Revisiting Hot Air Rework Stations - Which to buy?

There have been threads on a few models, but nothing very comprehensive or too recent.

What’s the best value rework station available today?

I’ll be asking for one for Christmas so:

- $50-75

- Available on Amazon or other “Non-sketchy” websites (No Aliexpress, etc)

  • Compatible with common attachments if at all possible.

I wouldn’t mind if it had both the iron and hot air station in one package, but it isn’t necessary since I already have a decent soldering station. It would just be nice for simplicity of power cords and desk space.

Some that get good reviews on Amazon are:

Kohree 858D - $56
MarkEthan 852D+ (combo) - $68
Yihua 878D (combo) - $69

I'v been using this one these for a while now and am happy with it. Goes from like 100C to 440C (IIRC). I use it from shrink wrapping to reflowing. It doesn't come with extra soldering tips, but it takes those good Hakko tips that are widely available.

(NOTE: The links in the pics below are just the first ones I could find. Don't know if they are the best prices or with good vendors)

I purchased this unit just 2 weeks ago.

It comes from, but was fufilled by at checkout. It came free shipping. I signed up for an Visa card and received a $50 gift card which I applied to the solder station. Threw in the little bit of cash back on my Discover card and the grand total was $4.28. :smiley:

Your link is blocked at my work. What make/model is it?

I bought mine from Sparkfun, a USA based company. Model# 303D. It’s a stand alone unit which I prefer over the all in one’s. Cost me $99 a few years ago. Replacement heater is available if and when it fails. The air pump is built into the base unit instead of a motor and fan built into the handle. Is it better than the cheaper all in one’s from China? I couldn’t tell you. All I can say is I’m 100% happy with it. It’s build out of steel and it’s got a massive pump that should last for many years. Looks easy enough to service if a problem occurs.

Mmm, now that the topic's hot, any first-hand information on this hot air gun?:

8018LCD 220V 450 Degree LCD Adjustable Electronic Heat Hot Air Gun @Banggood

Suffice to say, much better deals can be gotten for it on aliexpress…

Cheers ^:)

Looks nice. It would make a great portable heat shrink tool. Maybe I’ll order one.

I got this one:

Love it, it's been great, reliable. But I know nothing about what's out there to compare with. It's the only hot air station I ever used.

For the 858D, it's like open source, cloned all over, can be modded, etc. Think only certain clones can be modded though, from what I read.

I’ve been looking lately as well. Problem for me is im wanting to upgrade to a higher watt iron as well. Something atleast 70watts. It seems 60 is the max before needing to jump up to big bucks. Under $100 is ok for me.

It’s also hard to choose because as we know these specs can be and are inflated or manipulated by the manufacturer. So I could pay $40 more to get an extra 15watts that don’t really exist.

So, sorry pd, my post is not that helpful :frowning:

I bought a Weller 100 watt temperature controlled soldering iron years ago. It was recalled recently for a faulty power cord. So I sent mine back without the tip and they sent me a replacement with a brand new 700 degree F tip. I use it for soldering large ground planes and chassis grounds. Great product, great company

The product page says "Smartxchoices Pro 2In1 862D+ SMD Soldering Iron Hot Air Rework Station LED Display w/4 Nozzles As Free Gifts (#1)". It looks pretty good. The price is $55.49 (say 45% off).

The iron I use is a Aoyue 9378

It’s 60watt but so far I haven’t been wanting for more power. I do need to get some new tips though, mine are pretty terrible right now.

Thanks, looks similar to the 852D+ I linked earlier

$99 is too much for me this year. I’m not sure about the pump in the base. I’m sure it is more reliable and robust, but it also makes the cord/tube to the unit thicker. Does that get annoying in your experience?

4wheelr’s description is correct.

It looks like the MarkEthan 852D you linked in post #2. Price is the same as posted on$55.59). When you click “add to cart” button there it takes you to Amazon to finish checkout

Edit: your link in post #14 is the one.

I really like the look of those, but man they’re big. No way they would fit on my desk. I wonder if there’s a way to find out how long the cords are.

edit: actually, looking at the scale of the handle, they might not be that big. The box shape just makes it look like it.

The cord/air tube is much thicker, but it hasn’t been a problem for me because it’s very flexible . You may, or may not like it. I’d invite you over to check it out if you ever visit Long Island

The 862D+ looks pretty good right now, I like the completely separate controls for air/iron. I just can’t find any specs on the wattage ratings for each side.

I have the Aoyue 937+ with several Hakko T18 tips. It’s like a whole new solder station with the Hakko tips. They work so much better than the tips that came with the station.