Romisen RC-G2 mods XM-L ,XR-E R2 , XP-G R4 4B pics

XP-G R4 4B XR-E R2 EZ1000 XM-L T6 1A

All three have the same driver NANJ AK101 ...with 5, 4 and 6 MC7135

That driver allow to set it at three modes

XP-G H 1.70A XR-E R2 H 1.40 A XM-L T6 H 2.05A

M .320A M .350A M .650A

L .06A L .05A L .100A

6.2W 5.18W 5.95W

The last pic is side by side with the only stock at hand MTE SF15 SSC P7 D (??) ceiling bounce is noted at the bottom

25 12 14 20

Must note here that the XM-L was ruined in a previous test losing around 10% of the output...

Nicely done, Arenat!

I take it you're using IMR 14500's due to the current draw? Any upgrades done to handle the excess heat? I'm down to just my SB rc-g2 II left....and you're tempting me to pick up a few dx cheapies to mod.

The cells are the TF flames and work pretty fine , of course I don't know if with time that draw would ruin find it the cells are marked and the 2A and 1.70A torchs have only one dedicated cell....

The heat managemment is improved a bit, three or four minutes delay , with melt solder into the pill, has a lot of room for that, also the threaded part has thermal grease...the stars are not glued , just a slight layer of grease and the press which gave the reflector, all surfaces polished where is need...

Here we are in summer and only the XP-G has a noticeable heat sag ( because is overdrived ) however you can use it at hight more than five minutes till reach around 40 C...soon I'll some heat tests...

Wow,nice! Could you tell me from where did you bought the XML diode?

From the guy in the link below , though he took his long time to ship it the led perform a bit better than the KD's one, this last maybe a T5 he is offering the U bin, is in processing now...,1000Lm@3A/product_info.html

Great mod Arenat :D

Does 17mm driver board would fit in to RC-G2 pill?

I've just XM-Led my old RC-F4 with NANJG 105C driver from KD, powered by 2xCR123a primary cells, 17mm driver fits to RC-F4 pill after removing a brass ring attached there.

No. The driver in a G2 are only 15 mm inside. I measured mine with a caliper.

Outside the pill is 17.2 mm and the bodytube is 17.5 mm, so if you can get the driver

mounted without it is pressed into the pill you may be able to use your 17 mm


The brass ring is there which serve to hold some points of solder .

This one is an AK-101 with 6 MC7135 . The AK-105 is a bit bulky with the spring and those components, I doubt it would fit

Ooo I see, that’s just like what I did to RC-C6 with AK-47A :smiley:
Very happy to join this forum, lots of great idea come from you guys

Hi, do you have lux numbers on the 3 RC-G2?