Romisen RC-A5

I really like the Romisen lights as you guys all know and i just saw this on DX's site.....seems to be a nice light indeed. It takes an AA and Cr123 cells as well as there lithium counterparts. Might just get this one instead of the Keyring light...lmao.

treat your self get one of each you know you want to

Believe me i do want both....but for right now it has to be one, bills, bills, and more But the only thing that i would like to get rid of is the strobe....i would rather have it low, medium, and high, or just low and high.

I ordered one (in Black) not ten minutes ago, I have a spare 14500 and 16340 going spare so nothing lost, I suspect.

I do like Romisen lights, they seem to be amongst the most consistent and reliable of the budget torches that come from China.

Yes sir i know what you mean.......i was planning on ordering the Grey one this friday......i wonder if this could be a replacement for the RCN3's that i have here.

I liked being able to switch between a CR123 and AA. CR123 is a little too small and 2xAA seems too long, so the other Romisens don't have much appeal. But I already have several Q5 lights, so I will have to pass on this one. It is really sharp looking though, kind of like a JetBeam. Let us onlookers know how you like these once they arrive!

But of course.....give me a couple of weeks to get it

I just bought this little gem:

I will let you know what I think of it after I have EDC'd it for a few days. First impressions of the light....well I like the way it looks and feels. I know that it is not the brightest thing you can buy but I think it is a nice value for the money. I am working on beamshots and will post them later. :)

OK later has come. Here are two beamshots at 4 feet and 70 feet.