Rominsen RC-T601

Does anyone have this light?

No but I'm glad you like it.

It really throws great for a light of this size.

Bought one couple of months ago. Didn’t notice about the throw capabilities. will test it when I walk my dogs later on.btw, is it an authentic romisen? Can’t find it on their website product list

I couldn't find it either but it a bright cool looking light for the money.

Shiningbeam carries it so that pretty much guarantees its genuine.**NEW**-Romisen-RC-dsh-T601-II/Detail

I'd be very interested in impressions on throw as I've been debating on this for my next purchase and I want a 1x18650 XM-L thrower.

+1. the light I can compare with is kd c8. The build and finishing is much better and has a thick wall on the host.I drop it twice onto the concrete ground from a height of about 1.8m. Still working fine.

It's a great light it throws better than my TK21 U2 ....but it's rated at 1000L compared to the 468L of the TK21

Just done testing it against beats kd c8 in throw.not much. My kd is with op reflector.x9 definitely out throw it in long range. Ampere reading 1.4A in high mode

Will a X9 beat a X8 in throw?

There are several discussions on this issue here before. I can’t come up with a conclusion.could be due to inconsistency of the driver on x9.suppose a x9 mod with a 2.8A KD driver will out throw x8.well, this is my view. I might be wrong. Just can’t find time to change the driver in my x9. It’s lying there for months.

just bought this light off DD..came to 18$ after coupon code and my dino points..i've been eyeing this for awhile now..pleased at the price..

anyone have a link to this light from Dino, I don't see it there? Thanks.

use flash10 for 10% off

I purchased the 2-mode version from Shiningbeam on monday and it's currently in transit. I'm looking forward to this one, however, it's going to a friend :(

I'm already anticipating this to be the best budget C8 of them all!

Dunno if buy that, c8 or trustfire fk15 or other little thrower of same budget and dimension, my lights with bigger reflector are with P60 dropin :~ ... :((

what do you suggest?

Got it today!

No pics today, sorry. 8pm and have to wake up at 4am...

First impressions are great!

If I put it as pro´s and cons:

+Good quality, leaps ahead of C8´s, real anodizing, no paintjob, LED centered, smooth reflector is flawless (even my 980L has flaws).

+Emitter has no blemishes, over 50% of my cheapo stuff has had dents or blemishes on emitter dome.

+Solid body, gotta be around 4mm thick. Good, quite tight battery fit.

+Good to hold with cigar hold

+Draws over 3 amps on high so thinking of direct drive.

+IMO puts out more dense spot than my 980L

+Better threads, clicky feels IMO more solid than in random C8´s, anodizing in tailcap threads so lock-out possible

+comes somewhat lubed


-Lens and reflector are a bit dusty, lens needs cleaning

-PWM is what you would expect, around the same level with 980L

-No tailstand

-Anti-roll on neck is not an antiroll, only when placed on the edge of the table

-Blinky-modes, as expected

-only one hole for lanyard ( see, I´m really trying to say something as a con).

-no knurling (but I like it the way it is)

To be short: if C8 is let´s say 4/5 stars, this is 5/5 on that scale, easy.

On the other hand, I would like to compare this more towards 908L than C8, this is IMO a class higher yet only 4$ more.

980L has sleeker desing but this aint bad either. "Anti-roll" on neck may get also negative votes.

Interior looks to be about the same structure-wise as basic C8 : not too bad to mod and believe it, this WILL be modded!


Feels solid, definitely higher quality class than C8, Good output, not throw-tested yet. A bit larger on length but not bad.

If going to get C8, just skip it if you can and get this!

thanks CT..glad to hear it's good..I expected low PWM but didn't expect it to be a more dense hotspot than the 980l..hope mine arrives this week!

Hi. Appreciate pictures when you get the time. Cheap Thrills, where did you order your light from?



Pounder, yea, I hope you get your light this week also. I know you ordered from Dino and I'm planning to as well.

Ordered from Dinodirect.

Trying to find time tomorrow for quick pics.