ROT66 Gen2 Stainless Steel Tail is needed??

Hello everyone

The machining production of ROT66 Gen2 flashlight has been finished.

Some customers asked us about extra stainless steel tail , which is a bit heavier but very robust.

Is it a needed feature for ROT66 Gen2? If so , we can start to make some.

We are willing to hear your voice!

Best Regards!

If there is a front stainless steel ring like on the ROT66 v1 then you should anodized the tail.
I’m not sure to buy the v2 because my v1 is working fine but if I will, I would probably buy an additional stainless steel cap if its price is reasonable.

Yes, yes, yes! One of the reasons why I like the ROT66 gen1 so much is because it has the stainles steel tailcap. If generation 2 doesn’t have it, it would lose a lot of its appeal to me, and novelty among the crowded competition.,

Please make the SS tailcap.

I’m liking the deeper machining on the tube! I’m more interested to see the throwier optics though.

Yes please.

I don’t care about the stainless steel tail cap at all since it adds weight but not performance. Looking at that video I noticed how square the head is. Have you considered making a square tube with 4x18650? The diameter will be ever smaller than a triple tube but you get one extra battery. The most efficient use of space.

Yes, I found it a bit weird looking that my ROT66 had a SS bezel and a shiny aluminium cap, the finish look too different so I bought the SS cap. So either make the tailcap anodised like the body, or give it a SS tailcap, I think the SS tailcap looks better than an anodised aluminium one.

Yes, please make the stainless endcaps. I also bought the stainless cap for my gen 1 rot66 and like it. I would have preferred if it came with one initially though. If you’re not going to make them match the bezel at least anodize them the same color as the body.

Thanks for asking for the communities input. This is one of the reasons I like your company so much. Your very good at giving us what we want.

The switch design is hopefully improved as well.

What he said :slight_smile:

You should offer the SS tailcap separately, but it is definitely needed as an outstanding feature that no other flashlight has. Sometimes I would want to change the look of my flashlights by swapping the SS tailcap for the regular black or sand anodized one.

I’m ok with it if it comes as an extra option and doesn’t delay the shipment of the default aluminum tail cap.

Yes please. I have two rot66 black and they look so different to all my other flashlights because of the SS bezel and tail cap, which I really like.

Really looking forward to updates from Fireflies!

So, is the $88 shown on the ROT66 page the price? It’s the “End of August” now.

Nice catch. That’s a change from a couple weeks ago. The last time I looked at the page, it still had the closeout price on first version.

It see it also now says 12 emitters. The original version was 9.

And most importantly, SW45K’s are currently shown as one of the emitter options. I hope that holds true.

Hopefully they’re using the latest version of Anduril, too.

It would have been great if the lanyard attachment thread was enlarged to 1/4-20 so it could also be compatible with tripods. In my opinion, that would be well worth it even if it was necessary to make the body 2-3mm longer to provide more material for the larger threads.

Stainless steel would be nice, but something like a thick clear anodized tailcap(60um) would be great, since it would cost a bit less and provide similar durability.

Usb C It´s a priority today…

Option a: lanyard attachment
Option b: Usb C charge port

I have a sp 36 with usb C. If you make a model with that option I will buy the root 66 gen 2.

clear anodized finish is no more than 15um, that’s why it can not do HAIII grade.

We have made some extra SS tail .

Any pictures of the new optics and 12 leds?

Fireflies,I noticed you had the Osram led listed for this light, but is now been removed.

Will the Osram be an option?