[Review] XANES 120 Lumen R3+2LED 4 Models Super Bright Mini Headlamp supplied by Banggood

The light was supplied by Banggood , no compensation other than the light itself was received for this review

The price is 3.19$

This is my 7. light that was supplied by Banggood for a review, I am honest and will judge the light as it is with its pros and cons

Manufactory specification:

Brand: XANES
Lumen: 1200 Lumen
Mode: 4 modes White Light Strong/ White Light Weak/ Red LED Bright/Red LED SOS
LED lifespan: 100,000 hours
Light distance: 80 meters
Power supply: 3xAAA Batery ( Not Included)
Color: White + Green
Size: Approx. 60x40x35mm
Weight: 52g
Package weight: 63g

Can be used as headlight.
With adjustable headband, you can use more comfortable.
Easy and convenient to apply and remove.
Waterproof but don’t put it into water.
Great for outdoor activities, such as camping , hiking, fishing,etc.

Package includes:
1 x Headlight
1 x Headband

There are some errors in the original specs
on the package is written max 120 lumens and 3W

The parcel arrived after 8 days shipping with to Germany which is very fast from China.

Package and content:

The lights box came packed in a plastic bag

The light comes in a small box

It comes with headband and light


The LED is on a thin aluminum stat which floats inside the light, no heatsinking at all

The reflector is plastic, the lens is plastic as well and no sealing there so it wont be watertight

compared the light to a Cree 3C 5000K and 2B 6000K LEDs in lower modes
Klarus XT12 Cree XHP35 5000K, Eagle Eye XPL HD W2-2B 6000K, Xanes headlight

Beam color is above 7000K with a very aggresive purple blue tint

The light can be easily taken apart only 4 screws, the battery compartment got an o-ring

The light can be run with 3 AAA sized batteries

The driver is basically a MCU a transistor and some resistors

The light draws 340mA on fresh NiMh on highest mode

110mA on medium

red light 65mA


The light had high/low, red and red blinking
you have to cycle through all 4 modes to shut it off
the switch is pretty stiff, not easy to click

The light remembers last mode when batteries are inserted


First thing was to replace the LED, I had a dedomed XPG2 laying araund

I enhanced the heatsinking
I used an old copper MCPCB and a heatspreader from a CPU
Cut the LED board and driver PCB to fit

Then used thermal epoxy to glue the driver PCB, star and heatspreader together

The current and light output has increased

The light draws 620mA on fresh NiMh on highest mode
180mA on medium

compared to the original

Cheap but angry blue LED, build quality for the price OK, but you get what you pay
just the LED and heatsinking of it is very poor


- the plastic case seems durable

- runs on normal batteries

  • gives with a modded LED a decent light


- angry blue light color

- no sealing of the lens

- lens plastic is very soft and gets easily scratched

- absolutely no heat sinking

- cheap LED which is not bright and has a very agressive angry blue

  • switch too hard to press

Funny, posted almost exactly the same time I posted my modded one: Mod/build: MT-G2 & dual Nichia 219C headlamp

I never turned mine one even once before chopping it up though. Love the price, I can by them locally for about $5 so I don’t have to wait if I butcher them up too much and need another.

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I bought this same light early this year. A friend and I were going to Pinnacles National Park in California, which has hiking trails that go through talus caves. I took my Skilhunt H02, and bought one of these for her to use. It worked fine for our two day trip, and she was happy with it. I now keep it in my pack when I do short day hikes “just in case”.

the cat on the photo does not have a name yet

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