[Review] Xiaomi Yeelight JIAOYUE 480 LED Starry Lampshade

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

For a long time I have been thinking about changing the lighting in my room. The choice fell on the product Xiaomi, or more precisely - Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD05YL 480 LED in the Starry Lampshade version or “Starry Lampshade”.
2200lm, 2700-6500K, CRI 95 (color rendering index - for the sun 100) and starry sky effect (this is only the effect on the lamp, not on the ceiling).

The lamp I ordered here: https://www.gearbest.com/flush-ceiling-lights/pp_1119165.html?wid=1101231&lkid=18911138 . Fast-08 is a warehouse located in Poland with free delivery. The store is located in China - I recommend payment via PayPal.
The one-year warranty (including 180 days of PayPal protection from the moment of purchase) is probably implemented in China or the Netherlands (Xiaomi phone service, I do not know what it looks like for this type of products).

Was it worth it? I will try to find the answer to this question.

The lamp is packed in a sizable cardboard package.

In the middle is protected with polystyrene

In addition to the lamp in the package, we find:

- remote control (bluetooth)

- instruction in Chinese

  • mounting kit

After removing the remote control from the box, remove the back cover and pull out the battery protector

My version is a version with stars, the lamp looks great, especially in the evening. We can set a low lighting mode, passing by the lamp we see how stars shine in a beautiful way - something fantastic!

Mounting the lamp is very easy. From the bottom there is an element that we screw to the wall. We must bring together the red elements, the middle part will spring back.
At home I did not have to drill new holes in the ceiling, I was able to mount this element to the mounting places of the previous chandelier.
After connecting the wires and screwing to the wall, it is enough to press the lamp - I do not recommend pressing it in the middle, because the material is quite flexible and we can damage it in this way. The entire assembly should last no longer than 15-60 minutes depending on whether we need to drill new holes or not.
The lamp is resistant to dust - IP50. To clean the lamp, just pull together two red elements, clean the lamp and re-mount it.
Forget about uncomfortable cleaning of old shades Smiley

I will start with operating and pairing the remote control.
Pairing the remote control with a lamp - turn on the lamp (to the current), press the OFF and M button for a short moment - the LED in the remote control will start flashing, after a while the lamp will start to dim - it is a sign that the remote control has been connected to the lamp.
Simple? - simple. The whole takes a few seconds.

- OFF will turn off the lamp,

- ON - turn on the lamp (in the last memorized setting),

- moon stamp - we change the color temperature, it is a curiosity that in the Yeelight application we can choose one of the preset settings (2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5500K, 6500K), and the remote control allows you to choose one from: 2700K, 4000K, 5500K, 6500K, ignoring the most optimal setting (in my opinion) - 3500K. This is not a problem, because we can set in which mode our lamp will turn on, but more on that later,

- M - changes between moon (night) mode and sun (day),

  • plus and minutes - it’s probably obvious.

In the Yeelight application it is possible to set the night mode, set the night mode in hours 1-7 and during these hours each button on the remote control activates the lamp in night mode, and the time set in the application (eg 1, 3, etc.) minutes will turn off lamp.
At first I thought that there was something wrong with my lamp, because in the evenings (I had other hours) in the night mode - for a pleasant color of 2700K and lower intensity of light the lamp turned off after a few minutes

The lamp can be controlled using the application
M Home - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xiaomi.smarthome&hl=en
Or Yeelight - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yeelight.cherry&hl=en

I will discuss this second application, because from the very beginning I used this application (Yeelight). Is he better than Mi Home? - I do not know it yet, I’m just starting testing - Yeelight seems more elaborate.

After installing the application, we must log in to the Xiaomi account.
Then click add device, select “LED ceiling lamp”, click Next and choose our lamp from the list.

We choose a WiFi network with which our lamp will connect, and wait a few seconds.

The whole process of connecting the lamp with the application lasted less than 2 minutes + possible time to set up a Xiaomi account.

