ROFIS R3 Clip issues

As any owner of the ROFIS R3 knows,the clip is a bad design and causes issues.
OR those that have read about/seen pics or vids.
Mostly ,it covers the button and when in this config and clipped on a chestpack (for example) the light wont shoot straight

I had a min so I pulled off the clip. Moved it down 1 inch and it is MUCH better now !!!
Seems tight and secure.Wont move w/o some serious effort.
It is more comfey in the hand.Gives the thumb a lil ramp to rest on. Really just perfect.
Carries a bit less deep in a pocket, but I never carry that way

Would post a pic but I cant just paste a pic for some odd reason.

*I have a box with various Orings from years of lights. lanyards, and flashlight stuffs.
I have 6 clips that fit the Rofis R3 and work fine. **TH30 clip fits and works great also

Been a few days, LOVING this Rofis R3 with moved clip.
If you’re on the fence,grab it. So damn handy.
Neal gadget has super low price.

Unless something stupid happens (failure) It is allready my favorite EDC light ever.

  • A few asked me some version of Q: “Do you have trouble finding the button in total darkness”
    A: Nope not once. First ,where clip is now, your thumb rests on top of it and button is just above it.Also ,when in angle config…the shape of the light lets you know where the button is.I wont ever use it straight.

Granted it has not been long, I have to rate this light a 10 /10 (see above)
Amy was kind enough to test the water-proof-ness for me. last night she took a shower with ONLY the R3.
Oddly… she said it was “fun” to shower with a flashlight and the lights off.
Anyway, it lived.

Re-charged it in a glass of water as they claim you can,it also lived through that.

**For those that saw my vids or read my review : (pre having the light in my grubby gorilla hands) I had thoughts that various grimes would get stuck between the head and body .
Well, I doubt it.It is REALLY tight. 1 thickness of yellow legal paper does not squeeze in the space,in fact…not even close.

Buy one :slight_smile: you will love it

**Pro Tip #1 : Dont let your chick/wife or other, use / play with your cool flashlight
Shorty after they will say :“I want one! OR GIMMI ! or in my case ,because mine is fun and bratty ”MINE !” and drop it in her boobs and run off giggling…true story

How come I cant post a pic here?