Robot Pet Dog Anyone?

Could this be just around the corner in the near future? So lifelike and quite fluid in movements too. Just imagine walking your robot dog and not having to pick up the poop!

Judgment Day is thus that much closer…

And no crap to clean up.

I want mine to be able to bark and bite, and my neighbors' to not be able to do either.

Guess you haven’t seen this yet !

Despite their “clean” looks, it seems that people in a nursing home can become quite attached to their robot-dogs.
Apart from my parents having a dog, I have had one or more dogs since 1987. They are always around, including the holidays. And that takes quite some organising. We took them to a boarding kennel once, but that was literally a “one off”. Our current dog is very probably our last dog that came in as a puppy as we’re not getting any younger. It will be very quite without them. Maybe I’ll take a trip to a dog pond to look for a matching soul without a mate.

Of all the creatures you can replace with a rubber, inflatable, or mechanised version, a dog isn’t one of them. There is a reason they are called man’s best friend. It’s not a @#$%^ Tamagotchi.