Romisen RC-G2 Nichia quad

I got several of the quad boards from IS, and I’ve been continuing to look cheap hosts, and I ran across the RC-G2 (from, and it turns out to fit the quad board and Carclo optics perfectly. I was surprised that the RC-G2 comes with a forward clicky, which was a pleasant surprise also!

One bad thing about the RC-G2 is that the tailcap cover extends past the end, so it can’t tail stand. Anyone have any idea how to fix that?

In this mod, I was able to get a quad Nichia 119 (emitters from texaspro: Nichia 119's for cheap (also Cree XLAMP-7090's)) plus the 17mm driver in this thread:

I upgraded the driver by stacking an R100 resistor on the R200 and replacing the FETs and the schottky diode.

Some pics:

Driver plus pill. I wedged some thermal padding between the inductor and the top of the board, because when I’ve been testing, the FET gets hot and may cause the solder on the negative lead to melt :). You can see some solder wick that I soldered to the edge of the original pill to secure the driver. I had to dremel the joint a bit to squeeze/screw the pill back into the RC-G2 body:

Assembly (I had to cut a 1/2” piece of copper tubing from HD to use as an extender. And yes, the end is hollow, for how, and the quad board just sits on the end.):

Assembled light:

Powered on (low mode :laughing::

Beamshot (~1m, high mode):

Tailcap current:

1x14500 (Efest): ~1.69 amps

2x14250 (generic): ~2.12 amps

I was a little disappointed in the tailcap current, but I had purposely used 26 AWG for the emitter wires, and I haven’t wired anything to the tailcap spring, because I was worried that it’d get too hot. I’ll probably be tweaking things a bit later.

I've always liked those RC-G2s .

Cool mod .Cool

Thanks for sharing .

Nice mod. Looks real good.

I have also had disappointing current levels using that emitter. I haven't checked data sheets yet, but I'm guessing it has a higher Vf and is, therefore, harder to drive.

Nice mod, I am also fan of the RC-G2!

The Vf of the old gen. Nichia 119/219 is indeed very high, to the point that if you truly direct drive it on a fully loaded li-ion (with leds on copper) the current is still moderate, the maximum output of the led is reached above 4.2V.

The driver is a buck driver, so I was hoping that the 2x14250 would’ve been able to sustain more current, but it seems not.

I wonder if there’s a body tube from some other light that I could use to extend the RC-G2 to a 2xAA format?

What a sweet mod! You are seriously cranking beautiful mods out. I love it.