Rolling wave of High CRI Triple or single N219b, or stock Jetbeam RRT-01 Rotaries

FS Original Jetbeam RRT-01 NOS w short pocket clips, modded to Carclo Triple with choice of N219b High CRI.

Triple High CRI LED options $150 plus shipping:

  • Note the triples have a more uniform beam than the singles.

1. Triple N219b 3500k 9080

2. Triple N219b 4500k 9080.


Single High CRI LED options, $120 plus shipping:

  • Note the singles have a ring in the spill of the beam.

3. Single N219b 3500k 9080 with the stock Orange Peel reflector and short clip.

4. Single N219b 4500k 9080 with the stock Orange Peel reflector and short clip.


Single Low CRI LED option, $90 plus shipping:

  • Note the original has a ring in the outer spill of the beam.

5. Stock unmodified Original RRT-01 with short clip and Orange Peel reflector, NOS


If interested, please send me a PM to discuss your preferences, and any questions.


I have located a batch of Original RRT-01 and arranged to have half a dozen modded to High CRI triple for resale. If there is interest I will continue to offer these…

I have been EDCing an RRT-01 for a few months, modded to single N219b 4500k 9080. I am in love with the LED, and the UI. This week I started carrying a triple N219b 3500k 9080, and I love it in the evening, indoors, and as a nightstand light.

These lights accept UnProtected 18350, plus protected 16340, and CR123 Primaries. They produce about 350 lumens on 16340 and about 450 lumens on 18350. I really like the ability to smoothly ramp to super low levels, below anything I could do with any of my other lights, without ever using a clicky code. In fact, there is No Button to click!

This is the most KISS UI I have ever tried, even a muggle can do it!:wink:


visual aides:

three side by side beamshots, for color comparisons
The light in the middle is the Original RRT-01 body style, with short clip, and is the model being offered.
On the left is my EDC sample triple N219b 3500k 9080, middle is RRT-01 N219b 4500k 9080, right is a stock Eye10 XM-L 6000k

Lights on

Lights off

This Set includes 10 lights, of which 7 are spoken for

there are 3 remaining lights available

If you PM me this weekend, you can choose the configuration:

  1. triple 3500k
  2. triple 4500k
  3. single 3500k
  4. single 4500k
  5. unmodified.

some details about the difference between the Original model this thread is offering, and the new version RRT-01

Original has short clip, new has long clip
Original weighs 1 oz less
Original is not as fat
Original takes UnProtected 18350, new version accepts protected 18350
Original has no trit slots, new version has Yes trit slots.

I prefer the Original version RRT-01, which is why Im making them available.

Others are offering the new version, if you want a single LED, vinh is selling a number of different LED options. If you want a quadtrix with E17a, Clemence will probably offer that configuration, once he finishes testing the light. Contact them directly, Im not in charge of those offerings.

This original RRT-01 has been discontinued since 2016 as far as I know. None NIB could be found anywhere for several years, it was difficult just to find a used one someone would be willing to let go of. This is a great opportunity to own a classic light that has to be ranked at the top of the 10 best EDC lights of all time, at least if I was ranking them :smiley: .
It’s a awesome 18350, short clip, easy to operate, lite weight, super low moonlight, and tough with the options for high cri and a triple.
Thanks jon_slider for offering possibly the last NIB original RRT-01’s around with great options. :+1:

Very Nice :+1:

Awesome, dropped you a PM.

replied to all PMs
8 out of 10 lights are firm interest
1 person on the fence

One more available in this set.

PM me how you want it built, and shipping address so I can get you a quote…

thank you all for the interest
Nobody is obligated, until you give me an address and accept the price with shipping, and then paypal me.

Estimated timeline
this week I hope to have all ship quotes
the lights will then go to the modder, and within a few weeks (2-3 is my guess)
modded lights will ship to your address

Im hoping that by next month at this time you will have your light in hand.

for those ordering stock lights, unmodified, I expect they will ship this coming week

Have a great weekend!

ps, I did some shipping calculations, Economy shipping costs are $12.20 to USA, $16 to Europe

I used this link, if you want to check other options, note the link uses Oz Dollars:

I entered the weight as 0.5 Kilos, and I weighed my Eye10 in stock packaging and it came out to 180 grams, so the ship price would actually fit 2 lights, afaict…

PM sent for your last available.


This set of 10 lights is spoken for, but not everyone has paid yet

if anyone else wants one, I still have a day before I place the order, and can order more than 10, if there is interest,

or if someone decides not to commit, there may be one or two left

Please PM me if you want to order or have questions.

