Roche F12 vs. Convoy S3

Does anyone have both?

I have some Convoy S3s and like them very much, but I’m tempted by the Roche F12. How does the build quality and beam profile compare?


I see the tail caps on your two Roche F12s are different lengths. Is one newer, or upgraded somehow?

I believe the black F12 is closer to the camera :beer:

EDIT: Actually you’re totally right. They have distinct tailcap designs. The yellow has a band of larger squares at the top and bottom with three bands of smaller squares between them while the black tailcap has six bands of uniformly sized squares with what appear to be slightly longer squares for the bottom band. The black F12’s body appears to be shorter and have smaller ‘knurling’ squares as well. :~

Where did you get that golden Convoy S3?

>>>> Is one newer, or upgraded somehow?

I have three F12s. All are slightly different lengths, but within 1mm of each other. They are great little lights, especially the look. But beware of the DREADED yellow filter.

Apparently. for no sane reason, every once in a while — randomly — the exalted owners of Roche-opia enterprises (or whoever makes the lights) pass out filters to the workers for installation in the F12. This would be ducky if the filters made use of some super coating. But the filters are this sickly yellow, tinted just enough to notice and to drive insane any non-color-blind flashaholic.

In a previous BLF thread on this very topic, fixes were discussed, including replacing the offending yellow filter with a clear one from …. I forget which vendor, for a couple bucks.

I keep meaning to order the lenses. In the meantime, I forget about the yellow lenses for a few days and then pick up one of the F12s, only to be reminded on click-on that everything with this light will look yellow. I then replace the light on the shelf and grab an S2 or S3, reminding myself to order the lenses TOMORROW. Which I inevitably don’t do. I think I will tattoo it today on my forehead backwards so I can see it when I look in the mirror.

Two of my three F12s have the yellow tint, without rhyme or reason. In fact, I think the first one I ordered about 5 months ago did NOT have the yellow lens. No it is not an oddly tinted emitter. Other BLFers have also reported the much-dreaded yellow filters.

Hope this helps.

By yellow filter do you mean yellow lense?

Maybe Roche thought the yellow would help a white led look more natural……

>>>>By yellow filter do you mean yellow lense?

Yes. Sorry for any confusion.

>>>>Maybe Roche thought the yellow would help a white led look more natural……

Perhaps, but it’s not hard to see that their idea was a dismal failure.

a. wait until dark.

b. go outside and shine light on anything whitish.

c. Note horrible yellow tint.

d. Exclaim: “This looks awful. Back to the drawing board!”

e. Install clear lenses instead of yellow lenses.


Yellow tail cap has five rows of checkers, black has seven rows. Different. Not from the same factory, for sure.

My F12 came with a clear lens :slight_smile:
I must say that the desert yellow is very striking.

I have both the S3 and F12 in the xml format, and the beam profile is actually quite different if you consider spill.

F12 is the nicer of the 2, better build and better thermal management thanks to what I think is an integrated pill. Problems with the F12 is the SS bezel impedes and cuts down the spill size, and it’s rough and damaging on protected batteries.

The S3 has a wider spill, roughly the same hotspot. Doesn’t transfer heat as well, but a little less rough on the batteries.

What reflector does the F12 use? Same as the Convoy S2/S5/S6, or is it a different part?

Don’t have any of the other convoys. To my eye without removing and measuring the reflectors, the F12 has a slightly larger diameter and slightly deeper reflector and does have a more defined hotspot, so it should throw marginally better. I’ll do a comparison when I get time.

Convoy reflector available separate (note: FT's specs are outside dimensions):

Yes, the F12 has an integrated pill.

Essentially, the head is all one piece. There’s no separate pill at all. The platform the star rests on is part of the head.

In my opinion, the F12 is a better light. It gets hot faster because it has better heatsinking… The F12 I bought from intl-outdoor is better than the one I got from FT although the FT version has a coated window. The FT version (complete flashlight) does not have an o ring at the bezel consequently it is NOT water resistant. (I opened a ticket about this and FT effectively said, ’ this is how the light is sold. sorry’. The one light I received from them also had a loose LED star. I had to epoxy it down myself.

Anyone know the lens diameter of the F12 ?
I lent mine out to a friends so cannot measure

Thanks, was hoping it was 18mm

Is this the outer or inner diameter?

I got a gold EDC from Hank. Not the one with Convoy marked on it but blank. and yes, it is as pretty as the photos! Mine has a nice warm 4C LED in it too!! :smiley: