ROFIS R3 and Angle lights...need assit


Not sure how to do this as I am new and not a forum guy.
In no special order:

My team (24) needs a new light.Need right angle design. 18650 battery size. Pref Usb recharge of some sort.Having a short burst to showff off is great,not having is not a deal breaker.That said, never know when ONCE you may want or need that short burst. Need some type of grime/water resist. We have IPX rating, 6-8 works. Coating type 3 on the body/head pref. Pref hardened glass A/R coated like on scopes or a decent optic.Sturdy clip. Light MUST be of good quality,cant have them fail constantly like many cheapie Chinesey lights (cost perhaps 5-15 bucks, im sure yall know the type)
Cost is no matter 50-100$ is fine. Head bandability is great,will be rarely used…but the fact it can be done is a plus

After 100s of youtubes,reading at least 250 military and civilian reviews,+ Amazon ……the short list is :

Thrunite TH10 V2….seems REALLLY throwy for a more or less headlamp
Thrunite TH30…before most of yall got into this stuff ( assuming no old timers here) we got equiped with a Surefire L4…it had a “wall of light” that at the time was insane and never seen before.
How does this TH30 compare with the old L4?

Olight H2R…so so so many use this brand
Rofis R3 ….really clever design

I will assume yall are nice folks and not picky or a PITA like we are…but we need what we need.

PLEASE chime in if you own one or more, can compare / contrast
From what I have read, and watched…Sadly so many on youtube and various forums are not honest.They sell a certain light,or get free stuff or even work for some MFG.Conflict of interest is a good term here.
99% of ALL gear gets rubber stamped, and you have to buy it all !

I do not mean to offend, I just want real honest answers from regular folks that use(not just collect and tabletop review gear)

My thoughts :

TH10 V2 / TH30
Dont know Thrunite much.People seem to like,tech is current (Fenix is HQ but always seems a few years behind). Find few problems
Really like regular USB recharge. Non standard various magnetic discs and pucks are great and all.If you lose,forget or breaks…it can be FUBAR
Right now TH10 V2 or TH30 are my top 2 picks but will see what yall tell me.They seem a bit more bulky then others for some reason.Not a huge deal

Olight H2R- Not as much this version, but in general MANY use / love these. In this exact case I read much about a terrible design tail end that can short?? An Olight rep said 100% YES this was fixed over a year ago….50% of youtube say NO…50% says yes. Anyone here ever actually test this? Assuming tail is ok,much to like about this. 2 things bother me #1 Non standard 18650. We have the new nano whatever 18650 with HUGE capacity,shame if we cant use them #2 As stated above, that magnet charger is handy as hell…but if lost or broken…you’re FUBAR. Can this be charged in a normal 18650 charger?

Rofis R3 - Really really like a lot about this design.Magnet charger, same as above. Mode spacing seems…odd.Perhaps it needed 1 more mode. In the area of 60 –100.Does not have a super burst like the others.
The bad (again please chime in,ACTUAL owners/users)

  1. More then any other, (HQ light) I have read so so so many bad things : DOA /stopped working 1-30 days. Got 2-3 bad in a row. Terrible CS (or never).Charger failed
    In many cases some famous Ben Sky will take care of it (if you got from him) This person Legit? Who is he?
    ANY here have a R series Rofis (mostly the R3) for a long time, many uses? One that has never ever failed?

Please chime in with fails or amazing quality vote

Need light in less then a week

TY in advance

Semper Fi

**If any of you “in the know”…know that any of these will get a new version 2.o soon. Please let me know. Private is fine
I can keep your secret :slight_smile: Cleared for MAJ 12

*Edit, I do find the Rofis R3 clip not the best design.Hits the button in some cases

I am pretty sure that all of the lights that you listed will definitely fulfill your needs.
I have been using the Rofis R3 for over a year and have yet to experience any issues with it. Plus, I do like it design a lot at it can also be used an a normal EDC torch.

Another solid option to look towards would be the Skilhunt H03R RC / H03 RC.
It features magnetic charging and it's a quite popular and trusted brand.

Forgot to say must be fully regulated

Hi, as owner of Rofis R3, here is my take on its highs and lows:

The angular, adjustable design is very unique and practical. There is quite strong magnet that holds the light in any desired position for stationary illumination, even with the headstrap attached. Mode spacing is quite sensible and runtimes on medium/high are good. The light comes with included high capacity protected cell, ready to use out of the box. Due to the deeper, smooth reflector, the flashlight has much more throw than any standard shallow reflector headlamps. It is not a thrower, but there is quite nice, visible hotspot.

Now to the negatives: The neutral tint is not very nice, it is like warm yellow with green hue. Not that bad when outdoors, but there are much better other neutral white tints. That orange, rubber band is bit frail, could be bit beefier. After some time, it doesnt hold the light tightly - you need to reposition the flashlight frequently. There is an easy workaround however - when you use with the clip, put the “rear” loop over the flashlight itself and the dimple in the clip, then it holds firmly. My magnetic charging stopped working about two weeks after I received it. Tested the cable with multimeter, it works, so I assume problem is in the internals of the charging circuitry. Other than that, I did not notice any further issues. If you have specific questions, try to post them here.

To the Olight H2R Nova - cant comment, as I dont own one, but I would be bit worried about any headlamp design, where the light could be knocked off the headstrap, for example in a cave. H2R seems to use some unique retention strap that allows for quick removal, i would probably secure the fit with cable tie or so.

It will be used as a headlamp (in the strap) less then 1% of the time.I have no worries about the strap.
99% of the time it will be hand held or clipped in the molle of a chest or leg pack .Or using the magnetic tail.

(Dioda) A rep from Rofis actually got back to me. : (more or less in broken english) “Most” of the time the charging stops not on the light side.The cable will still show power.
(then it is past my pay grade for electronics) Something about a self healing fuse built in the cable near the charge disc.If one was to bend it slightly,it will just start working again.
No idea what that means,but he said in nearly every case…thats the issue.
* Sadly I deleted the message. This fuse had a 3 or 4 letter acronym ,perhaps SHF…or something like that.
He made it seem that you literally just bend it a bit and it works fine again

I have read this stopped charge issue many time. This is one of the the quality issues that concerns me.
I mean for 80 bucks it should work right for a long long time.

I hope others chime on on these lights

**In private 2 asked me what is the use for the lights
As we have signed no NDA (yet). A platform of some type running LIDAR was running a grid, for some reason in the Yucatan.Besides countless (100s in fact) of hidden /un known temples and various large structures made of huge stones (hidden/swallowed by the jungle),it detected a huge tunnel complex.At least 37 miles long. LIDAR can also detect different materials. In the complex it found huge amounts of gold and other large metal objects,also a heat bloom. We will be going in to clear and recon it soon. We got cool Bark River Knives Bravo Machete :). Doubt any here are knife guys. Know that they are as crazy about bladed things as yall are about lights.Trust me.

This is Egypt all over again

Have you thought about getting a Skilhunt H03R?

It has USB charging, a magnetic tail, and is built quite well.

No, I have heard not great things

Don’t bet any MONEY on that STATEMENT …. :smiley: . :wink:

And yeah, just as crazy about blades… if not a bit more. :wink:

A big welcome to BLF too!!! . :+1:

Is that you?

Because, then I’m really impressed :smiley:

Gave us Bark River Bravo machete CPM 1V and Bark River CPM 154 Bushbat
I own a Bark River 3V kephart and Bravo 1
I EDC a Bark River Mini kephart .93 CPM 3V

Dont want to get off topic, im sure its a no no

Thanks for welcome,just here for 3-5 days then gone forever =P
Many forums are full of trolls and,well…morons. People seem oddly normal here,helpfull

The work your top 3-5 top reviewers put in is frankly outstanding.
LONG, really detailed, GOOD HQ pics
Hardcore fans.

Shocked more dont own 1 or more of these lights

So any know / trust this vendor “Sky Ben” ?
He claims if you buy from him, he personally makes good on all lights he sells. Bypasses the MFG

It’s Skylumen, and yes, he does that.

No, not me. A friend of mine who makes a great knife & has done work in Baghdad several times with our troops. :+1:

Those Bark River’s you mentioned Semper Fi are all good knives that should serve you well…. as I’m sure you already know. :wink:

Skyben, or so it says

Dear customer,
You can order at following link:

If you have any problems ,
please feel free to contact us.
We are ready to help at anytime.
Sincerly yours,
Customer Service Team

So, Olight got back to me
Odd how it worded the answer.
Claims the tailcap is safe now BUT it still says “Do not short”

That’s because there is still a very small current running through the contacts, and it’s a safety warning.

Two reasons for this reason:

  1. Even a very small current can drain the battery a bit faster. It’s negligible though.
  2. A diode can fail. When it fails, there is a chance it does not short out. If it does not short out, current can normally flow…

Blue sword do you own one of the above lights?

I’ve actually tried the H2R myself once one of my police friends actually showed me the problem with his H2R’s tailcap.

Luckily, we were able to contact Plight for a new tailcap, and she was able to use it again without the fear of the charging contact shorting out.