Rolling wave of High CRI Triple or single N219b, or stock Jetbeam RRT-01 Rotaries

yes, Tir would solve the rings problem Im seeing with Original RRT-01 reflectors.

can Tir give as small a hotspot as a reflector?

glad youre happy with the beam. Im a lot pickier than most

the light on the right is hogos High Noon, same reflector you have
the light on the left is the older reflector. Both have the darker ring in the outer spill

most people do not notice those HDS rings in actual use. I do, only because I know they are there. Im a whitewall hunter. Most of the time when I use a reflector, Im focusing on the hotspot, not the outer spill. And in common use, irregularities in the spill are hidden by terrain and distance variations, unless your common use includes whitewall hunting :wink:

I have swaped emitter in my new RRT-01 but i’ve also remove centering ring. That way reflector droped down a bit (the thicknes of that ring) and all rings went away.
The only thing i had to do extra is to apply thermal adhesive, electrical non conductive to the emitter contacts to avoid shorting to the reflector.
If someone would be so kind to post a few photos of an old rrt inards that would be great.
Swapping emitters in single mods are not a problem but making triples is a bit challenging since you have to grind MCPCB and maybe bezel to accomodate optic and MCPCB.

Forgot to mention, installing 219B in new rrt is not recomended since it can deliver up to 3A on max where older would be better for this reason.
Modding new rrt to triple standard would be more efficient in triple config and old only in single 219B.
New rrt is running now with SST-20 3500K and it shines like hell only on half of the ring travel with perfect beam.

Isn’t the lens going to be loose? Any beamshots?

Lens is just fine. It’s only 0.5mm thicknes and oring on top is still holding it tight.
I don’t have any beamshoot and also no rrt with me.
I’m on a business trip so for details you gonna have to wait untill 15th April when i get back.

I was hoping someone would say that

however, my understanding is that the New RRT-01 reflector does not have the rings issue of the Original RRT-01 reflector, see:

Great info!

here is more info on an Original RRT-01 modded to SST:

With my original RRT-01 the reflector is slightly bigger or the exact same size as the opening in the head, It stops almost flush with the head every time. Removing the protector center ring leaves the mcpcb floating from the led shelf. At least that’s the way it is on my sample.

jon_slider. that’s my picture but in reality there is two noticeable rings at the edge of the corona but none in the spill

As i saw pics of old rrt i can say that reflector in new model has a bit smaller emitter opening thus causing less artifacts. Rings are, comparing to old, barely visible. But my OCD want to punch me in the face because of it.

If removing centering ring in old model make concerns, using thicker oring would solve the problem pressing reflector down with the lens on top…
At least in new model they’ve used thick silicon oring which can absorb that tiny size of centering ring.

Here’s a few pics, so you can see what the problem is.

See how the reflector sets flush with the head. The lens sets on top of the head and reflector. The lens can only push down on the reflector until it it hits the head rim, then it can’t go any further. There both flush.


Here you can see that there is a lip made on the reflector that goes down in the head where there is another lip that matches the reflector and stops it flush with the head. Even if you grind the lip off to allow further travel down towards the mcpcb you still would have to have something to push it beyond flush.

I have some problems posting here but nevermind.
Now i understand the problem.
Lip in new model is waaay bigger, almost 1/3 of the reflector.
And beside that fact, there’s an oring between reflector and lens to compensate any length adjustment.
Seems to me that jetbeam cirrected beam issue (sort of) with new reflector design and also increased output current.
If you want to play with the beam, there are numerous reflectors at KD for few bucks and they are OP :slight_smile:
I’m thinking now to stick to the new model conversion only to triple since single you can DIY. Many of us at least.

Old model has more sexy look though but performance is not so good…

I’ll try to get a friends photos of dismatled new rrt so you can see what we have here.
I think it’s more mod friendly than old one plus it’s only 60$ :laughing:)

I suspect that lowering the reflector, or raising the LED on an Original RRT-01, does not address the root cause of the rings in the beam, which is the design of the reflector itself… see the rings in the reflector:

that is why I was glad that no one ordered a single LED modded RRT-01
even though I carry one

the beam from the Triple is very nice, no rings,
a triple just does not have the throw of a single LED

While I had the head apart I measured the reflector I got 12.40 mm height and 18.78 mm in diameter.
I ordered a few reflectors from KD and FT to try out using the Easter Holiday coupons.

Useful info, new RRT01 2019 model :

From left to right :

- Stock RRT01 reflector and standard 20mm TIR optic (Yajiamei for example)

- TIR optic in place-

- Add the stock o-ring, it sits right in the gap

  • Add stock lens and bezel and voilà

Wow, optic?
Never thought about it. Can you please give more info where to get it?

Yajiamei’s store on Ali

You’ll find plenty of configuration on this stores.
From 5 to 60 degrees, beaded, stripped, or smooth surface…
They’re cheap enough so you can buy different ones and see what please you with a given LED

That is exactly what I did with mine. Well a new emitter as well of course. I got the 60mm pebbled ones from Convoy. They work great.

The rings in the beam on the old RRT-01 are definitely caused by the reflector.

I had an OP reflector in my TCR-01. The beam wasn’t bad, but there was a large dim ring just outside the spillbeam, which looked pretty ugly.

Last weekend, I swapped the reflector for a different one with a slightly different shape that I had in my old RRT-01. The new reflector has a smaller hole in the center.

Big improvement. The beam is now perfect with no rings of any kind.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where I got these reflectors. I have a TCR-01, RRT-01 and Niteye Eye10, all probably 5+ years old. Both Jetbeams originally came with smooth reflectors that had a horrible ringy beam. The Niteye had an OP reflector. I replaced the 2 smooth reflectors with aftermarket reflectors. But since then I’ve done so much mixing and matching with these lights I have no idea which reflectors came from where.

thanks for the details, good info for owners of New RRT-01 who want to abandon the reflector.

Very happy to hear you are finding simple solutions for TIR in the New RRT-01

also thanks for your comment that short clips can be bought from Jetbeam. I wrote them, and they are sending me 10, for peanuts.

Happy to hear you found a solution, it gives me hope

both my Stock Niteye Eye10 and my Original RRT-01 modded to sw45, have OP reflectors with large holes in the bottom… I EDC the sw45

some say the OP are better than the earlier smooth reflectors, but imo, the OP are not good either, though I only notice on whitewall testing…

Very Picky, I am :wink: