S11 - clone wars continue?

If it’s hard plastic then I hope it won’t end up like Astrolux light, being to brittle, cracking and falling apart when dropped or bent.

The magnets on my light are not able to hold it horizontally!

I’ve just got this light, and I like it very much. The only thing which bothers me is a Purple UV light which is not a real UV.
Do you think it will be easy to remove the main board and replace the LED? I’m not very comfortable at soldering such small parts…

Just got mine yesterday, ;liking it so far. Solid little light and very good quality. Doesn’t feel like a cheap light. Yea, it’s a copy of Rovyvon but I feel its a copy done right.
What I like about this light:
Competitively priced
Police strobe blinking modes
Magnet will hold the light horizontally with the magnets in vertical position.

What I dislike:
The secondary white led is cool white, maybe 6500k. Wished it was 4000k.
UV light is pretty useless. More to purple.

Two weeks ago I bought three S11 (Seeklite) on Banggood. Now the same S11 is called “Mimi” and is on sale on Banggood.

I sent one to my daughter in the UK and told her to take a look on Youtube for a demo video by Boruit S11.

I suspect they are all from the same manufacturer in China, but being marketed under different brandnames. They look and work just like the original Rovyvon. But their price is only about 20-25% that of the original!

Hello. I would like to replace the side blue LED with a red one. Does anyone know what the manufacturer and model of the side LEDs are?

There are multiple types of this light on Aliexpress sub 8$, some have different UI, Leds and even smaller or bigger size.
Would be nice post yours impression of what you got

S11 M300 the best and cheaper sub 2$
These others are very interesting