RovyVon Anniversary Sale... up to 50% off

3 categories of sale prices: 35% off, 40% off, and 50% off.

It’s a date sensitive timing on discounts.
Sept 25~26: 35% off
Sept 27~28: 25% off
Sept 29th : 15% off

Some really nice pricing deals on various small EDC lights. Plus the E200S is now $51.

I was going to annouce it, but I’m glad you did it first :+1:
I grabbed an A8X (UV/Red/White) to replace the A8U :smiley:

And their new GL7 is at a great price :money_mouth_face:

I wasn’t sure if they were planning to post it. They’re not active on BLF much. Nice grab. I have the older A8, with noticeable PWM. It’s still very useful, but now I’m going to stash it in my glovebox and EDC an A5x. The A5x with UV/White and GITD polycarbonate body. Will be interesting to see how resilient is the glow. Nice bump up in lumens and battery mAh. Can’t beat $21.42 for this kind of EDC light. There’s a cheapie brand out there making something like a clone of the A8 on Amazon, I think for $12. But… not confident in it.

$8 shipping to US for a 15 gram light… ouch. So we are up to $30. I do keep hearing good things about this light. I’d change the UI though, and crank down the max lumens quite a bit because of the tiny battery.

I couldn’t resist adding the reviled Nitecore Tube to my most recent Illumn order (it is on sale for $5 there, 1.0 version). It’s only 9 grams and 45 lumens is plenty for a small light like this. I rather like it for what it is. Main issue is that it is notoriously unreliable. Mine still works but I won’t count on it for anything. Maybe Rovyvon can make something like it that is better. Nitecore copied Rovyvon with the Tiki so they might as well get copied back.

Yep, $8 flat shipping in the U.S.

Still there are some decent deals, but if you buy one keychain flashlight, you might as well buy two so shipping isn't too bad.

Yeah $21.42 is already at the upper limit of what I’d consider spending on something like this though. Two of them isn’t happening. The light is nice in some ways and crazy in others. I liked the Happy Hiker (DE) review linked from the product page fwiw.

Dunno if it’s a lightning sale or what, but the Rovyvon A3 is 2-fer-1 at Amazon, Cree or Nichia, black or red.

I’m hip-deep in small lights, so while tempting, I passed, but hey, go crazy…

I looked for it, but couldn't find it.


I get some analysis paralysis looking at all those A[x] models which have very few obvious differences. Don’t know what the A3 is. I didn’t realize it but according to that German review, the side led in the A5x is also high cri and makes about 60 lumens. No idea if it has heat issues. If not, their suggestion of turning the A5x into a tiny headlamp by using the pocket clip to mount it on a bit of heat shrink tubing around an elastic cord is interesting. It would stow nicely in a small pill bottle or the like.

Lightbringer meant the A33. For some people it’s showing up as $18.95 for two. For me it showed as $22.95.

Oh yeah, I ordered more than just the A5x… just that with $8 shipping wouldn’t be very cost effective. Had a few accessories to pick up already on sale.

As for the A[x] series, there are differences. Some of them come in only certain materials and with different color options, while some have side lights. The A1 in polycarbonate is a good deal at $13. That material holds up better to scratches than anodized aluminum. Plus it’s lighter. I was pretty shocked that the new A8 still has Micro USB in it. The A33 has USB-C…

Okay, thanks!

Thanks. I have an aversion to anything with non-replaceable batteries so am going to resist these even though they are nice lights. At $5 I can think of the Tube as a disposable, but it’s harder with these Rovyvons, especially for multiple units.

Man they make it look good on the outside huh? Pretty and sweet with all the frosting on top. Unfortunately the cupcake is half baked still. See that’s Psychology 101 for yeah, “Somehow if I pay more, I’ll be the winner!” :laughing: :student:

First set of discounts gone, A5x now 33% off instead of 42% (so it’s $24.something). I notice the A23 is available with a spare battery ( but the battery (600 mah) is $20+ with the light or $37 on ebay. The a23 is undoubtedly nice, but seems comparable to a small 14500 light that has a much simpler battery replacement story.

Any idea about replacement batteries for the A5x? Is the red secondary led preferable to the UV or vice versa? Main attraction of the UV is to charge up the GITD, I guess. Hey RovyVon, how about an Anduril version? That would allow customizing the UI and also setting it up for a 2 second UV pulse a couple of times per day, to keep the GITD glowing.

They were active for a while when their first lights were released, and I guess that their adoption of Nichias was a BLF influence :wink:

I hope that the A8X is a better version of the A8U, due to the PWM. The A5R is currently on my main keychain, and will now be replaced by the A8X. The A8U will probably replace the Nitecore Tube on my works’ keychain :stuck_out_tongue:

They were cheaper yesterday, and tomorrow will even less discounted so, the later the worse for those trying to grab a deal.

As for the “clones”, honestly, and not talking bad of their quality or brands, I prefer to support RovyVon even if they are a bit more expensive!
Some people had issues with their lights, but not me so I will support them for their innovative work!


I don’t know why RovyVon is so enamored with XP-G3. So many of their lights have them. Thankfully they do provide Nichia as an option. A8X vs. A8U should be a wash, if you’re talking about the later release with the metal button. The older one had the PWM problem.

RovyVon does make very nice quality lights, excelling in the EDC format. I think their big thrower was a bit of a bust. Did not review well. With these really small lights, a built-in battery has been the way to go… but I think Sofirn has helped prove that it doesn’t have to be the case. Take the SC01. It has a removable 10180 cell. The Lumintop GT Nano runs on that too. Frankly, I’d like to see RovyVon abandon the built-in battery and go this route. Sure, it means a little higher cost, but better to have that flexibility of battery replacement. But granted, the sealed cell in my Aurora A8 is still performing well, even after a couple of deep discharges over the nearly 3 years of ownership.

I also believe in supporting a worthwhile brand. You want a deal, then wait for a sale. But I’d rather have a nice solid RovyVon than a cheapo $12 clone.

I gotta say the A5X battery has way more advertised capacity than a 10180: it’s more like a 10440, and it also leaves space inside the light for the side leds. In fact I’m a bit suspicious of the claimed capacity. The claimed weight also is a little bit below the measured weight, at least according to that German review. But the A5x is much lighter than any of the metal 10180 lights, because of its plastic body. I don’t know if plastic could be used with a 10180 or 10440 or whatever.

With the bigger Rovyvons, the proprietary battery seems to be a big fail. It’s more defensible in the tiny lights like the A5x.

Here is the link to the two A33 for the price of one, which is currently $18.36.

EDIT—It is now ( 9/28/21) 2 for $22.95

Ha, says $22.95 for me here. If 2 for 1 really works then price is still attractive, but in other regards I’d prefer a light with commodity batteries.

If you’d taken a moment to actually read their product pages, the larger A23 & A25 series indicate:

  • Removable and replaceable* 600mAh lipo battery