Review : Zanflare F1 flashlight [AIO solution]

Overview/Specifications :

Max Output: 1240 lumens
Max Beam Distance: 252 m
Max Beam Intensity: 16650 cd
Max Run time: 550h

LED: Cree XP-L(V6)
Special Modes: SOS, Strobe
Length: 136 mm / 5.35 inch
Weight: 96 g / 3.39 oz

Battery: CR123A x 2; RCR123 x 2; 18650 x 1
Activity: Gear, Hunting, Hiking, Camping

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box , a “classy” box :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • Holster/Protective case
  • User manual
  • Lanyard
  • 2x O-rings
  • Pocket Clip
  • Micro-usb cable

A closer look :

So , here is the light itself :slight_smile: Nice design ! :

Flashlight in hand . Slightly bigger than other similar 18650 flashlights :

It has a “high grade” anodization , pretty nice and durable …

Really nice to see something different than normal knurling :

Flashlight has a SMO reflector that works nice with the xp-l and AR coated lens :

Check out the nicely centered xp-l hd v6 too :

The blue reflection is the AR coating :slight_smile:

It changes modes through the e-switch (and tailcap switch works as an on/off switch) :

Below the switch , the USB charging port , “hidden” under it’s nice cover :

Notice also the cooling fins on the head, one of it’s kind !

So , if you unscrew that ring , the usb port and a little led are revealed :

Logo on the head along with a “hot” warning :

Tail switch , for on/off function :

Did you notice the emergency glass breaker ?

Tailcap has a smart design for grip :

And here is the switch assembly with the little Omten switch :

Nice , “square” & anodized threads :

There is space for even long protected batteries… Here is a test with an unprotected 18650 :

Flashlight’s Holster/Protective case :

Inside the package , you can find a nice protective case for the flashlight, that it can be used as a holster too , and the flashlight fits very nice! :

How it works (&modes) :

Flashlight uses the switch at the tailcap for on/off function . E-switch navigates easilly through modes , with a short press (Ultra Low - Low - Medium - High (referred as turbo) - Flare) .

It takes a double click of the side switch to get into Flare (“turbo” mode), and it won’t stay in the memory if you turn it off but the main 4 modes will .

Usb Charging :

When you plug the Micro-USB charge cable into the power adapter , LED indicator will flash red and green over and over again. It means that you need to click the tail switch to allow the charger to work.
After that , when the battery :

  • is being charged , RED led will be on .
  • is fully charged, Green Led will be on.

Charging Current : 700 mA

Measurements :

Samsung INR18650-30Q battery was used in all measurements

Tailcap measurements (amp draw) :

  • Ultra Low - 0.013 A
  • Low - 0.125 A
  • Medium - 0.534 A
  • High - 1.164 A
  • Flare - 3.83 A

Lumens measurement :

  • Ultra Low - *< 0.5 lumen*
  • Low - 62 lumens
  • Medium - 273 lumens
  • High - 561 lumens
  • Flare - 1248 lumens

Intensity : Coming soon…

My runtime test :

Flare mode :

The flashlight at Flare mode , after the first 30 seconds that light is running at about 1200 lumens , is running pretty stable at about 60% (650-750 lumens) of the total output for about 100 minutes …

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m :

Low :

Medium :

High :

Flare (a bit over-exposed unfortunately) :

Conclusion :

A great light , or a great all-in-one solution if i could describe it in other words , with over 1200 lumens ,and as a bonus an intergrated charger . It has an innovative design , including a smart cover for the charging port that only a few lights have :smiley: . SMO reflector along with the domed emitter gives a nice throwy beam , with a big hotspot .
I think detailed info can be found in my detailed review , but be sure to comment if i missed something :slight_smile:

Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !

Flashlight was kindly provided by Zanflare for review purposes .

Reserved :stuck_out_tongue:


Build this light with a real MG-T2 emitter in a nice P0 neutral white they are famous for and you might have a winner. small lights are naturally floody don’t try to make it a thrower.