RovyVon Aurora A5 teardown?

I got a RovyVon Aurora A5 ( UV version ) as a gift, and I absolutely love this little light as a versatile EDC. That said, the main light unfortunately stopped working after a pants-pocket-height fall ( while off ). The side lights work perfectly, so I really want to try and open this light up and see if it can be fixed. Is there anybode here that’s had a stab at tearing one of these down?

PS.: Even though I do not have a receipt, since this was a gift, and it was purchased in the US ( I’m in Honduras ), I contacted RovyVon to ask the same question I’m asking here, and they kindly offered to replace it at no cost, so kickass customer service. They did not, of course, explain how to disassemble the damaged one, but I’d hate not to give it a try.

Awesome forum btw, this is my first post!


I would be interested to know how to open the Rovyvon Aurora lights. I suspect they are either press fit and glued or screwed and glued…

It is one of the things I've noticed about the Rovyvons, I've never heard of one being opened. So, battery replacements, LED swaps, etc. are all seemingly out of the question.

Now, if they don't want the dead one back, it may be worth doing an autopsy (even if destructive) in the name of science and learning if there is a way to get them open. But since the A5 is plastic (and you can't pull the battery), the usual recommendations of heat + torque to open the bezel don't apply.

Did another quick search on the subject and found this:

So the bezel is definitely threaded. I’ll let you know if I manage to get mine opened, but this will definitely help.

This might also help. It’s not the A5 exactly but it should be the same.

Nice find! This would be the worst case scenario, I guess, a treadlocked thread. This proves it can be done, carefully and without heat.

Nice find indeed! I was looking for that!

In the meantime, I could not take the blueish tint of the factory XP-G3 LED and with desperation as my motivator, I managed to get it open… The entire story / mod can be found here:

It is in Greek, but I believe the photos are self explanatory. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help.

Great info! Thanks for sharing :wink:

Awesome! I did manage to disassemble mine eventually, though my wrist is definitely still sore today. I’ll get some detailed pics later down this week if I manage to get some free time, maybe you guys can help me figure out what could be wrong or how I can test the emitter.