[REVIEW] Wurkkos TD01 – Budget Large TIR Thrower

Wurkkos TD01 Review – Budget Large TIR Thrower

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Good honest review. I would definitely consider this.

Great review as always. Agree with pretty much everything. The double-tap quirkiness… I’ve had to get used to. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good buy for the price (I paid $25 with coupons).

Regarding the switch, I thought mine might have had a faulty switch, so I switched it out for a Kaidomain fwd clicky that I like - but alas the delay was still there. Is there no way to sort that out or is it essentially ‘baked in’? I don’t get why that delay is there. Any thoughts?

Thank you for the review.

Thanks for the review. I don’t like the half press + full press on the tail switch to activate turbo but after reading your review I now about holding the side switch for 3 sec to change to tac mode so just a single click of the tail switch activates turbo now. So much happier with the light now. :grinning:

Great review as per your usual, thanks!

Astounding that it has over 1km of throw with an SFT40 and a TIR – my FC13 with the same LED and a reflector (ok, a very small one, but still a reflector) throws just one-third of that.

If it came with Anduril it would sure be on my short list for my “big throw” flashlight.

The bigger head and TIR really makes a difference. throws much better than my Sofirn IF22a

Wanted to order the TD01 but out of stock on Ali & Wurkkos site? any info when they will be re stocked thanks…

hi, it will be restock the end of this month

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Currently the only alternative to the L19 V2, which cost about $100. So, 4x the price thereabouts for a fully regulated buck driver and a superior UI? I think honestly I’d prefer the L19 v2. I tested that one and its a really great tactical use special purpose flashlight.

That’s where I landed as well. L19 2.0 has a much better driver, noticeably better build quality, a dramatically better-feeling tailswitch, a UI that I strongly prefer, and no switch/driver delay. To me, that was worth the significantly higher price tag.

I do miss the USB-C charging built right into TD-01 though. Having to remove the battery for charging feels a bit like a chore now even though my brain knows it’s trivial.

Its a trade off. Part of the better quality is no charge port, so guaranteed IP68 on the L19. Plus, do you think Wurkkos actually validates their IP rating claim? I think the L19 would hold up betyer under ‘duress’ better. While some don’t care about that, those who actually use their flashlights for work will. To me its worth it (if you can swing the extra $75.00).

Can’t say about the TD01, but I (kinda) tested my TS10 for underwater operations and it worked quite well: My Wurkkos TS10 is now with the fish! : flashlight

Clearly OT… but check out the link. That river he tested in is just spectacular…

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Indeed, Petrohue River in Southern Chile, actually it’s inside a protected national park.

Wonderful place, we boondocked right by the river for almost a whole week – and then a park ranger came to tell us it was not allowed to stay more than one night (despite there being no signs or anything) and we had to leave the next day :frowning:. But it was great while it lasted! :+1::+1::+1::grinning: