Review: XTAR Wk25 single AA and Giveaway

Mediocrity Has a Price ($19.95)

This is a well contructed flashlight. Put in a AA battery, push the button and 105 lumens comes out reliably every time you click it on. It is IPX-6 rated so you can't dunk it but throw it in the front yard under a sprinkler and in the morning, your light will still work. For my money, I might forget and just leave it there. I don't hate this flashlight but I haven't yet found anything endearing about it either. It is a single AA torch that works when it's supposed to. (meh) This flashlight was provided me for purposes of evaluation.

The bottom line: 2 out of 5 Foys because it possesses a unique intesity of boredom.

If you need a very well made flashlight that is reliable, not offensive to look at that runs on commonly available batteries, you might consider the XTAR Wk25. It is quite adequate. So, if you need a ho-hum, non-offensive, common flashlight that is wholly adequate with the additional benefit of not being overly burdened with brightness, head on over the and get yourself an XTAR Wk25.

What I like:

- neat box

- extra switch boot (and it's blue!)

- decent quality

- nice tint

What I do not like:

- low output

- fussy UI

- switch boot seems a little loose

- low output

XTAR Wk25 3-Mode Single AA Flashlight Available from

Specs from

- Cree XR-E Q4 emitter

- 105 lumens maxium output

- uses 1 AA battery

- IPX-6 rated ("heavy seas" can withstand jets of water @100 liters per minute from 3 meters away)

- reverse clicky tail cap switch: high 100%; low 29%; strobe

- 21.5 x 16.5 x 102mm

XTARs site says the "set" comes with a flashlight, lanyard, package and manual. Mine came with the light, the gift box, a lanyard, an extra blue switch boot and two o-rings. (no manual)

This light arrived in my mail box along with an XTAR Wk20 and an XTAR CR123 battery.

As I said in the previous review, I'm a sucker for nice packages. It makes me feel special.


It's not the worst looking torch I ever saw. In fact, I'll throw caution to the wind and breathlessly report that I think it looks . . . pleasant. I will also say that XTAR lights usually look very competent and the Wk25 is no exception. I don't know if it's the all-business font with an official looking serial number (akin to putting a S/N on a stapler) or the no-nonsense anodizing but when you see and hold the Wk25, you know this is not a toy.

build quality/reliability:

This is a very well built light. Aluminum machining is superb, the threads feel okay and during a week of normal use I experienced no failures or unwanted surprises. The only possible concern might be the loose fitting switch boot. It moves back and forth much more than I would expect. When I saw the pretty blue boot I immediately went for my handy pointed tweezers (pilfered from my wife's toiletry drawer) to install this cool, provided switch cover. The blue boot fit was worse and even when firmly reassembled, the switch boot is simply too loose. Not a huge deal and I'm glad I didn't waste half a paragraph saying so.

Head threads.

Tail threads.

user interface:

This light has mode memory but it is very poorly executed. If you turn it off on high, you must wait about 7 seconds before turning it on again unless you don't mind soft pressing through the modes again, any less and it turns on in the next mode. With the forward clicky, you must be very deliberate about turning the light on or it will go to another mode.


Despite its recessed switch, the Wk25 will not tail stand because it is not recessed enough. In all other respects this light handles quite well. I've seen reviews that mention the "cigar hold" and the value of a flashlight properly shaped for this critical grip. I feel very "tactical" when I employ the cigar hold but other than an odd desire to casually tap the ashes with no break in the conversation, I don't get it. The Wk25 is the right size and the right shape, especially for close-up work.


In a word, mediocre. I'm sorry to say, this Q4 yawner barely gets the job done. I bet it has great run time (XTAR says 900 minutes on low - how 'bout well call it 15 hours) and I can say from experience that it is in fact, bright enough to avoid tripping over the cat. Does it throw? No. Good flood? Maybe.

If you're familiar with my drivel, you know that the cactus plant is 55 feet away and all shots were 1/4 second shutter speed @ f2.8.

Let's use a Mini Mag LED for the control shot.

Now the Wk25.

Indoors, the Wk25 is a little ringy but has a useful hot spot and decent enough flood but this is definitely not an outdoor light.


I truly believe the XTAR Wk25 is worth its $20 asking price. It's just not worth that to me.

I forgot to mention; I'm giving this light away a lucky forum member - just as soon as I figure out how to do a raffle. I might need some help, guys.


Ooh to save you the bother of thinking who to send it to just send it to me! :)

I understand where you were going with this review, if the body dosen't especially apeal to you then it's not got a lot going for it past what apears to be a good quality build. I think it would look rather fetching with that blue boot.


