Rofis ER10: Why almost 30$ difference between DX and Manafont?

Can anyone tell me the difference between them?

Why this light is about 28$ less at DX than at manafont? Is a fake? different LED?

36.80$ at DX

64.80$ at MF

Only difference I can tell is that DX does not include warranty card and manual.... or it is not shown in the photos. Also DX does not show photo of the LED

Any review of this light?

the light looks a little on the heavy side. it has about the same weight as the stainless steel Fenix LD01 (both weight indications according to manufacturer's specs). what i already like about it is the threads.

the Rofis ER10 has the male threads on the body (like the Fenix) and not on the head (Klarus MiX6). thus great likeable constructions!!

I purchased a Rofis JR20 a month ago for $50 from Manafont now it is listed at $67. Maybe they have raised their prices?

How do you like it?

I like it! The fit and finish are on par with the Fenix and Klarus lights I own.

The modes are well spaced,the switches feel firm and responsive, squared threads, nicely fitted o rings. The circuit boards have the Rofis name printed on them (I like that!)

Twisting the head at various angles works well and is solid, actually better than I expected. The sheath and lanyard are high quality . The sheath holds it both straight and angled.

I wish it would tail stand better, the end has cut outs on it for some reason , but It will tail stand on a flat surface.

I would buy a 2,3,4 AA light in the same style if they made one. I like angled lights .

The cynical bit of me says that Manafont actually have them in stock and DX don't.

I was thinking the same. Maybe Manafont just respects the MSRP and DX doesn't care and jacked the manufacturer, thus the price is lower :)

anyone interested in buying it *before* kreisler puts out a bfl review? ;)

rofis promised to provide a review copy for us once they expanded their distribution channels (e.g. in Europe)

Typically ships in 4 to 7 days* (7 to 10 during new year season) = NO STOCK at DX's premises, need to source from factory first. Most stuff can be gotten in 4-7 days and posted out then. Some could take weeks (then you raise a case to cancel, i have done that before).

In Stock: ships in 2 to 4 days (5 to 8 during new year season) = IN STOCK at DX's premises.

But still, we get a lot of serious complaints about DX. Just have to be mindful.


Accessories/Spare parts: 1 x Key ring
1 x O-ring
1 x English / Chinese manual

I dont trust DX specifications at 100%