S11 - clone wars continue?

Do you know/ever use keychain light like this?

(video here)

S11 - looks like another Rovyvone clone, and comes with its own clone as well :smiley: -> SEEKNITE S11

Seems to have quite big battery (300 mAh Li-Po), 400 lm and SST20 (6500k, unfortunately…), USB-C and very nice price. And comes with tiny magnets, really cool!
Unless that’s only fairytales.

Available on BG and Ali. Have you heard bout it?

I think its been copied 18x.

Yeah, but as long as always something new and useful is introduced I’m happy with that.

I really like idea with magnets and bigger battery (although LiPos - would like to see LiIons there).
But UI, side LEDs, quality can be dealbreakers.

Someone tried it? I want to buy two as a gift, they are very cheap but I’m a little concern about the durability of a noname product, especially the battery.

The police strobe looks fun. :sunglasses:

Typical german question ( :smiley: ):

Is the police strobe legal in France?

You might already know, but police strobe is not entirely legal in the U.S.

(So you have to be careful where you use your police strobe here.)

In Germany, not even blue light alone is allowed as signalling light.

BTT: I have not found a single light of this type with an interesting combination of main and secondary LEDs. I reject CW and especially UV when it cannot be safely locked. A nice NW HCRI main light, a bright warm COB, probably red, but not necessarily, and yellow beacon as legal warning signal would be nice.

So, keep coming with the clones!

Normally I also only choose high CRI option but this is only for a small keychain light that you only use a few seconds to check for something and also CW will appear brighter, even if objects are harder to recognize because of inferior shade and color. I have a astrolux A01 nichia and the superior CRI is not really that useful, unless you are checking electrical wires color or similar.
I Bought two of them for only 16 euros, the same price of nitecore tube with ali coupons, so its already a nice upgrade…

And yes police lights are theoretically illegal.

Does “not entirely” mean that for using it you go to jail, but only on weekends or so? :smiley:

I think that in most countries pretending that you’re policeman after duty or are using emergency vehicle (e.g. blue lights) is prohibited. Agree with Unheard, yellow side LED can be useful as well, even for walks on road shoulder. Way more useful than any green-blue disco strobe, that’s for sure.

Yes, it’s mostly snobbery, Omega. But why not having that feature when today’s technology gives us LEDs that are bright enough either way. You lose a little runtime, that’s all. And that’s not even the reasoning for using low CRI lights. Manufacturers like to advertize 900 lumens instead of 700, that’s all.

Because I also carry a 18650 light with NW so its nice to have two lights with different tint temperature. The CW will be more suited for daylight use, NW when its getting darker and WW when its late at night.

The contrast between ww and ambient light after sundown ist very high. We’re talking about 6500 to over 20000K. I once tried my 3000K D4V2 when walking the dog, and that was irritating. Even 4000K seems quite warm at night in the wilderness. Still, I’m using a 4000K Luxeon TX in my i3E. Snobbery :smiley: .

Yes, let’s fix it. 4000 to 4500K main LED :neutral_face:

… and 2000K COB for those moments … :heart_eyes:


I'm guessing that it's legal if everyone that sees your police strobe knows that you are not the police, but if anyone might think that you are the police, you're asking for legal trouble.

So if you have your police strobe on a closed movie set where everyone knows it's just a movie and that the police aren't really there, you're fine.

But if your police strobe is visible to the general public, like if you put it on your car and drive around town, then you're breaking the law big time.

Love these concepts, but I just can’t love that side switch. Especially on such a small light.

I received mine, unfortunately the white side light has pwm :frowning: and is also cw.

The main led is replaceable, so at least this cw emitter can be fixed.

Thanks for the report. Can you confirm the 300 mAh Li-Po marking on the cell?

Received mine today, its a wonderful light. I was expecting a much lower quality for such a cheap price and noname product. I didn’t notice PWM on the white side light, even with running water but the side light is not really much more useful than primary LED since its not high CRI but they work great as a beacon, they are really bright. The UI is not bad either.

This light is very impressive and its amazing how far flashlights have evolved in a decade.

Got mine today,

The battery is much bigger than the Tiki, it’s brighter, it’s USB C, has a decent magnetic base, it’s 2/3 the price and the interface is almost the same.

Let’s see how well it last but for under 10 quid its a bargain IMHO.

Is it made from hard or rather elastic material?
Are these tiny magnets able to hold light horizontally?

Glad to hear that you’re happy with the light, price is quite good, that’s true.

Its hard plastic, and yes the light can stand horizontally but the magnets are very small. The light can easily fall if you simply touch it but it can also stay upside-down.