Rovyvon - Aurora Updates

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately, the Aurora series of lights are amazing to me (I don’t have any experience with their other lights so that’s why this only applies to the Auroras), but there are a few, one major, one minor updates they could use.

The major one is definitely a lock-out mode especially with the instant-on turbo mode when holding from off. I tend to not use pocket clips on my edc flashlights so they are just in my front pocket with my phone and a knife. One time in class, not sure if it was how I was sitting or just the pressure and position of the light in my pocket, but an Aurora A2x nearly burned a hole in my pocket from the instant-on turbo. It got hot enough that it burned/melted the lens/optic. Anyone else think a lock-out mode is needed? Thoughts

I’d also love to see Rovyvon add more colors to the lineup. The A3 (original version) had a few colors, but why can’t those same colors be available on the A23? I think blue, green, and purple would be nice additions. Honestly, I haven’t picked up an A23 yet, because of the lack of colors available.

Also I’ve always wanted an non-secondaries polyamide (colored plastic) version of the A20 series (A23 - A29) lights like the A1x.

I agree about the lockout. I just bought the A1 upgraded (received it yesterday-in green). I like the interface in general but the instructions are a little vague. It seems there is a memory mode that can be activated but I’m not sure how.

I guess maybe if you leave the light on for more than 3 minutes that’s one way? There seems to be another way according to the instructions but I’ve yet to get it to work.

Does this light actually have a memory mode or does it always need to come on in high?

The same thing happened to me when I got an updated Aurora and I thought it was stuck on high when turning it on, but that’s just how they ship with the memory mode being on high. Simply run the flashlight on the desired mode for the 3 minutes and that will be the memory mode. Definitely a different way than most companies do memory mode that’s for sure.

well, since 3 minutes is about the limit of my short-term memory, i think Aurora got it right.

I’ve got the A24Ti and A4Ti, the A4 lives on my keychain and never had an issue with it turning on in my pocket.

Hum, if on the one side I understand the suggestion, on the other I still feel that I wouldn’t need a lock-out option in any of these lights.
For amost 2 years I am carrying an Aurora A5R in my keychain, along with keys and other stuff. I never had an accidental activation of the light.

Also, for almost 1.5 year I am carrying an Aurora A8U as a neck light and only once it turned on, when I pressed my chest against a counter and it turned on.

And for almost 3 months I’ve been carrying the an Aurora A23 in my pocket and also never had an accidental activation.

Also having the E300 and the E200u, I never had a similar issue with those lights, although they are different in size, shape, and operation.

I do admit though, that these are my experiences, and that others may have different ones. and also different requests. Not sure if they will bring anything good if implemented, though.

As for the different colours, well, why not? I would buy an orange one eventually :smiley: :heart_eyes:

I have an A8 in my necklace. An A23 in my keychain, and the wife has the A1 I discarded.
However, I use the keys in a Nite Ize with 6 S hooks hanging from my side belt loop.
Is not pretty but works for me. I haven’t wore a tie in the last 6 years. Nor do I want to.
Also an E300 in my back pocket. I don’t feel it there.
My experience has been super.