ROFIS R3 and Angle lights...need assit

Can you ask him if it looked the same?
Wonder how you know if you have the old or revised version
Know how long ago this happened?

About the ROFIS R3 charging issue - yes, I saw the same thing about the resetable fuse, but due to bad english (translated from some comments in russian), I assumed the fuse is located in the cable magnetic head. Sent an email to manufacturer, perhaps they help me how to “bend” the fuse so the charging works properly again.

First step would be to locate the fuse, still not sure if it is in the cable or in the flashlight.

From what I was told : In the cable,near/touching the charge disc

I tested the cable with a DMM and there was 5 volts. Lets see what manufacturer comes up with.

I talked to a Marine who has the TH30. He told me many times he has left it on high (1200+lumens) for over 1 hour.
Never burnt out or melted or fizzled,yet.

Really a shock it can take this heat for that long,so many times.Perhaps it is just made well.\

Any here old enough to remember when the Surefire P60 was the OMFG mind blowing light at the time?
I remember this tiny thing owning my multi D cell maglight.
We joked :We have reached the zenith of lighting, in 100 years it will NEVER get any brighter then this.
I showed mine off to everyone and blew minds.

Now lights the same rough size are 2000-3500 !. Just insane
Seems lumens keep going up. Our ability to deal with heat was capped years ago.

lol I remember many many years ago on a site called “CPF” (still around?) When LEDS,the good kind had just come out. Cree I think.
The incan guys would always say how dumb silly LEDS would NEVER ever over power bulbs.
pages and pages about how bulbs would never die out.200+ Lumens out of a LED was just impossible.
Some talky guys would go on for pages about how in 50 years they would never own a LED light.
bet they all do now =P

*Home for a few days,then we head back out.
Eating my first “Sonic” food as I type this . I got a hot dog as long as my arm,no shit and the best tots.Cherry lime aid the woman suggested……necter of the gods.
Man,civi life is good
Funny what ya miss

Sorry I can’t help you with your headlamp search. I don’t use them much so my opinion would be relatively useless. I can comment on SkyBen though. They are a seller on Amazon that I have bought a few lights from. Never had a problem with anything purchased from them. I did message them with a few questions before I bought the lights. They got back to me in less than 24hrs and were very helpful. One light I ordered from them came with a USB light. I asked if they sold those separately and they stated they did but he would throw a few extras in the mail for me. Which he did. That super insignificant act of kindness earned my business for another light I was looking at. Now I always check his store on Amazon before I order something.

I hv both the Rofis R3 and also Skilhunt H03R. Both are good lights but I would prefer the R3 because of its flexibility. It can be angle to be a headlamp and also a flashlight. I hv not tested the magnetic charging as I always remove the batt to change. So can’t comment much about the magnetic charging. I like that you can hv direct access to moon mode and turbo mode.

That bendy head really is a great idea for a legit EDC
Wonder why the R3 doesnt have the crazy burst of lights from other MFG these days
Even the High is not that high
mode spacing puzzles me also,huge gap

I am gonna be called a jerk for this : I feel like If I told ANY decent MFG what light to make…it would be better then anything out now.
I mean as far as modes and options and such.What LED and such
All these light are almost what I want.None exact. I wonder “what are they thinking”

Why cant they get it right =P

Guys on this forum could design great lights.MFG should poll people here

Read about 50 reviews here, really impressed by your people.
No jackasses or trolls.Just friendly and helpfull folks.
Rare these days
Perhaps flashlights (unlike guns/knives) doesnt attract morons

Any last Rofis R3 owners that can chime in?

Wonder if the Rofis R series shorts out like the Olight H2R

I can check with DMM if there is any voltage, when I get home.

Emerson “Wave action” all the way!

The Rofis R3 has been on my secret wishlist for a while. There is some good utility that comes from a magnet tail and the multi-angle head... (I have used a crappy Nebo light that does something similar)

Are the boys from the 160th flying you in? Curious, I used to do some mission planning software work for them out of Ft. Campbell. Those guys in the 160th had a knack for taking commercial tech and adapting it to their needs in a pretty inventive way.

