Anyone have this one? Looks like a contender for high-lumen 1-AAA. The name is rather funny, almost like they are trying to emulate "Romisen", while I suspect they are all manufactured at the same plant anyway.

Have you got a link to that one?


Of all cheapo AAA lights, I like the beam of the MX-Power ML-108 best. Unfortunately that one has a plastic reflector. Very closely after that comes the RMSEN (more floody beam but about the same brightness), which feels very robust and solid with a finish I haven't seen on an AAA light.

RMSEN = Romisen.

You can exchange all parts of this RMSEN with a Romisen RC-F7. The clicky is the same, it also suffers from the same tailcap flaw (batteries with a wide minus don't work, so basically all my recykos). The driver is the same and everything, so these two are basically the same light with the RMSEN being of higher quality.

I was very happy about the quality so I was about to order the RMSEN AA light that was released at the same time, only to find out that this one includes plastic stuff.

http://www.tigermarket.eu/discount/RMSEN-RV-107-Cree-Q3-WC-110-Lumen-LED-Flashlight-1-AAA 17€

http://www.dinodirect.com/flashlight-cree-q3-led-rmsen-rv-107.html 14.19$

http://kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=10659 10.96$

http://www.szwholesale.com/rmsen-lumens-1xaaa-cree-flashlight-fcrv107-p-3660.html 9.39€

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.39468 9$

http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.RMSEN_RV_107_Cree_Q3_WC_110_Lumen_LED_Flashlight_Torch_-30600 8.89$

Put here some links and prices just for fun.

Interesting that the RMSEN is the same as the Romisen RC-F7, only cheaper (and better?). I think I must get one.


Just got one of these delivered from Lightake.com and I like the build quality and reasonable brightness but not the tint.

To qualify my opinion the only other AAA size lights I have to compare it to are a 2xAAA LED modded Mini Maglite, Trustfire XP-EF23 (best) and also just got a cheap 2xAAA unbranded mini thrower style light.

To my inexperienced eye the F23 is slightly brighter on NiMHs than the Rmsen though I do not think it is the 40LM brighter that the manufacturer specs would suggest.

Beam pattern and hot spot are bigger on the RV-107 and it has a greenish tinge to the light.

Build quality is good, anodising is even and unflawed and although the slightly lubed threads are a bit sharp they screw in smoothly.

The 3 piece light has O-rings on the joints and lens but the tail clicky cover is hard plastic so I doubt water resistant.

All in all I think it is a great light for the mid-range budget price.

Sorry no pictures, I don’t have anywhere to host them just now.




Photobucket.com works for me.

Nothing, thanks for your impressions. Interesting about the green tint - I'll still probably get one to satisfy my curiosity.

I'd swear mine isn't greenish at all, probably just emitter lottery bad luck. But I'll check mine later.

I just had another look and if I look at it on its own it I’d just say that it has a warm tint but as soon as I compare it to other lights it looks slightly green.....odd.

Might well just be my eyes, I haven't asked anyone else to take a look as my interest in flashlights is not really shared by my friends.

At best I would just get laughed at if I asked them what they thought about the colour tint of the light a specific flashlight produces.

Many of my customers think I am madder than they are. "You spent how much on that? You can get a torch from Poundland (UK equivalent of the dollar stores) you know."

I just checked mine, and yup, it's greenish, too. It seems R(o)M(I)Sen saved some bucks by buying a batch of crees with unpopular tint.

But the tint isn't annoying to me at all, it's only visible in direct comparison as Nothing said.

Just arrived today from lightake. Decent shipping time and price (under 2 weeks to the US, less than $9). My initial impression is extremely positive - very nice fit and finsh, at least as bright as my iTP keychain light, no discernable green tint, tailstands, forward clicky... what's not to like? Well, perhaps the beam shape due to the tactical strike bezel, but that's no biggie. I like it, it's a 1-AAA flashlight with cajones.

Wait, yours has got a fwd clicky!? Mine is reverse (as advertised by LT). That's not fair! :D

Definitely not fair

Perhaps my long delay in placing the order was a good thing - it gave them time to make a positive revision. Just as often, delay with these things works against me. Guess it all evens out in the end. Tongue out

Thanks for the heads up! :)

I actually had this one wishlisted over at DX since August but never got around to ordering one. I just rectified that oversight. ;)

Did you order from LT? Not sure if the forward clicky is available across the board.

This thing just oozes Romisen-type quality. Whereas the iTP is so small to me that it's only really handy on a keychain, the larger rmsen offers a little more to grasp and manipulate. I think it's slightly brighter than the iTP on high. Comes with a nice paracord lanyard, too - not a cheapy.

I did. I briefly considered ordering from DX since I have no previous experience with LT but at $8 (after rebate), I'm more than willing to give them a shot.

That's great to know. Thanks again. I give away some of my older lights (that work well on primary cells) to friends and family every once in a while and they're usually impressed with the brightness (hardly surprising, if all you have to compare it to is cheapo generic LED lights, Maglights and some old incandescent Surefire weapon lights) but it's always the Romisen lights that get compliments on their build quality.