After switching the application on and going to the Device tab, the list shows the available devices and the current status.
After clicking on our lamp, we have access to the settings proposed by the manufacturer.

There is a small application error here. If our lamp is set in “Sun” mode and clicks the Sunrise mode, the lamp will not switch to night mode. We must first enable the moon mode (or another mode that will change the group of modes into the night mode - eg Night Mode) and then the lamp will operate in night modes. Similarly with Sunset mode or Candle Flicker.

For daily use of the lamp, we can use the Sun or Moon option + available brightness changes.

On the right, at the bottom, you will find an arrow to pull out the lamp menu, if I am forced to use the application, I use this menu. Mostly I click the mode - 3500K, set the brightness and that’s all.

- We have the ability to set your favorite settings (e.g., 3500K and maximum brightness),

- Schedule (hours of switching the lamp on and off + in which modes)

- Countdown (after which time the lamp will turn off)

- Night mode - I described it at the pilot’s description

- Remote control - from this level we can disconnect the remote control or control the application as we control the remote control

- The band Mi - theoretically, the lamp should know when we fall asleep and turn off. Unfortunately, it does not work with my armband. The application detects the band, saves it, but does not want to cooperate. In the coming days I will be testing the Mi Home application - maybe it’s the application’s fault.

- Default lamp - in this setting we have the ability to set what the lamp has to do if we physically turn it on (a button to turn on the light in the room). Interestingly, the application shows, for example, Sunrise mode, etc., but it does not allow you to select any mode. It is best to set the selected brightness and bar temperature, enter this option and save the setting.
I have 100% and 3500K brightness set at home. Every day I do not have to use the remote control, I only do a click and the lamp turns on in this setting.

- Software update - newer software is added from time to time

  • LAN control - for those who want to adjust the lamp even more

Below I put a movie, I recorded a short unpacking and control of the lamp using the remote control and the application.
Under the film you will find a link to the lamp and a discount code (if I find one).


A few words of summary.
At the first moment after unpacking the lamp I thought - I thought it would look different. I plugged in briefly to see how it shines and how it works, it took a few moments before I paired the remote control, then connected with the application. I did not have time to mount it and the lamp lay on the desk for a few days.
Previously, I had a simple chandelier and 3 lamps in it (commonly known as incandescent lamps) Philips LED 5.5W and 470lm each (1410lm in total), color temperature 2700K and CRI over 80.
Producer Yeelight for the lamp version 480 LED gives up to 1.5 (for the moon mode) up to 2200lm (probably for the winter color), adjustable color temperature 2700-6000K (application gives up to 6500K) and very important parameters - CRI level 95 (I suspect that for the color of 2700K, for the colder it will be slightly lower).
What is CRI? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_rendering_index

My room is 13.5m2, previously used 3 Philips lamps have well lit my room, but now I think it is very bright, sometimes even too bright - to the point that I dim the lamp with a remote control. The brightness of the 480 LED version with peace of mind is enough for a room of approx. 15m2.
The quality of light - this was the most interesting. Data on paper may look better or worse, similarly with Philips lamps (bulbs), CRI 80+, color 2700K - that is such a standard. A moment later I turned on the Xiaomi lamp, I set it to 3500K - it turns out that the difference in the quality of light is a chasm.
Do you have similar “LED bulbs” at home? Try to look at how they shine - and you will notice a lot of green in this light, different color of individual copies, etc.
Xiaomi Yeelight is not a cheap lamp, in return it offers great quality light, remote control and application, and a great look - just leave the lamp in the lowest mode (even 1.5lm) or slightly brighter and someone will enter the room - smile on the face guaranteed, especially the number of stars that sparkle in different colors.
Am I satisfied? - I am very happy if I had to change the lamp only for the 650 LED version with Ambilight - well … the difference in price between one and the other lamp is too big.

Thank you my friend. Good review

Thank you for the great review and making me aware of this product! The fact that is has 95CRI and includes a remote makes it very interesting to me.