I don't own any "decent" quality right angle light, but the Rofis sure sounds pretty good for your use. I'd suspect that charging issue isn't as bad as it sounds.

we wont carry a stand alone charger.(in the field)
If the charging issues is: the cord fails and we cant charge the lights,it is as bad as it sounds =P

No not the 160th, My team usually gets carted around in style on one of many new-ish platforms (TR3B, ARV50 ect ect)
Sadly the mag-lev train does not go from US to central America (yet) it as of recently connects all 189 D.U.M.B.s
Google something like wierd booms all over the US and other places, this is underground blasting and the tunnel machine in action

That train is a hoot ,man. Screw space mountain :slight_smile:
mach 1.5 on a train in the darkness is wild

Huh? This is get'n weird... In a good way or weird way, not sure... I'm reading this stuff before these posts, and maybe author, go MIA

Sad to say I do follow some of this stuff with interest, but it's an extension of my sci-fi addiction maybe.

TR3B got some google hits but ARV50 got nothing.

A Marine I know has a Rofis R3, I played with it a bit.
Seems better made (outside) then many others.Bit smaller then expected.
Bit more throw then I expected.

“white wall hunters” always have some problem with beam shape or exact tint.That said, in actual use it works great
It is neat in person, at the end of the day it is a tool. Neat means nothing.
The magnetic charge is cool as long as the cable works (seems they fail ALL the time)
It is less bright then quite a few other lights (like what I listed at the start). These lights are less cost

Not counting possible quality issues ( lack of it) I have 1 issue for actual users. Will NOT apply to table top reviewers and collectors.

Assuming the swivel head does not go floppy….dirt and various grime can and will get stuck between the head and the body.
(I am talking about using this in sand,the woods,mud ect ect) at some point soon it will bind the head up, when you force things, it will cause damage.Not sure how this would effect the light.

Regular folks (say an I.T. person) wont ever get this dirt and grime,BUT…lint may be an issue. It will get caught in this space and not seen . I have seen vids of 2000 lumen lights causing fire fast and easy. (not sure if only 1000ish lumens does this) . Will it be enough of a fire to cause a problem? doubt it.That said, fire in your hand or on your head/table is never good.

Clip of Rofis R3 is just a bad design. better if you had option to clip it on tail end OR just a less deep design that didnt cover button.

I have all these lights on order, will test for myself in person, and donate what I dont use

I think a Rofis R3 V2 with input from people on BLF could be the best EDC ever. Just a few tiny changes:
Modes,clip and slight quality bump….newer LED wouldnt hurt

*As I was typing this Chris handed me a Zebralight . Right angle. No USB, really really nice beam. Freeking small
Has quite a few modes

The Zebras are about as "A" rated as you can get around here. I hear you about the quality issues though. I like the Eagle Eye X1R here , but not the same ano quality as a Zebra or Rofis. I modded mine of course to make it a real pocket burner.

Briefly, whats so good about Zebra?

Back in the day we had this HDS/Ra guy
He made bomb proof( we call it potted) high tech lights
The cost was insane, if I remember correctly 4-6x the cost of a similar stats Fenix.
Not pretty or slick, function over form (I am fine with that)
Wonder if that guy is still around

*Shame Zebra doesnt have a XHP 70.2 with super flood and a nice turbo mode )

They do have well designed drivers for one thing - regulated output. There are many fans here of their UI - well thought out by them, maybe they go little crazy with their configurations, but again, many find easy to use. For the rest, I would assume, based on cost and popularity, it's a quality product.

I don't have one myself, nor worked on one, but I do have a couple of Spark flashlights and they come fully potted, and the Sparks have lots in common with the Zebra brand.

If you had more time, you should work with a vendor like Richard at MtnElectronics or Craig at, or vinh at and get something that meets your needs, maybe custom tailored by Vinh. Vinh does excellent work. I think what you said earlier was required USB charging, and that's a problem with meeting your needs - quality rugged USB charging, sorry to say, may not exist yet in this space. Maybe SureFire or StreamLight have something better, but this is a budget forum, so we rarely talk about those brands.

Brand names is somewhat order by quality:

  • SureFire
  • StreamLight
  • ZebraLight
  • Fenix
  • Klarus
  • MaxToch
  • ThruNite
  • JetBeam
  • EagleTac
  • ArmyTec

Probably a whole lot more can't think of right now in that 3rd group.

The guys at are very helpful btw and carry many of these brands, US based. I'd call and talk to one of them.