Rofis R1 review (900 lm, XM-L2 U2,RCR123A)


This review will be dedicated to a very interesting flashlight/headlight from Rofis, the R1.

So, what is the big deal with this light?

As you can see from the pictures, the build is quite unique. It’s angle-light, with an easily changeable shape. It can be a regular straight flashlight, but the head can be twisted, turning it into an angle-light, that can also be used as a headlight (a headband is included with the light). Other than that, the light is rechargeable, and the battery is a regular RCR123A and not some proprietary battery.

Link to the light page on Rofislight website

Let’s start

The light comes in a very nice carton box, where black and orange colors are dominating.

The box is very interesting, you can open it without unpacking, and see the light.

The light comes with a magnetic charging cable, headband, lanyard and user manual.

All about the light, including the user manual fonts looks very well made.

Here is the light. Some observations:

1. The anodizing is the shiniest and the smoothest that I remember coming across.
2. The bezel looks very well. It’s shiny, massive and SS made. A real beauty.
3. The head twisting mechanism is great. Before getting the light I was afraid that the head would wobble, and the positions would not be fixed well. My fears were torn by the light - the twisting part is very steady, the twist itself takes a bit of force (not excessive, but you can be sure that you will not twist it by mistake). I can even tell that it I wouldn’t knew that the head can switch directions - I would not have turn it - it’s that steady.
4. The button has a nice click feel, the click itself is silent and feels like the button in the most recent Olight S1 Mini lights, but with a more silent click.

The charging leads looks good, it wouldn’t be obvious that those are charging leads to a person not familiar with the light. Once you install the battery the button light for a second or so, in order to indicate the battery status. The tailcap has a built in magnet that can be easily removed.

Please note that the battery is an ordinary RCR123A (16340) and not some proprietary type.

A little size comparison with other very compact lights. The light is definitely not big, but it can’t compete in size with the smallest lights on the market. When it’s in the angled position, the length is roughly identical to a 18650 cell.

The charging connector holds very well, and can be used in any flashlight position.

Here is the light attached to the headband. The headband itself is of a good quality, but needs to get some air before usage, as it’s quite smelly out of the box.

Let’s see it in action?

Well, it ain’t a monster but the light output is impressive, when comes from such a small light. The tint is nice, there are no visible artifacts too.

Conclusion, final words

A great light. It delivers what it promises to deliver, not less. The quality is great, the twisting mechanism works very well too.

Great review thanks, the close up photos are real nice.

I’m awaiting the NW version R1 and also R3 (18650 version).

can you tell me if it would accept and 18350?


No it wouldn’t. Only 16340.