Rofis TC1 - short light / short video review

Hello my dear friends!
today i introduce the Rofis TC1 Mini-Flashlight – nice and small
and its TOUCH controlled!

ASK if you have questions!

Looks like Rofis produce this light for Vinh (SkyLumen), he sells it under the name Tange.

The Tange v2 has jus been released, will there be a Rofis TC2?

I didn´t realize that there is a v2 Version of the Tange.

I don´t think so. Vinh denied that the Tange (v1) was produced from Rofis. There must be another source

Interesting… Wonder who manufactures it?

I have this lamp about ten days. When the light was delivered, it was completely discharged.
After the hour it was connected to the micro USB, it started charging.
I tried the torch and seemed to be functional.

When I tried her again after a week, she was completely discharged. After charging, it will last for three days, and even if it is not used completely, it will drain.

This makes the lamp unusable and unnecessary.
I’m sorry.
I always considered Rofis to be of high quality, this lamp convinced me that it was not.

I charged mine before the video review (Jan 18)and placed it afterwards on my desk

testing every day (short tap to activate the blue light - activate the 3 modes for a few seconds and switch off again)

charging indicator did not go red since (blue pulse which is 20-80% charge iirc

do you have the blue pulsing activated?

Of course the pulse light is off. I have a flashlight in LOCK mode.
The 10180 battery is small and has very little capacity. I know that the pulse light would lead to a depletion of the battery.

Not sure who the OEM is of this version of the light. Also not sure if the newer updated version is same OEM or not. Based on customer feedback from Vinh’s Tange 1, this version of the light is pretty horrendous, but the newer, updated version is really durable. My own Tange v1 also died on me. The newer version looks interesting, but I’m getting the JetUSolis to satisfy my small EDC high cri needs.

a german store sells the "Tange V2" labelled with their name and #Manker Thumb on Instagram

I wonder who the real manufacturing company is for this newer model 2?