RIP ImageShack

I was trying to upload some more images onto ImageShack and I noticed that I was on a 30-day trial.

I know that there was a “Start Trial” button but I’ve never clicked on it, so I was surprised when it said 25 days remaining, and after some reading, I found out that it was not going to be free anymore.

Although existing images are preserved, I guess I’ll batch download them for now and keep them safe.

I also coincidentally tried out Flickr and liked it very much, so I’ll be hosting new images on there. :slight_smile:

RIP ImageShack.

RIP imageshack.
in the FAQ it’s written”A premium subscription is required to upload images” so after the trial, no upload…
A least what we uploaded before will stay there (but many of my old pictures were removed, maybe for copyright reason).
I think I’ll switch with imgur (yes the same used widely by reddit user).

Where can I check what is going on…?
I don’t see a countdown or anything, everything works fine?

After you’ve logged on, visit this link, and it should tell you your subscription type:

Edit: Here’s my first public Flickr image.

Hope that works. One downside is that Flickr doesn’t openly provide the image’s direct URL, but rather the Flickr page with that photo.

I sorta saw “some” writing on the wall, their service kinda sucked anyway, images wouldn’t load a lot, servers were slow. I removed some of the images I felt needed to be removed a long time ago. But left stuff I didn’t care about up.

Flickr works better anyway, it's easier to select a size or use direct links. At least, for me it is. I can never figure out Image Shack even though I've had pics on there for a quite a while.

Come on over Brother! :)

Edit: open the original image in flickr, grab the url in the size you need, direct link to the image without the flickr irritation. ;)

Great, thanks for the tips.

Do you usually set your images to private?

I just been using dropbox. It seems like its the better of the options out there, especially if you want to store media for mobile use

I use Flickr primarily for here, lot's of pics of flashlight related stuff on my Flickr, with only occasionally something private of the family. So almost all of my pics on Flickr are open and readily downloadable to see the original size.

Thanks, I think I’ll stick to private for now until I get familiar with it. :slight_smile:

A lot of my friends use Dropbox, but the 2GB limit is keeping me away, haha.

You can do stuff to get extra storage. Dont remember what I did, but I have 2.5gb right now...

AND I will shamelessly plug my referral link HERE so if anyone wants to try it out and feels like helping me out, they can use the link

EDIT::::: and I dont know what the hell just happened, but I just got an email saying I have become a dropbox guru! They just added 23gb storage for free

ImageShack gone…
Well thats annoying. Their linux uploader is easy, drag & drop, select size, get direct links. Hardly ever visit imageshack’s actual site.

That’s BLF for you Pulsar! :santa:

Yeah, ImageShack’s been very convenient to use especially for forums, but I wonder how many are actually going to pay…

With all the other options out there, I think only the hardcore fanboys, or people who are too lazy to transfer all their content will pay

Oh I have free imageshack until June, says something from free skypath promo or so…
I also have dropbox but it won’t show .png…

While imageshack converts it automaticly to jpg

I really like the skypath app, it sorts the pictures by date of uploading and a long press puts the direct link in the clipboard.

Hey guys, I am ImageShack’s CEO. Just wanted to say few words on the subject discussed. We have offered free uploading and image hosting to the world for 10 years, from 2004 to 2014.

After long deliberation, we decided that in order for us to run viable business we must increase quality, speed, add new features, listen to our users, make photo storage safe (e.g. not lose images), which meant ultimately removing ads from our site. That being the case, left only one option: revenue must be derived from subscriptions. We understand that some people simply would not be willing to pay, and will leave ImageShack, however there was simply no other choice. Either we degrade quality of the service for All users by forcing more ads on you - that ultimately something we decided not to do.

Now I know I know, there there are plenty of free image hosts out there, like photobucket, imgur, flickr etc… They all have ads, track your data, sell it to the highest bidder. For them you are the product. This is no longer the case for ImageShack.

The fact of the matter is that concentrating on smaller number of paying users allows us to deliver better quality and experience, while actually making our business more viable, so that is what we decided to do in 2014.

We never asked anything form our users, but this year, we are sending a message “Help us survive!” a couple of bucks per month is all we need to continue to support you, make beautiful galleries (like this one ImageShack - fishkov's Images), run unlimited storage with unlimited bandwidth.

There you have it, I will respond to your comments on this thread, and flames via PM.


There are a ton of alternative sites that have equal stability and still have a free service AND a premium service for those who need a premium service. Sorry but your changes to be a pay-to-use-only image site, will likely spell the decline and probally eventual demise of your service in favour of newer, more efficient, and still free for basic use images sites.

Free service means one of two things, either its supported with ads (we already mentioned how we feel about them), or its part of the larger company such as Google or Yahoo (Picassa, Flickr respectively). Alternatively, there is SmugMug and 500px, which are very good quality, profitable companies (using pay-for model), however they do not support hot linking, this is where we are different - so we are willing to take that chance.

our self deleting squirrel comes back whenever it wants, we could only be so lucky