, Carclo 10621) > Convoy S2+ (XP-G2 S4-3C, Carclo 10508)

WUBEN TO50R > Jetbeam RRT01 (3x XP-G2 S4-2B, Carclo 10507)

WUBEN TO50R > Wuben T046R (3x XP-G3 5000K High CRI, Carclo 10507 + diffuser sheet)

WUBEN TO50R > FW3A (3x XPL-HI 3D, Carclo 10511)

WUBEN TO50R > Acebeam TK16 ( 3x Osram White Flat, 10507 Carclo)

WUBEN TO50R > Convoy S2+ (XP-G2 S4-3C, Carclo 10508)

WUBEN TO50R > Emisar D4 (XP-G2 S4-3D, Carclo 10621)

WUBEN TO50R > Convoy S2+ (XP-G2 S4-5A, Carclo 10511)

A comparison with my other (and only) quad flashlight, the Emisar D4! :slight_smile:
As you can notice, the D4 has a slight narrower and throwier beam. Naked eyes, it has some rosy shift on higher levels and yellowish in lower levels (not completely portrayed in the “against the wall” photos).

And now, some Flashlight Sexyness:smiley:


This is, indeed, a great flashlight! Almost all the aspects are well achieve and make it a flashlight capable of competing with other major brands in this scope.

The machining, the robustness, the classy touch, the UI, the beam quality, the ergonomics, the driver efficiency and control, and the overall quality are pros enough to make this a very much appreciated flashlight for flashaholics that don’t like complicated stuff and UIs, for general public, for outdoor and indoor photographers, and for people that want to have a flashlight with powerbank function, as example.

However, there are also some aspects to be considered when appreciating, aspects that may be seen as “to improve”:
a) USB charging port cover – It should be more robust specially because as the included battery is long and doesn’t fit most of the chargers we have at home, it will be very used to charge the battery inside the flashlight. Therefore, it may result in breaking the cover or damaging it more rapidly, making it permeable to water and dust.

b) No glass lens – If, on the one hand, not having an AR Coated glass lens avoids tint shifts and makes the beam more pure, and the flashlight less longer, on the other hand a glass lens would protect the TIR optic from scratching. And knowing that this light will probably be used outdoor by many people, and put amongst other stuff, this should be considered.

c) The price - Even knowing that I got this light for free, and even knowing that there was a Group Buy for this light with reduced price, the MAP may be (is!) quite high. $150 is probably too much for many people to try this light, and that is a pity! This flashlight should be seen as an example to the great quality that Wuben puts in their lights, but if not many people are able to get it, it may be a drawback. In my opinion, this should be considered by Wuben marketing department.

Other than this, I do recommend this light to those who want a reliable flashlight, with extremely good construction and beautiful beam and balanced output!

Before I leave I will post some photos taken outdoor with the Wuben TO50R as source of artificial illumination.
These photos were taken by me and my girlfriend in the last weekend and even she was amazed about what this light could do! Next time I will take another light for her as well :face_with_monocle:
This is “the best” a flashlaholic can hope for :smiley: :crown:

We now intend to make more night visits to gardens or green spaces to take some photos :heart_eyes:

Feel free to comment or to put questions!

Thanks for reading :wink:

Very few quads that use regulated constant current drivers. Kudos for Wuben to doing so.
Thanks for the review.

Thank you :wink:
Yup! Being powerful and regulated at the same time is quite nice to have and this light gives a nice balance of it! :wink:
If I remember correctly, one of the reasons for the price of this light is precisely the driver and what it implies!!

Nice review, thanks :+1:

Thanks mate :wink: :beer:

Thanks for the thorough review!

On my short list to purchase if it is ever available at a more reasonable price point. (unfortunately I wasn’t around for the GB)

Thanks for reading!
Sometimes they are on sale here, by members that bought them on the GB! Check the WTS threads and maybe there is any to be sold :wink:

Great and thorough review, thanks!

Thank you and also thank you for the work in this light :wink:
I mentioned it before and will say it again, I hope Wuben keeps listening to you in further projects because this light is, indeed, incredible!!

Amazing review!

Thank you :wink:

To clarify this design philosophy: Multiple clicks are reserved for quick repetitive single-click operations required in light painting (photography) - every click on the power button will turn the light on/off, allowing to quickly click-click-click-click through the scene (enlighten the places needed) without the risk of accidental turbo/strobe that would ruin the photo.
The same applies to the mode switch (W): Two quick clicks is always advancing two modes in the mode cycle, allowing you to easily jump between modes 2 and 4.

One of my favorite light painting artists Hannu Huhtamo (@hannuhuhtamo at IG) has been using the light for some time already and he told me he really likes the precision and control this UI offers. Please check out his work, it’s absolutely amazing! (and note that it’s all done in-camera - no photoshop!!)

Thanks for your input on this _ the_!!
I guess my words may be badly interpreted regarding the “multiple clicks” :wink:
When I mean that is so that people don’t think that we will have “double click for Turbo” or “triple click for strobe” !
Single or sequent clicks and press & hold is what we have in the light and it works perfectly, even for shortcuts!!

Also, thanks for sharing the IG of Hannu, didn’t know it and its quite impressive!! This light surely works well as light painting tool :wink:

BTW, I forgot to mention one thing that I would improve, although it would imply changing some things in the UI:

*> Although it doesn’t bother me much because I don’t lock the light electronically often, having to pass through Strobe to lock the flashlight is somehow awkward. I noticed it when I was testing the flashlight. Maybe using simultaneous press between Power and W Swithces (as the TO46R) could be a better option!* :wink:

Thanks again for your input!! :face_with_monocle:

Great review! I/we have two of these and like them very much. Superb color rendition.

Thanks Don! It is really incredible, specially outdoor :wink:
Not having tint shifts in any levels allows greater detail and rendition as you said!

Glad you also like yours :wink:

A couple of my photography “nut” friends really like the light output. People with experience in printing color photos may have an easier time in grasping color rendition. We were printing color photos at home on paper back in the 70’s.

Anyhow, I am continually amazed at how much better colors appear when walking at night with this light.

I have been wanting one of these and this review just made me NEED one! Thank you for putting this together. It is excellent!

It was not until last sunday that I realized what this light really does in outdoor environment!
So I do get what you say! It is quite amazing to have all the colours bumping into your eyes naturally :wink:

Hey, thanks :wink:
I hope you can one and enjoy it as much as you can !!
This is a great piece!!

BTW, tonight I will try to show some differences between this TO50R and the TO46R that also has high CRI leds (XP-G3 5000K, bought in a Group Buy some months ago).
More than the amount of lumens, I’ll try to show how the colours get under the different leds :wink:

The “Tree of Light” :blush:

(the broader context :slight_smile: )

I’m still looking for one of these at a pricepoint within reach. Seems like such a nice light.