So my EA11 has died. It was my daily carry for quite a while, and its not worth the money to mail to back to China to see if it can be repaired or replaced so I am just going to replace it.

Now, other than quite a bit of parasitic drain I really quite liked everything about the light. But my question is:

Is there something that is like the EA11 but better? By that I mean, something with similar or better lumens, similar or better throw/beam and similar or better runtimes. I am not TOO picky on the UI as I can learn a new one pretty easily, but I do like the side clicky. I’d like to keep the price the same or less than the EA11.


EC-11 ? Also parasitic drain though…

I don’t know if this is what happened to your EA11: Nitecore EA11 dead after a drop (now alive again)

The EC11 is basically the exact same light, which is good…but just runs on harder to find more expensive batteries…which is not so good.

How about the MT10A?

I’m not sure that I am convinced with the whole dual button set-up. I did some reading and it seems like the parasitic drain issue is gone with the M lights though so that is a positive.

Yeah, I know what you mean, it is not so practical…
Meanwhile I remembered the Mecarmy PT14 (triple XPG2, 900 lumens, 14500 battery)! Gearbest has it for about 40€, eventually cheaper (+/- 5 €?) than the EA11 on Banggood :wink: