ROT66 Gen2 Stainless Steel Tail is needed??

You mean Sofirn SP36 with USB C? Sofirn is also releasing the Sofirn LT1 4-cell with usb-c charge so multi-cell usb rechargeable lights is definitely doable. I also wish there will be a USB-C fireflies light in the future. USB-C recharge makes for great gift lights. Without USB C charge, cannot gift to others.

I wonder which Osram emitter it was. Maybe they would have to make a new board to fit the Osram so they cancelled it? I also notice SST-20 4000K is missing. That is my favorite emitter if it is available in the FA3 or FD2 tint bin. Also would be interesting if it’s possible to do a SST-40 5000K version. From the reports I read, the tint bins in the Convoy and Wildtrail D80v2 are not greenish and very nice looking. That way a 12 LED light can have a good chance to beat 18 LED light in output (D18 and MF01S)

@Fireflies, I understand if that is not currently possible for you.

Stainless steel it is.

Sorry if I seem a bit demanding, but with the anodizing thicknesses we sometimes do at my plating job, they may seem a bit extreme.

I’m not sure what Osram led it was, but if I recall it was pushing 18,000 lumens!

The SST20 4000K was also an option that as you said, is now removed???

Any plans for a 3 x 21700 pop can light?

SS tail (and bezel…) is perfect option when it comes to heavy popcan…
Softer materials won’t survive drop from 3ft.
I agree with folks above about 219B, keep it!!! But add 4000k SST20 also.
The reason i converted to FF is because of Nichia hi cri “dozens of emitters” availability and although i never liked pop cans this one is on my list

A few updates on FF webpage .

Anduril UI!

Main Improvement points from Gen1:

  • More brightness and throw
  • More compact size
  • Enhanced heat dissipation structure with deeper fins and thicker head
  • Get rid of the battery carrier design

Version type:

  • 12x Nichia 219B SW45K R9080 High CRI Emitters
  • 12x SST20 4000K FD2 NW
  • 12x SST20 6500K CW L4 10000lumens
  • 12x SST20 5000K NW L4 10000lumens
  • 12x CREE XPL HI V3 5000K 14000lumens
  • 12 x CREE XPL HI V3 6500K 14000lumens

Product Description:

  • Made of 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Body color: Black color
  • HAIII Anodising Surface Finish
  • Stainless Steel bezel;
  • Max Brightness: 7000~14000 Lumens
  • Max Throw distance:200~500 meters
  • Battery: 3x18650
  • 15 degree angle TRI lens & 45 degree beed surface TRI lens (included)
  • 98% AR coating glass lens
  • Digital current regulation on lower brightness
  • IPX8 waterproof , underwater 2 meters
  • Fireflies-like Aux light— Blue + Kelly Green+Ice blue + Fresh Green
  • Size: 105mm x 50mm x 46mm body
  • Net Weight: 290 gram

Included Accessories: 45 degree beed flood TIR Optics lens ; D-ring Tripod Screw ; O rings ; hand strap ; Flashlight holster ; Gift box

Optional Accessories: Stainless Steel tail cap ; Light diffuser for ROT66 ; Extra Coated Glass lens

Final Mass production has been delayed for 2 week. ROT66 G2 releasing date has to be delayed till 15th September.


Looks great.

What does anyone know about the SST20 4000K FD2,is this a nice tinted led?

FD2 bin is what Fireflies originally shipped ROT66s with in its early days. It’s rosy tinted. I was interested in the FA3 bin because it was slightly cooler. Oh well. FD2 is pretty good.

Thanks for the response. Rosy sounds nice!

Actually what Fireflies shipped in the original ROT66 was the FB4 tint. It is greenish. The FD2 tint is much better. It is what is used in the FW3A and MF01S. It is not exactly rosy like the 219B sw45K but it is not yellow/green like the LH351D, 219C, and SST-20 FB4 tint.

I think with the new 15deg throw optic, this will throw very well and glad they got rid of the battery carrier, which relies on the cushion for compression. Overtime, the cushion loses resilience and no longer apply adequate pressure to the electrical contact resulting in high resistance and low output.

Interesting. I wonder what bin my ROT66 has, because whatever it has it is cooler and less green than the SST20s in my Copper E07.

Maybe my ROT66 has the FB4 and E07 has FC4, and the cooler CCT just looks rosier naturally.

Original ROT66 was 20 or 25 degree optics right? These new otpics don’t look that much larger than the original ROT66, will be interesting to compare beams. They definitely fill up the head much more efficiently than the 9 of the original.

According to the copy of the page from July, it was 25 degrees.

However, that might not give a very clear understanding of the comparative beam angle, as the real beam varies depending on the apparent optical size of the emitter, so it depends on what optical size was assumed for the 25 degree spec.

But, I think it’s likely this will be at least slightly throwier than the original based on what has been stated so far, and on the range of beam profiles Carclo achieves with similar size optics.

Nice! I wonder how it compares to the MF01S optics? Both look to be the same?