Hi there Foy, nice work on this review! You are quite the photographer. I just received this same flashlight today, and when I write up my review I will have a hard time beating your photographs. Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

I agree with most of your opinions. Mine has a very high quality feel. It's bright enough for my uses. I hate the fact that it doesn't tailstand. My runtime test on low was quite short, much less than the 900 minutes they advertise. It shut off while I was out of the house, so I need to do another test, but runtime is somewhere south of 8 hours.

Okay, I guess all you have to do is reply to this thread and I'll use Boaz's random number generator to pick a winner say, Sunday night 9:00 pm Pacific? I will then send this light in its beautiful box to the winner and I'll even include a new alkaline battery.


I'll take it apart tomorrow if I get a chance.


Wow! I like that flashlight, hope I can be the lucky winner XD.

Good reviews, thanks for the photos!

I might do that didassembly. Unfortunately is held by customs for over 2 days already... When i get it i'll do a review.

The mailman just ringed my bell with it! What a coincidence!

Customs were kind enough to not tax me since the value vas well over 22€. The Wk25 and a double of 2200, 2400 and 2600 mAh 18700 XTAR Li-ions for review.

I had my fun 5 min ago by fiddling with it. I like it. The strobe does not get my love but i like the fact it lights pretty nicely with 4/5 depleted cheap batteries.

The box is rather nice too. More on it in a few days. I suspect i would like this one betterthanFoy. Apart from the strobe it is actually very close to what i would want from one AA.

Foy said:

I feel very "tactical" when I employ the cigar hold but other than an odd desire to casually tap the ashes with no break in the conversation, I don't get it.

I had to try it myself. Apart from a smirk on my face i just concluded the same. I felt a bit Foyctical perhaps.

thanksforthelaughsFoy! :)

Oh btw, can you do another set of photos of it and send them to me for my review? :P


P.S. Forgot to tell what i wanted to say in the 1st place. Awesome review, and yes i read it all.

Nice review, Foy! I appreciate your brutal honesty, and your photography is top notch as usual. I think the XTAR Wk25 is rather handsome looking, and its beamshots are much better than that of the Mini Mag LED. Of course the flashlight isn't perfect, but I would consider myself mighty lucky if I were to win it.


It's not such a bad looking little light. Probably make a handy addition to a small toolbox.

(Great pics again Foy).

As I was reading the review I was thinking that this was a pretty smart looking light and maybe Foys perspective on output has been skewed by too much XM-L exposure. That was until I saw the beamshots compared to a Mini mag LED. Even though it seems a bit anemic I might look into one of these for my wife. She would love the look especially with the blue switch cover. Nice job Foy

Nice review Foy. But does the wife like it?

mod it with a XML led, it will be a beast

kragmutt - Nope.

She wanted something to carry on her keys at work so she can shine it in the back of a dark shelf down low or whatever. She saw the keychain post and then she turned it on . . . saw how damn bright it was, clipped it on her work keys, gave me a soft, gentle kiss on the cheek, a demure smile and, buh-de, buh-de, buh-de - that's allll folks. (folksy Looney Tunes impression)


Wk25: 0


Foy: scored

I had to update because I forgot to say why I did not like the UI from above. If you turn this light off and wait 5 or 6 seconds it turns on in the next mode. Drove me crazy and it has a forward clicky so if you are not very deliberate about clicking it on, it ends up doing something you do not plan to do.


I'm in. Don't have a single AA light yet...

Nice review. I'm always two thumbs up for ppl who dares to say that they don't like something if they don't. There's too much politically correctness going on these days. Especially reading American gun magazines is quite funny. Every single gun or gear they review or feature - no matter how useless crap it is - is "at the top of it's class", "good value considering the price point" or some other nonsense, but never bad or useless.


I checked mine. How long is on in every mode it does not matter. Memory sets at about 5+ seconds after switched off always. I would have preferred 1,5 seconds instead. Also my WK25 does not have a forward clicky. Pretty standard reverse, which makes sense for a multimode.

Did you turn your switch upsidedownFoy while fiddling with the blue switch cover. ;)

Thank you for the review. I didn't want one before and I don't want it now. The design might be nice, but maybe a bit to classic (boring) for me. Now, that's just my very personal taste. On the other hand, I like the design of the Trustfire X-8, which many other people rather find ugly. I have probably too contracted the "gimmemorelumen" syndrome, right when the first XM-Ls got availible. So, please exclude me from this raffle.

Hello, my name is Oldienea, the first time I shined a C8 XM-L in my face was in the year 2011.....

Is it one entry per member?