Review: XENO G42 V2 (Pictures Inside)

G42 is by XENOLED. G42 is available in 3 different output emitter: cool white, neutral white, warm white. Cool white is using XML-U2 and it has the highest output among the rest, max output 605 lumens, Neutral white is XML T5 with 535 lumens, whereas warm white is XML T4 with 510 lumens. Mine is a Cool White version.

It is powered with 1*18650 or 2*CR123A. It has a big head which makes it a good thrower. It comes with a coated lens

Superb build quality and body finishing. The only drawback is its output. I guess the reason is the runtime. XENO wants to get higher running time therefore they have to sacrifice the output.

Another thing is you can not remove the head. It is secured very tight. I've been trying so many times unscrewing the head with my hands, but no result. You need a special tool to remove the bezel.

Here are some pictures

Nice pictorial and pretty nifty flashlight. Hows the regulation? Does it feature a fully regulated circuit?

Nice light. Does it have a anti reflective coating on the lens?

Very nice light. The knurling is very aggressive, that will result in a very good grip, I really like that. Most budget lights have very weak knurling that is more decorative than functional.

it has a full regulated circuit to reduce power consumption.

Based on the spec, at High output, 605 lumens (OTF) it is regulated at 2.2A with runtime of 1.1hour

very nice bling light :) but where do you get so much $$ to afford all these nice lights? :P

yes, it comes with coated lens.

Personally, i can say this light's quality is as good as those branded lights.

The tailcap and head battery spring is a gold electroplated spring

harry25175, have you managed to take the pocket clip off?

no i didn't.. i dont even know how to take off the head...or i dont have the tool to unscrew the bezel :(

I prefer without the belt clip..

Have you tried to grip the part that has the attachment point with a wet towel and just use your force to unscrew it?

I did with dry towel.. no result.... The clips are still intact on my G10 and G42.

I don't understand why xeno did this....

enjoy while you can :)

That is a really nice looking light. I have come very close to pulling the trigger on that light several times in the past. I always just seemed to be looking at another light that I liked just a little more each time I thought about buying a G42.

I've always loved this light and one day will get one. The bezel will come off one of two ways.

The first is to use a pair of long needle nosed pliers. Spread the tips so they are seated into two opposite notches on the inside of the bezel. Hold the flashlight in one hand and twist off.

The second is one that Xeno uses. You can take a mouse pad and flip it over so the rubber side is up. Press the bezel into the pad and while the pad grips it just twist off the bezel by unscrewing.

Everything I've read is that the clip on the G42/F42 is nearly impossible to remove.

I tried to put the head on a mouse pad and twist it.. still nothing happen :)

just buy it :)

That's what the little red man over my left shoulder tells me all the time. Sometimes its easier said than done. This light has been on my list for a while. Its one sexy light. Thanks for the pics!