Thank you all for your interest and encouraging words

some beamshots, iPhone, auto white balance, 8am overcast. This is to show beam shape, not tint or color temperature.

imho, the triple Carclo 10507 (narrow clear), has the best beam with the least artifacts or rings. The center IS brighter than the spill, but the transition is quite smooth. I really like the consistency and spread of the triple, useful for indoors and close range:

the single 219b has the most rings in the beam, and the tightest hotspot, it throws the most. I really like the small hotspot of the single 219b, but not the rings in the spill. I tolerate irregularities in the beam, though I wish they were not there, some of my use is very low light, and then I only see the hotspot, not the spill. Also, I am a whitewall hunter and very very picky. Some people would not notice these rings in actual use:

The stock XM-L has a larger hotspot, and some rings in the spill, less obvious than the single 219b. The stock XM-L is Low CRI, which is why I have my lights modded. Im all about High CRI:

My thoughts on LED choices and applications:
imho, the 4500k is the most versatile EDC. During the day it looks pink, at night it looks bright white. This is due to differences in the white balance of my brain, under different ambient color temperatures.

The 3500k is a beautiful warm color, I prefer it at night, and on the nightstand, at which time the 4500k is cooler white than necessary, imo.

bear in mind my bias is that I use 3000k incandescent in my home. Compared to incandescent the 3500k looks slightly “whiter”, as it is slightly cooler. The 4500k actually looks blue by comparison.

For these reasons, I EDC a single 4500k, and switch to the triple 3500k at night. A single LED is more efficient, imo. It takes half as many lumens to illuminate a small target, compared to a triple, which illuminates a larger target. Im not into efficiency though, I use rechargeables, and these Original RRT-01 accept 18350 (Unprotected only, the new model accepts protected, but its an ounce heavier, and its fatter, so I prefer the Original.)

I have not tried the 4500k in a triple, note to self, keep one for myself :wink:

Thanks Jon,

That triple looks great.

glad you like it, I do too

we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to pinkpanda3310, who has agreed to build these lights for us.

Im also very grateful to everyone that is participating in this group buy project. It is my first experience organizing, and Im honored to have everyone’s trust.

will keep you all posted on progress.

here is how it broke out
5 stock
2 3500k triples
5 4500k triples

I will place the order for a total of 12 lights in this set, later today.

Anyone on the fence, this is Last Call… speak now, or Peace!:slight_smile:

a total of 12 lights have been ordered and paid for
Optics, boards and LEDs have also been ordered.

The ship has sailed.
Thank you all for coming on board, forecast is for smooth sailing :slight_smile:

We should be docking for Shore Leave in about 10days, to begin modding and assembly.

This is a truly International Crew, LEDs coming from Andy Zhu in California, Lights flying across OZ, to be modded by pinkpanda3310, currently on 10 day leave in Japan, reservations organized by yours truly in Cali, with additional support from Msrs Noctigton and Carclo 10507 (with a bonus 10508 included at no added expense to you), from parts known.

Stay tuned for further updates and weather forecasts…

Anyone who missed the boat and is interested in catching the next Wave, PM me and I will start an interest list, and will update if another Cruise can be organized. There are potentially 50 berths available but presently no Master Modder has been enlisted. This round is being built with the generous support of pinkpanda, because he wanted to show some love to the BLF community, as he is working for peanuts. The man is an Artiste with a Big Heart!

I am very grateful to be on board with all of you.

Thanks for everyone’s effort and Jonathan’s excellent communication!

Those NOS models really do look great. Thanks for making this possible (I mean I missed out, but still)

Great work jon :wink:
As a happy owner of RRT01s, I know you’ll made many folks here happy too :wink:
:beer: :beer: :beer:

Thank you MascaratumB
it was you that inspired me to discover the RRT-01, after which I sold my HDS Rotary, because I prefer the RRT-01.

Ive asked pinkpanda to add a glow ring to the tail, its not definite that will happen, but Im hopeful:
(pic is a link)

self adhesive and removable, whats not to like?

Well done Jon & pinkpanda.


That would be great Jon. Thanks for trying.

Hey you all. Since i’ve missed first wave i’d like to get on another one.
Please put me on the interest list for RRT-01 Triple 219B 4500K

Cheers folks!

Theoretically wouldn’t the output be higher with the new RRT-01?

Either way, I’d like to be on the interest list for the triple if you ever make more