Review : Zoomable Teekland flashlights

First , let’s see the TEEKLAND C300 :

Overview :

Features a powerful XPL2 LED emitter
Hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
SM reflector gives perfect beam
Super smooth patented rotatable head ring to focus
Fits nicely in the palm of your hand
Suit for general use at home or in the garage, even bright enough for general outdoor use, camping, hiking etc.
It is made of high quality aluminium alloy material, durable and sturdy
Light weight, easy to take with
Large capacity for you to use a long time

Specifications :

Light Source : XP-L2 5W LED * 1 (xp-g2 in reality)
Liuminous Flux : 280LM
Power Source : 18650 Battery * 1 (Not Included)
Dimensions : (5.12 x 1.10 x 1.10)” / (13 x 2.8 x 2.8)cm (L x W x H)
Weight : 3.53oz / 100g
Material : Aluminium Alloy 6063-T6
Finish : Anodized
Switch : Tailcap 100-off-20-off-SOS-off / light Press 100–20-SOS Cycle
Waterproof : IPX4
Performs Brightness : 280 Lumens
Light Range up to : 140 meters
Works Consecutive : 6 Hours
Focus : Rotatable Head Ring to Focus
Material : Alluminum Alloy
Color : Black
Package Includes : 1 x Flashlight

Unboxing :

Flashlight comes in customized plastic packaging :

Only thing that comes in the packaging is the flashlight .

Extended view :

Let’s take a look at the flashlight :

It’s a fairly small 18650 zoomable flashlight . It doesn’t feel cheap , machining and anodizing are pretty good .

Here is the head of the light , with the nice bezel and the convex lens visible .

Led is an original Cree xp-g2 emitter , even though description says xp-l2 :

To zoom/un-zoom , all you have to do is twitst the head , more specifically the part of the head with the “knurling” :

It basically moves the pill up and down without moving the lens .

It has a rear switch , which is a reverse clicky :

It has 3 modes only , High - Low - SOS .

Measurements :

Amperage draw , measured at the tail using Uni-T clamp meter :
High : 1.23 A
Low : 0.23 A

Lumens :
High : 328 lumens
Low : 64 lumens

Max. Intensity :
High : 3,9kcd

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m :

High :

And zoomed in :

Low :

Now let’s continue with the TEEKLAND 5W XML-T6 + COB

Overview :

Featuring high brightness and low power consumption, this TEEKLAND 5W XML-T6 + COB 850lumens 4 Modes Focusing Rotary Flashlight is worth having! It is made of solid aluminum and plastic materials, strong and durable in use. With 4 working modes, it allows you to select the most suitable mode for actual use. Also, stretchable design makes the flashlight room-saving for easy storage.


LED flashlight has 2-4 hour running time
Compact size, high brightness and powerful light
Water resistant design
Flashlight slides open to reveal a powerful worklight
Made of premium plastic and aluminum materials for great quality
Suitable for hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity etc.


Material : Aluminum & Plastic
Color : Black
Liuminous Flux : 850LM
Modes : 4 (High-Low-Strobe-COB)
Power : 5W
Power Supply : 1 x 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
Light Form : XM-L2 T6 + COB
Color : White
Emitting Modes : Always
Dimensions : (6.30 x 1.77 x 1.77)” / (16 x 4.5 x 4.5)cm (L x W x H)
Weight : 6.70oz / 190g
Package Includes : 1 x Flashlight

Unboxing :

Flashlight comes in a simple white cardboard box :

Only thing that comes in the packaging is the flashlight .

Extended view :

Let’s take a look at the flashlight :

A dual purpose light , which combines a flashlight and a COB light .

The head , with the switch visible :

It uses convex lens , for zooming function :

Led is a XML led :

As the head says , rotate head to zoom in/out :

It has a COB light too , if you just pull the body down ! :

And features a charging port too :

On the tailcap side , it has a magnet :

And the double tailcap system to keep the battery waterproof :

It has 4 modes , High - Low - Srobe - COB . Last mode enables the COB .

Measurements :

Amperage draw , measured at the tail using Uni-T clamp meter :
High : 1.48 A
Low : 0.46 A

Lumens :
High : 262 lumens
Low : 74 lumens

Max. Intensity :
High : 5,4kcd

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m :

High :

And zoomed in :


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Thanks for reading the review , i’m happy to answer any of your questions . FLashlights were provided by Tmart for review purposes .

Some more beamshots coming soon , due to corrupted files …


I have a 1xAA light that looks exactly like a smaller version of the C300. Build quality and anodizing are quite nice…. definitely a cut above the typical zoomie.

I’m tempted by the C300, but it’s too long for me. According to their advertising it is 156mm long. For pocket EDC I find even 110mm too long.

C300 is 13cm long , you mean the “cob flashlight” length ?

Ah. Actually I meant the C300. There’s some advertising on Amazon with a picture saying it is 156mm long. Maybe they measured with the bezel extended.

13cm is still too long for me as-is. But it might be ok if I can shave off 2 cm or so via modding.

Nope , i don’t think you can make it this small , at least it won’t be easy :stuck_out_tongue: