Review: Xeno E03 XM-L (Pic heavy, beamshots)


you mean DX? ;)

yah, the Xeno is a nice built torch and very water-resistant 10meters.

all of the senior bfl'ers own it .. except for Vectrex

Lol yes DX

Curse my stupid fat fingers

IS 500 lumens obtained from an NIMH battery??? That does not make sense....

Ok I saw its 20/40/120 lumens....

Hi MountainKing!!

the "120 lumens" is only with the CoolWhite emitter. With the NeutralWhite emitter (i have it!!) you get maybe 85 or 80 lumens.

my Lumintop Worm (1x AAA Eneloop) is brighter than the Xeno (1x AA Eneloop) and runs even longer!! I cannot recommend the Xeno but i do recommend it if you plan to use 14500's in it. With Eneloops it s*cks. At least the NeutralWhite version.

i dont recommend it but it seems to work on our Xeno E03:

instead of the Fenix LD20 (21.5mm) pocket clip, you could also use the Fenix PD10 (19.0mm) pocket clip!

see also:

Hi, I'm new here although I've been looking at threads here for quite some time. I got my Xeno E03 sometime in October or November. Even before I bought mine I already saw people looking for a clip to be used with this light and have difficulty so I'd like to share here what I've shared in our local forum back then.

Materials needed:
1) key ring (choose something hard enough yet pliable)
2) shrink tube
3) long-nose pliers

Bend the key ring according to preferred size specification, while considering the clip length and profile together with the length of the arc to clip unto the light.

Insert the bent key ring inside the shrink tube. Apply heat to the shrink tube to tighten the tube and to fit the key ring.

Attach your new flashlight clip. ;)

Tight clip to a sheet of paper even when inverted.


1) DIY, therefore low budget

2) customizable tightness

3) scratchless light body ^_^

Looks like the E03 V3 has been updated with a new LED and higher efficiency, longer runtimes:

Xeno E03 V3 XM-L U2

That explains why HKEquipment is discounting the XM-L version ($5 off old price).

hi guys…

im just a begginer im planning to purchase a Xeno EO3 XM-L t6 cool white, i just would like to ask from you guys if STO3 or STO5 strike bezel stainless steel will fit to the Xeno EO3 series? coz it looks cool for me… thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, ramini!

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Lemme find a good one...

Here ya go:

1. Be sure that the driver is defective and not anything else, switch, .. A DMM helps to identify the defective part.

2. If you are ever required to return the light, *you* must cover the costs of return shipment (to Xeno or to HKE). Großbrief International is 3.45€, with Einschreiben 5.50€.

3. Contact Xeno directly (Kevin). They are very generous with ..erh.. directly helping retail customers in need, i have dealt with them directly before re warranty issues. Ask Kevin for help and how to proceed. He's got also company-made videos which show how to disassemble the light and replace the driver. Typically they will just send you the replacement driver pill at no cost, or they will send it to a Xeno distributor of their choice (e.g. German distributor or HKE) and then make them forward the part to you at no cost.

4. Wallbuys has been selling the Xeno at 50-70% OFF. A new Xeno cost only 15$ or something. Dont buy Xeno again. I know numerous people who sold their Xeno. Eagletac is better, believe me bye.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

1.) I already checked this… And it seems that the LED is defective. I dont know if the the driver is defective too… But the LED is for sure.

2.) Yes I know, of course :slight_smile: I already covered the costs… Sending back to MY costs is not the problem :wink: It seems the costs to send me back are

3.) Do you have a email address where I can write this Kevin? Would be awesome Thanks

4.) I love my E03 - It was the most used EDC light for me… The compact size and the nice light output with 14500 battery… Do you have an alternative?

I also like my Xeno E03 so far…
I have the blue one, and it looks pretty sweet!
what I like to most of it, is the size, and feel… Not too tiny and thin like the eagletecs, and not too bulky.
Its a bit slippery though.

Im not sure how long this light will keep up, just like Kreisler said, it might stop working in a …certain… amount of months.
I hope not. but so far, its one of my favorite size AA lights.

I haven`t done any testing yet… So I hope I won`t be too much disappointed with the run-time.
will see!

hi, email address is

yah, the E03 isnt too bad. i wouldnt buy it again tho. alternative? Quark, Archer 1A, D25A 2013 Ti Clicky, SC52, Neutron 1A .. are all superior.

Not for $15 :wink:

Only light that matches my needs (High Output with 14500!) is the Eagletec… The D25A 2013 is really looking good… but its more then double the E03 :wink: Not my pricerange for such a small light… Thats why I am here -> BUDGETlightforum ;D

from where you got xeno e03 for $15?